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Collins Cobuild Key Words for IELTS: Book 1 Starter

Формат:      Страниц 448
     мягкая обложка
HarperCollins Publishers    
394 руб
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These books have been specially created for foreign learners of English who plan to take the IELTS exam to demonstrate that they have the required ability to communicate effectively in English, either at work or at university. Students can feel confident that the Collins Easy Learning Key Words for IELTS series will fully prepare them for the exam and help them achieve the score they are aiming for. Vocabulary items are explained using simple language and are presented in a clear and easy-to-use format, which makes Collins Easy Learning Key Words for IELTS Entry Level ideal for students at the start of their preparations for IELTS. Collins Easy Learning Key Words for IELTS: As well as focussing on the most common words found in the Academic Word List, the Entry Level book also includes thematic vocabulary-building sections, organized according to topics that frequently appear in the IELTS exams. Collins Easy Learning Key Words for IELTS series is a brand-new range of three graded books which contain the essential vocabulary students need to succeed in the IELTS exam. Book 1 - Entry Level covers the most common words found in IELTS, and will give learners a solid grounding in the key words and phrases that they will need as they start to work towards the IELTS exam.
Зонт-трость "Небо с облаками".
Небольшой оригинальный зонтик-трость с ярким рисунком с тыльной стороны и чёрный снаружи. Материал имеет водоотталкивающую пропитку с
837 руб
Раздел: Зонты-трости
Сумка-почтальон "Monster High. Крутые девчонки".
Каждая модница стремится ходить в школу или на прогулку, восхищая всех ярким, стильным аксессуаром. Поэтому аккуратная и при этом
361 руб
Раздел: Молодежные, подростковые
Набор для декорации торта "Кондитер".
Набор для декорации торта "Кондитер" содержит в себе множество приспособлений для создания настоящего кулинарного шедевра!
426 руб
Раздел: Кондитерские принадлежности

Вища бібліотечно-інформаційна освіта в сучасній Україні: формування документологічної...
Bo h co cep ual a d specific-discipli ary models of docume ological co e of educa io of ju ior specialis s, bachelors a d mas ers based upo i egra io of book-docume , docume -i forma io a d docume -cog i ive paradigms of LIS educa io are developed. Key words: library a d i forma io scie ce educa io , social commu ica io , docume commu ica io , co cep ual model of docume ological educa io of perso el, specific-discipli ary model of docume ological educa io of specialis s.

Collins Cobuild Key Words for IELTS: Book 2 Improver HarperCollins Publishers
The Foundation Level book covers intermediate-level words and phrases from the Academic Word List, and includes thematic vocabulary-building sections, organized according to topics that frequently appear in the IELTS exams.
394 руб
Key Words Activity: Book 1 Ladybird Murray W.
106 руб
Adventures: Student s Book. Starter Oxford University Press Wetz B.
498 руб
First Words Sticker Book Usborne Heather A.
It is illustrated by Stephen Cartwright.
371 руб
Objective Key. Teacher's Book with Teacher's Resources (+ CD-ROM) Cambridge University Press Capel A.
Key (KET) and Cambridge English:
1217 руб
Big Busy Book: Words (Board Book) Dorling Kindersley
Big Busy Book Words is the perfect introduction to the world of words and the fun they can be. Lift the flaps and learn!
655 руб
100 First Spanish Words Sticker Book Usborne Brooks F.
There are a hundred Spanish word and picture stickers to match up to help reinforce the learning of 100 everyday words.
481 руб
Farmyard Tales First English Words Sticker Book Farmyard Tales First Words Sticker Usborne Amery H.
568 руб
Words. Board Book My First Dorling Kindersley
Each page introduces a new area including the kitchen, bedroom, the park and more, highlighting the key words with a bright image.
481 руб
Objective Key Student's Book with Answers with Testbank (+ CD-ROM) Objective Cambridge University Press Capel
Key practice tests is included with this Student' s Book. Regular Exam folders and Writing folders provide systematic exam preparation and practice. Objective Key offers students complete, official preparation for the Cambridge English: Key (KET) exam. Short units offer a variety of lively topics while providing training in exam skills and solid language development. ' Key words' sections informed by English Profile, highlight the words and meanings A2-level students need to master. ' Spelling Spots' and ' Grammar Extra' boxes, informed by the Cambridge English Corpus, provide help with language points that Key students can find difficult. The CD-ROM provides activities and games for practice of the target language. A Testbank access code for four online Cambridge English:
1669 руб
Feel and Find Fun First Words. Board book Dorling Kindersley
You can help your baby learn their important first words in a fun and interactive way with feel and find.
805 руб
Baby's Very First Play Book Animal Words. Board book Baby's Very First Books Usborne Watt F.
756 руб
Baby Sparkle First Words. Board book Baby Sparkle Dorling Kindersley
331 руб
Dictionary of Contemporary English Language: 64 pages new words Ed. 3-d with new words supplement (на англ.яз.) - 1756 с. ISBN 0-582-45639-8 ~54.00.00 22683 Longman Group UK Limited /Pearson Education Limited
450 руб
New Headway Upper-Intermediate (Workbook with key) New Headway Oxford University Press Soars L.
766 руб -15% 651 руб
New Headway Pre-Intermediate. Workbook (Without Key) New Headway Oxford University Press Liz S.
As at Elementary level, an emphasis on thorough practice is retained, ranging from the very controlled to freer tasks. - The vocabulary syllabus continues to be developed through a variety of approaches to lexical input and integrated pronunciation work. - A new ' Starter' section at the beginning of each unit has a warm-up activity, often personalized, to lead into the topic and grammar of the unit. - A new, separate Teacher' s Resource Book is available with photocopiable games and activities to supplement the main course material. - New Headway Pre-Intermediate extends and revises many of the structures covered at Elementary level. This new edition keeps to the successful framework of the original, but has been transformed by fresh material throughout, a more accessible feel, and a completely new design. - The majority of the reading and listening texts have been replaced with vibrant new material on up-to-date topics with a more global outlook than before. - There is now a higher proportion of speaking activities, maintaining the balance between communicative and more traditional approaches. - At this level, related areas of grammar are explored and then practised in discriminatory exercises. All of the main tenses are included, and their uses are compared and contrasted where appropriate. - Integrated skills work continues to be an important feature, with skills work becoming more challenging.
350 руб
New Inside Out Intermediate Workbook with Key (+ Audio CD) Macmillan Publishers Sue K.
Sue and Vaughan have gone back to the classroom to write this new edition, working with teachers and students to find out exactly what works in the real world.
1068 руб
New First Certificate Language Practice without Key (+ CD-ROM) Macmillan Publishers Michael V.
Издание выпускается в двух вариантах – с ключами и без ключей, что дает возможность использовать данное пособие как для аудиторной, так и для самостоятельной работы.
1982 руб
The Book of the New Sun Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The Book of the New Sun is a novel in four parts written (1980–83) by science fiction and fantasy author Gene Wolfe.
1329 руб
Blockbuster 1. Student's Book. Beginner. (International, New). Учебник (+ Audio CD) Blockbuster Express Publishing Jenny D.
406 руб

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