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Медико-биологические дисциплины

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Медико-биологические дисциплины

Computational Neural Models for Body Surface ECG Data Analysis. Body Surface Cardiac Mapping

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Jesus L.    
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Firstly, to develop a classification framework for an accurate and early diagnosis of acute MI. This decision support system encompasses computational neural models with the input space based on BSCM. Nevertheless, due to sparse spatial sampling, it is limited in identifying cardiac abnormalities. Alternatively, in Body Surface Cardiac Mapping (BSCM) a higher number of ECGs are recorded. By building an additional layer of knowledge between the cardiologist and clinical practice, this work not only enhances final MI classification performance but, allow the discovery of new electrocardiographic MI markers. This work has two main objectives. Hence, BSCM provides a more comprehensive picture of electrocardiographic information than is possible with the 12-lead ECG. The 12-Lead Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a standard procedure in diagnosing CHDs such as Myocardial Infarction (MI). Secondly, since MI is localised on the torso surface, and due to the high number of electrocardiographic leads involved in BSCM, it is desirable to find an optimal reduced lead set for acute MI detection. Cardiovascular heart disease (CHD) is a chief public health priority worldwide.
Машинка "Бибикар (Bibicar)" с полиуретановыми колесами, зеленая.
Эта модель оснащена улучшенными колесами, выполненными из высококачественного полиуретана. Теперь езда на этой удивительной машинке стала
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Раздел: Каталки
Караоке микрофон "Любимые песенки".
В каждом микрофоне – 12 популярных песенок известных композиторов: "Улыбка", "Пусть бегут неуклюже", "Танец
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Раздел: Микрофоны
Антистрессовая подушка-турист "КотоПес".
Подушка-антистресс "Котики Обормотики" предназначена для детей от 3 лет. Цветная подушка привлечет внимание ребенка и может
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Гель для душа «Морская свежесть» AGUA MARI E SHAWER GEL 200 мл. Мыло «Алоэ» AGUA ALOE SOAR 100 мл. Мыло «Морской аромат» AGUA SOARBAR BLUE Чудо-губка COLOR MAGIC MESH SPO GE Лосьон для тела с мультивитаминами MUL IVI AMI BODY LO IO 400мл. Увлажняет и питает кожу, содержит глицерин, витамины А и Е. Смягчает кожу, делает её более гладкой и шелковистой. Укрепляющий лосьон для тела AVO с липосомами. AVO FIRMI G BODY LO IO WI H LIPOSOMES 400мл. Обеспечивает коже необходимый уровень увлажнения благодаря бета-каротину и пантенолу. Быстро впитывается и не оставляет жирной пленки. Антицеллюлитный гель AVO BODY SELF- AU A I-CELLULI E GEL 200 мл. Разглаживает, укрепляет и улучшает структуру кожи всего за 4 недели. Прекрасно распределяется, легко впитывается и не требует применения массажера. Отшелушивающий гель AVO BODY SMOO H SURFACE 150 мл. Мягко очищает кожу, отшелушивает омертвевшие клетки с поверхности тела и освежает его. Лосьон против «растяжек» кожи AVO BODY RESURFACER 200 мл. Насыщенный лосьон повышает эластичность и упругость кожи.

Improving Surface Hydrometeorological Fields. Satellite data analysis, data assimilation and model application Книга по Требованию Ismail Y.
The benefits of this work will not only enhance the realism of radiation in the model, but it may also increase the model' s capability to predict the location and amount of precipitation. Satellite data is vital for understanding atmospheric properties, particularly those pertaining to cloud cover and its properties. On the other hand, hydrologists are now actively using the available high-resolution land and snow cover, topography, soil and vegetation characteristics data sets to parameterize distributed hydrologic models and to couple these models with atmospheric models. This book is focused on correcting the modeled cloud cover in an atmospheric model thus allowing the model radiation and precipitation codes to calculate the actual spatial variability generated by the observed clouds. Cloud cover is a key paremeter controlling and linking downward components of short-wave and long-wave surface radiation and precipitation on the land surface energy and water balance. Adequate evaluation of these coupled models will depend on the accurate estimation of fine-resolution surface variables.
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Parallelization of the Uncertainty Analysis in Environmental Models. Parallelization of the Uncertainty Analysis in Environmental Models Using High Performance Computing Книга по Требованию
The relationships, or links, between the nodes are quantified by way of data derived by Monte Carlo simulation of the GAMES model and by deterministic functions as specified in GAMES.
2008 руб
Data Analysis: Methods, Techniques and Applications A Roadmap to Better Decision-Making. Книга по Требованию Tal B.
This book provides an alternative approach and presents a novel framework to advance data analysis through the knowledge discovery process.
3215 руб
Observational Astronomy and data analysis. New observational techniques and analysis tools for wide field CCD surveys and high resolution astrometry Книга по Требованию Octavi F.
Among them, image deconvolution in wide-field images, new star centering algorithms, and new CCD acquisition techniques such as fast-drift scanning applied to lunar occultations and speckle interferometry.
3234 руб
CODAR Data Analysis and Numerical Simulation. Characteristic Patterns of Buoyant Flows in the Block Island Sound of New York, U.S.A. Книга по Требованию Jenq-Chi M.
The surface coastal circulation in and off the Block Island Sound (BIS) is examined based on one- year HF radar (CODAR) observations, bottom-mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) moorings, and a three-dimensional, primitive-equation model to characterize the buoyant flow patterns and their temporal evolution.
2008 руб
Essays on Stock Exchange Efficiency, Business Models, and Governance. An Economic Analysis on the Stock Exchange Industry Книга по Требованию Baris S.
Instead many of them have converted into commercial enterprises, abandoned their consensual governance structure and replaced the trading floor with an electronic trading system.
3234 руб
It also deals the models with auto correlated errors and derived the Bayesian solutions.
2285 руб
Socio-economic conditions also affect people' s perceptions of one another. Socioeconomic status is based on family income, parental education level, parental occupation, and social status in the community (such as contacts within the community, group associations, and the community' s perception of the family).
2280 руб
Business Data Analysis Using Excel Oxford University Press Whigham D.
The text is supported by an online resource centre with self marking exercises that can be used by instructors for formative and summative assessment, and a series of PowerPoint files containing all of the illustrated worksheets and figures.
5680 руб
Computational 3D Modeling of Hemodynamics in the Circle of Willis. A thesis presented for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand Книга по Требованию Stephen M.
As a result this book contains reasonably detailed background information on all of the aforementioned fields, in order to provide the novice with a well balanced understanding of all aspects of this modeling challenge.
3234 руб
Fuzzy Lattice Neural Model and Fuzzy Equivalance Relation Model. Classification and Clustering Книга по Требованию KALAMANI D.
Computer vision, unlike humans, still has not fully acquired the ability to categorise a person' s age group from an image of the person' s face. Successful gender and age classification could be used to boot the performance of face recognition system.
2261 руб
Systems analysis of the cardiac hypoxia response in Drosophila. Integrating genome-wide data and computational models to explore hypoxia tolerance and metabolism Книга по Требованию Jacob F.
The dissertation offers clues to hypoxia tolerance in flies, generating hypotheses for further research, and also provides a technology platform for a systematic perturbation analysis.
3234 руб
Analysis of Longitudinal Survey Data. Allowing for the Complex Survey Design in Covariance Structure Models Книга по Требованию Marcel d.T.V.
Furthermore, methods for the analysis of longitudinal data collected under complex sampling designs are discussed, with emphasis given to covariance structure modelling techniques.
3215 руб
Behavior Models for Computer Programs. Understand and Improve Software Behavior by Program Analysis, Statistical Modeling, and Adaptive Management Книга по Требованию Chengliang Z.
The behavior models are especially useful for professionals working on program performance optimization.
2784 руб
XML Data Warehousing. Modeling, Design and Analysis Книга по Требованию
This book propose an evolutionary extension of the XML data model into a multi-dimensional model, called the Multi-Colored Trees (MCT) logical data model.
2416 руб
Membrane Computing: Getting computational inspiration from biology Traces, Neural Inspired Models, Controls. Книга по Требованию Armand M.I.
Membrane computing area was initiated by Gh. Paun at the end of 1998 and it deals with seeking of computing models inspired by the structure and functioning of the living cell.
2784 руб
Unsupervised Multimodal Neural Networks. A Neural Computation Approach to Modelling Child Language Acqusition Книга по Требованию Abel N.
The research integrates four key strands in neural network research, namely unsupervised learning, multimodality, temporal processing and neural multinets to come up with a computational framework that can be used effectively as a tool for investigating cognitive processes such as child language acquisition and second language acquisition.
2626 руб
Introduction to Design and Analysis. 2ed Computer  Algorithms. Prentice Hall Sara B.
1706 руб
Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis. Data Integration for regular and high dimensional studies Книга по Требованию Elena P.
It is applicable to all studies including large studies with limited sample size.
2385 руб
A Globally Distributed System for High Energy Physics Computation. Job, Data, and Information Handling for High-Energy Physics Книга по Требованию Gabriele G.
Such a computing infrastructure is called a computational grid.
3191 руб

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