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The Anti-Aesthetics of Jean Genet. The Inversion of Ugliness, Criminality, and Evil

Формат:      Страниц 100
     мягкая обложка
Greg E.    
Книга по Требованию    
1981 руб
нет в наличии
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Born to a prostitute in France, Genet endured an unhappy childhood before establishing a short-lived career as a petty criminal. This aesthetic inversion is accomplished through Genet' s fluid lyricism and stylistic inventiveness. In addition to discussing the influence of Genet' s homosexuality on his body of work, The Anti-Aesthetics of Jean Genet reveals some of the atypical elements of his novels and plays, along with the limitations of his anti- aesthetics. Ultimately, Genet became known as a controversial writer of formidable originality and frankness who excelled at writing novels, plays, and poetry. Examining the major novels and plays of Jean Genet, The Anti- Aesthetics of Jean Genet illustrates the way in which he inverts traditional aesthetic values to champion negative themes such as ugliness, criminality, and evil. Jean Genet (1910 - 1986) was one of the most influential and important writers of the 20th Century.
Конверт С6, комплект 1000 штук.
Формат С6 (114 х 162 мм). Белый, без надписей. Клей декстрин. Плотность бумаги - 80 г/м2. В комплекте - 1000 штук. Конверт почтовый
512 руб
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Маринатор "9 минут".
Кухонный прибор «9 минут» потратит на маринование продуктов меньше 10 минут. Секрет приготовления маринада за такой короткий срок
2161 руб
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Стержень для шариковых ручек "QuinkFlow", синий, F.
Стержень для шариковых ручек "QuinkFlow". Цвет чернил: синий. Длина: 98 мм. Линия письма: F.
343 руб
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Адъективные ФЕ
Адъективные сравнения обозначают самые разнообразные качества и свойства как людей, так и предметов и явлений. Примеры адъективных сравнений, относящихся к людям: (as) cool as a cucumber - совершенно спокойный, невозмутимый; (as) merry as a grig - веселый, жизнерадостный; (as) brow as a berry - очень загорелый, шоколадного цвета (слово brow в этом сравнении сохраняет свое устарелое значение «темный»); (as) pre y as a pic ure - хороша как картинка; (as) rue as s eel-преданный душой и телом; (as) ugly as si - страшен как смертный грех; (as) vai as a peacock - горделивый, тщеславный, важный как павлин; (as) wise as Solomo - мудрый как Соломон; (as) yellow as a gui ea - желтый как лимон и др. Обычно сравнения моносемантичны. Но встречаются сравнения с двумя фразеосемантическими вариантами. Полисемантичные сравнения крайне редки. В сравнениях этого типа второй компонент выполняет не только усилительную функцию, но и является дифференциатором значения. Так, оборот (as) weak as wa er означает: 1) слабенький, хилый: Sir, I am jus ge i g well of a fever, a d I am as weak as wa er (Ch. Reade). 2) слабовольный, безвольный, слабохарактерный: You're very fo d of sweari g a d blis eri g a d hrea e i g, bu whe i comes o he poi you're as weak as wa er ( . Coward). У сравнения (as) sober as a judge тоже два фразеосемантических варианта, характеризующих человека с разных сторон: 1) совершенно трезвый; = ни в одном глазу; 2) трезвый в суждениях, здравомыслящий.

Das Zöglingsheft des Jean Genet Suhrkamp Winkler J.
106 руб
Washington, Jefferson, and "Citizen" Genet, 1793 Книга по Требованию Genet G.C.
594 руб
The "Characters" of Jean de La Bruyere Книга по Требованию Bruyere J.d.
1154 руб
Jean-Loup Daraux By the Light of the Sea: Verbavolant Daraux J.
2511 руб
Jean-Paul Bourelly'Blackadelic-Blu' Japan [CD] { } ~54.00.00 89055 Бомба-М
779 руб
Jean-Luc Ponty 'The best of' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 23432 Sony
209 руб
ANTI/Фабрика. Flirt-Time. Анатомия одного реалити-шоу, или История про живых людей Покорителям Москвы посвящается Рипол Классик Мичева М.
На некой фабрике отечественной телеиндустрии открывается новая поточная линия - пип-шоу "Flirt-Time", участники которого должны соответствовать строго заданным параметрам.
20 руб
The WTO Anti-Dumping Agreement: A Commentary Oxford University Press Vermulst E.
For WTO members, wishing to impose anti-dumping measures in a WTO-consistent manner, knowledge not only of the Agreement itself, but also of such interpretations, is therefore a must.
5547 руб
The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie Penguin Group Muriel S.
And when she decided to transform a group of young girls under her tutelage into the crè me de la crè me of Marcia Blaine school, no one could have predicted the outcome.
316 руб
The Neglected Period Of Anti-Slavery In America 1808-1831 Книга по Требованию Alice D.A.
5 руб
The Anti-Symmetric Case of Brzozowski' s Problem One-Directional Non-Counting Languages. Книга по Требованию Peter L.
Idempotencies received a great deal of interest through a problem stated by Burnside in 1902:
1981 руб
Strategies to extend the duration of transgene expression using insulator elements, anti-inflammatory drug and zero-CpG plasmid DNA "Transgene Expression in the Murine Airways". Книга по Требованию Syahril A.
Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is an attractive target for gene therapy as it is a monogenic disease and the target organ is accessible for direct gene delivery.
3215 руб
Burning For the Other. levinas, peirce, and an ethical aesthetics Книга по Требованию Richard S.
Although the "turn to ethics" is now a standard armature of postmodernism, it has had little support in the realm of art theory.
3215 руб
The Dilemma of Intellectual Opposition. A Comparative Analysis of the Struggle for Humanity and Aesthetics in the Writings of Virginia Woolf and Thomas Mann Книга по Требованию
In particular, it analyses the dilemma of intellectual opposition during the 1930s and 1940s referring to works by Thomas Mann and Virginia Woolf.
1997 руб
Films about Filmmaking. Illusion and Anti-Illusion in Meta-Film (including a Case Study of the Tom DiCillo film LIVING IN OBLIVION) Книга по Требованию
This book is designed for students of film studies and moviegoers who would like to gain a critical awareness of different methods of filmmaking and their manipulative effects.
2008 руб
The World in a Wildflower. A Kantian Approach to the Aesthetics of Nature Книга по Требованию
Returning attention to Kant would, Liggett argues, inspire a viable alternative to the two main branches of contemporary theories: those that advocate a cognitive model of aesthetic nature appreciation and those favoring a model that gives the imagination central importance.
2008 руб
Total Synthesis of Callipeltin E and Towards Papuamide B. Syntheses of Anti-HIV Книга по Требованию SELCUK C.
Callipeltins and Papuamides -novel families of cyclic depsipeptides- were shown to possess potent anti-HIV activity as well as cytotoxicity against several multidrug resistant cancer cell lines.
2416 руб
Using Memories To Enhance Anti-Oppressive Pedagogy In Teacher Education It's All In The Past. Книга по Требованию Elizabeth M.
What are the implications when memories about school relationships indicate that racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, and other harmful practices took place, but were unnamed and unclaimed as such?
2416 руб
Das Anti-Aggressivitaets-Training (AAT) Neue Perspektiven fuer junge Gewalttaeter. Книга по Требованию Judith H.
Darauf aufbauend setzt sich der zweite Teil mit dem Anti-Aggressivitaets-Training auseinander – einer Massnahme, die mittels Konfrontation darauf abzielt, die Gewaltneigung und Gewalthandlungen (maennlicher) Personen zu reduzieren.
2416 руб
Evaluation of Botanicals against X. oryzae pv. oryzae Causing Bacterial Leaf Blight Disease of Rice and Characterization of Bioactive Compounds Anti bacterial potential of botanicals against BLB disease of rice. Книга по Требованию Rukhsana J.
The plant extracts showing high antibacterial activity were further screened for bioactive compounds through chromatographic techniques. and try to find there chemical structure.
2784 руб

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