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Формат:      Страниц 304
     мягкая обложка
Greg E.    
Orion Books    
375 руб
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A million years from now, the galaxy is divided between the vast, cooperative meta-civilisation known as the Amalgam, and the silent occupiers of the galactic core known as the Aloof. Living on the margins of a rigidly prganised society, they seek to decipher the subtle clues that can reveal the true nature of the Splinter. Meanwhile, Rakesh is gradually uncovering their remote history, and his search for the lost DNA world ultimately leads him to a civilisation trapped in cultural stagnation, and startling revelations about the true nature and motives of the Aloof. Roi and Zak live inside the Splinter, a world of rock that swims in a sea of light they call the Incandescence. The Aloof have long rejected all attempts by the Amalgam to enter their territory, but have permitted travellers to take a perilous ride as unencrypted data in their communications network, providing a short-cut across the galaxy' s central bulge. When Rakesh encounters a traveller, Lahl, who claims she was woken by the Aloof on such a journey and shown a meteor full of traces of DNA, he accepts her challenge to try to find the uncharted world deep in the Aloof' s territory from which the meteor originated. In fact, the Splinter is orbiting a black hole, which is about to capture a neighbouring star, wreaking havoc. As the signs of danger grow, Roi, Zak, and a growing band of recruits struggle to understand and take control of their fate.
Фломастеры-линеры. Carioca Birello, двусторонние, 12 цветов.
Суперсмываемые чернила фломастеров смываются с кожи водой без мыла.
343 руб
Раздел: 7-12 цветов
Электрощётка "Антипыль".
Электрощётка "Антипыль" предназначена для качественного удаления пыли с полок, шкафов, любой домашней техники (ТВ, компьютер,
521 руб
Раздел: Щётки для уборки пыли
Палатка игровая "Пчелкин домик".
Палатка игровая "Пчелкин домик" - уютный домик для девочек, выполненный в яркой розовой расцветке и украшенный изображекниями
1359 руб
Раздел: Игровые палатки
Standard lighting with incandescent electric lamps Книга по Требованию Cushing H.C.
955 руб

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