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Jamie Does

Формат:      Страниц 360
     твердый переплет
Jamie O.    
Penguin Group    
1655 руб
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Cheap, short-haul flights and long weekend getaways have become increasingly popular and within a few short hours of the UK there are new and exciting worlds of food waiting to be discovered as Jamie finds out. Beautiful reportage photography of the faces, places and ingredients will accompany each chapter. Jamie says: ' The food I' ve embraced on each trip is a mixture of what you could call the cliched star dishes - the tagines of Morocco, the flamboyant paella of Spain and the zingy fresh flavours of a classic Greek salad - and the recipes that I' ve been inspired to make after walking through the markets and soaking up the vibes of each place. What you' ll find in this book is fun, optimistic, escapist food you can actually cook and enjoy in your own home' . Marrakech, Athens, Venice, Andalucia, Stockholm and the Ardeche region of France. This cookbook will celebrate the vibrant food of six very different countries. The food in each chapter will be a mixture of classic dishes and new recipes inspired by the things Jamie learns on his travels. Each chapter will focus on a different city or region:
Каталка детская "Лошадка" (светло-серая).
Каталка в виде забавной лошадки изготовлена из высококачественного материала и безопасна для ребенка. Яркая, легкая, простая в управлении.
1121 руб
Раздел: Каталки
Штора для ванны и душа "Квадраты" (180x200 см).
Материал: текстиль. Цвет: бело-коричневый. Размер: 180х200 см.
788 руб
Раздел: Занавески
Рюкзак "Monster High. Крутые девчонки".
Дети будут в восторге от рюкзака с изображением любимых героев из сериала "Школа монстров". Он имеет два отделения на молнии:
619 руб
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Химическое оружие и проблемы его уничтожения в...
На совещании присутствовали отечественные специалисты по технологиям переработки мышьякосодержащих ОВ - А.Зорин, В.Петров, не имеющие беспочвенных иллюзий относительно мирового рынка этого элемента, и предлагающие эффективные разработки рациональных технологий, переводящих мышьяк в безопасные и хорошо депонируемые соединения.Отдельное заседание "дискуссия за круглым столом" на тему:"Создание благоприятных условий для альтернативной занятости ученых и специалистов, занимавшихся химическими вооружениями" требует специального комментария. Американская сторона (директор программы DOE/IPP Дж.Нейшио) представила блок программ возможной поддержки. Она включает (1) помощь (гранты) государственным организациям из сферы разработки химического оружия по тематике мирных проектов, (2) поиск деловых партнеров со стороны ряда крупных и малых компаний - участников программы IPP- и финансовую поддержку для негосударственных организаций, осуществляющих разработку альтернативных методов химического разоружения, которые могут представлять коммерческий интерес в мирном приложении, (3) гранты отдельным крупным ученым.

Cook with Jamie: My Guide to Making You a Better Cook Penguin Group Jamie O.
This work includes information on the equipment that you should have in your kitchen, advice on how to recognize and cook loads of different cuts of meat, as well as on how to get the best value and quality when you' re out shopping. Provides simple and accessible recipes for your family and any guests you might have round for dinner.
1321 руб
Jamie's Italy Penguin Group Jamie O.
992 руб
Cook with Jamie Penguin Group Jamie O.
Now is the time for you to get stuck in and reclaim your fantastic cooking heritage' . So, roll up your sleeves and let me help you. ' I can' t tell you how long I' ve dreamt about writing this book. It' s the biggest book I' ve ever done, and I' ve really tried to make it a timeless, modern-day classic. Whether you' re a student, a young couple, an established cook or a novice, I' ll take you through a whole load of simple and accessible recipes that will blow the socks off your family and any guests you might have round for dinner. There' s information on the equipment that I think you should have in your kitchen, advice on how to recognize and cook loads of different cuts of meat, as well as on how to get the best value and quality when you' re out shopping. ' You know what. . . if you' re going to eat three times a day for the rest of your life, you might as well learn to cook properly and enjoy it!
921 руб
Impaled Nazarene 'Absence Of War Does Not Mean Peace' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 56403 Фоно
129 руб
And 101 Other Questions Does Anything Eat Wasps? Profile Books
Why do bruises go through a range of colours?
472 руб
Why Does My Heart Pump? Cambridge Young Readers Cambridge University Press Helen B.
Is the tongue a muscle?
436 руб
Does the current approach secure the public service obligations? Structural and regulatory reform of the European gas market. Книга по Требованию Aldo S.
Both case studies confirm the theoretical critique.
3191 руб
Voluntary Accounting Disclosures by US-listed Asian Companies. Does the Strictness of Mandatory Disclosures Matter? Книга по Требованию
Secondly, this study determines the extent to which voluntary disclosures provided by these companies are convergent, and to determine the effect of culture on those disclosures.
1981 руб
Private Tuition Phenomenon In Mathematics In Greater Amman-Jordan. Does Private Tuition Improve Achievement In Mathematics? Книга по Требованию Samia A.F.
The phenomenon of private tuition in Mathematics is spreading widely in Amman, Jordan.
3215 руб
Does Venue Selection Affect the GPA?. A Study of Online and On Campus Final Course Grades Книга по Требованию
Statistical calculations were made using three groups of data: all final grades, undergraduate final grades, and graduate final grades.
2403 руб
Institutional Investors and CEO Compensation. Does the Composition of Institutional Ownership Matter? Книга по Требованию
2416 руб
How Does Video Analysis Impact Teacher Reflection-for-Action?. A Case Study Based Research Project and Analysis Книга по Требованию Geoffrey W.
Several methods have been used over the years to stimulate reflective practice; many of these methods required teachers to use awkward and time-consuming tools with a minimal impact on teaching performance.
2008 руб
Does rock climbing cause climbing heart rates? Physiological Effects of Bouldering in 4th and 5th Grade Girls. Книга по Требованию Jennifer M.
Although there is still much research to be done, this is an excellent resource for educators who want to learn about the benefits of bouldering activities.
2008 руб
Do vitamins C and E affect respiratory infections?. Vitamin supplementation does not affect the incidence of respiratory infections in ordinary people but may affect restricted population groups Книга по Требованию Harri H.
Regular vitamin C supplementation shortens the duration of common cold infections.
2416 руб
Does it pay to pay more?. Reciprocial Gift-exchange in the Labour Market Книга по Требованию Stefanie G.
Bringing the two dimensions together a systematic analysis allows inferences about the importance of particular factors for the effort provision decision of the worker in four distinctly different situational settings.
2416 руб
Structured Products in a Portfolio of Retail Investor. Does it make sense in the theory of Efficient Portfolio Selection? Книга по Требованию Elena K.
Skewness, which is the measure of asymmetry of distribution, is much higher for structured products than it is for e. g. stocks. However, if portfolios of retail investors are to be constructed according to the traditional portfolio theory, skewness does not play any role, and structured products would not be of much interest to the investors.
2008 руб
A major barrier to social and economic development in developing countries is malnutrition and the inability of individuals to maintain a healthy standard of living and be economically and socially productive.
2008 руб
Does a Single Therapeutic Dose of Amphetamine Affect Human Performance? The Acute Effects of Amphetamines on Driving Cognition and the SFSTs. Книга по Требованию Beata Y.S.
One class of drugs reported to be of most concern is the amphetamines.
3234 руб
How Does a Weird Mind Work?. Techniques and Use of Describing Horror and Madness in Edgar Allan Poe's Short Stories Книга по Требованию Zsofia S.
His unique fantasy reveals such situations, characters and happenings, which are mainly dealing with dark, gothic themes.
2008 руб
Sex and Self-Control. Does Low Self-Control Predict Risky Sexual Behavior? Книга по Требованию LeAnn C.
That is, individuals low in self-control are more likely to report involvement in unprotected sex, casual sex, and have more lifetime sexual partners.
2008 руб

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