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Rethinking Transitional Justice. Cambodia, Genocide, and a Victim-Centered Model

Формат:      Страниц 148
     мягкая обложка
Isabelle C.    
Книга по Требованию    
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The study suggests that a victim-centered model will meet the goals of reconciliation, truth, and healing advocated by the Cambodian Government and the international community. Through a normative and explanatory approach, this thesis explores the historical and political factors that could influence the pursuit of transitional justice in Cambodia. The study concludes with avenues for additional research on Cambodia, transitional justice, and the building of a democratic order. Recognizing the necessities and positive potentialities inherent in a combined prosecutorial and restorative approach of transitional justice, this research calls upon historical and comparative lessons to bring forth public policy recommendations for the Hun Sen Government and the United Nations.
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Развитие сетевых операционных систем. Windows 2000
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Transitional Justice and Conflict Transformation: A Tenable Nexus?. The Case of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission Книга по Требованию Emmanuel K.
On the tendency of other countries to treat the SA TRC as the standard practice to be followed, the study argues that it sometimes inappropriately skews the views of many in other distinctively different contexts, in a way that needs to be reconsidered.
3234 руб
Transition of Law and Justice in Tanzania. Review of the Contemporary Changes in Tanzanian law and justice system Книга по Требованию Vijay G.
The reason for attraction is her untapped raw material and large number of consumers.
3025 руб
"…Justice For All". Вся правда о группе Metallica Дискография Амфора Макайвер Д.
Консультантом при написании книги выступил Томас Фишер, также человек в мире "металхэдов" небезызвестный.
455 руб
European Court of Justice Oxford University Press Arnull A.
2970 руб
The Statute of the International Court of Justice: Commentary Oxford University Press Zimmermann A.
This first ever comprehensive Commentary on the Statute of the International Court of Justice, analyses in detail not only the Statute of the Court itself but also the related provisions of the United Nations Charter as well as the relevant provisions of the Court' s Rules of Procedure. The Commentary provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of all legal questions and issues the Court has had to address in the past and will have to address in the future. It illuminates the central issues of procedure and substance that the Court and counsel appearing before it face in their day-to-day work. In addition to commentary covering all of the articles of the Statute of the ICJ, plus the relevant articles of the Charter of the United Nations, the book includes three scene-setting chapters: Historical Introduction, General Principles of Procedural Law, and Discontinuation and Withdrawal. The combination of expert editors and commentators and the central importance of the work of the ICJ will make this a landmark publication in the field of international law. - The first article by article commentary on the most important court in international law - Commentary on the Statute is augmented by commentary on provisions of the UN Charter relating to the Court - Four extra chapters add broader context: Historical Introduction, Relationship with Other International - Courts and Tribunals, General Principles of Procedural Law and Discontinuation and Withdrawal The International Court of Justice is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations and plays a central role in both the peaceful settlement of international disputes and the development of international law.
18477 руб
The Elements Of Social Justice (1922) Книга по Требованию L. T. H.
1543 руб
Making Globalization Work: The Next Steps to Global Justice Penguin Group Joseph S.
He examines how change has occurred rapidly over the past four years, proposing solutions and looking to the future.
579 руб
Wounded Healers. The Search for Social Justice Книга по Требованию Bryan M.U.
How do NGOs' understandings of reconciliation differ from those of their clients within a larger project of national healing? And how might NGOs in South Africa constitute a reconciliation social movement? Why do certain groups and individuals continue to feel marginalized so long after liberation? How do staff at these NGOs balance remembering the past with nation-building and international development when they may be victims themselves? Wounded Healers argues that while South Africans have been reconciling apartheid-era abuses since 1994, ongoing reconciliation struggles of individuals must not be overlooked within the larger quest for national healing. Focusing on memorialization, missing persons, 30,000R reparation payouts, as well as on the continued oppression of marginalized identity based on culture, race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and HIV and AIDS, this ethnographic analysis will appeal to all those interested in post-conflict democratization, NGOs, international development, non-Western communication, conflict
3191 руб
3191 руб
Examination of Transitional Economies Predictors of FDI. EU Accession Dates: Книга по Требованию Roy K.
Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, former communist countries have evolved in a challenging effort to transform their centrally planned economies into market economies.
1997 руб
Daily Mail and Centros. Impact of Judgments of European Court of Justice Книга по Требованию Anneli K.
This book analysis the judgments of the ECJ in Daily Mail and Centros in the light of EC Law, showing that the ECJ reached contradictory opinions in substantively similar matters.
1997 руб
How Satisfied are Your Golf Club Employees and Managers?. Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment and Justice, and Turnover Intentions of Golf Club Employees and Supervisors. Книга по Требованию Sean B.
The levels of satisfaction among line level employees, as well as the levels of satisfaction, commitment, justice, and intentions to quit among club managers and their supervisors will be assessed.
2008 руб
Consumer Responses To Service Failure Events In Strategic Airline Alliances. A Justice Theory Perspective Книга по Требованию
Identification of consumers with a particular airline, the mood they are in prior the service encounter, and which alliance airline caused the service failure emerged as important factors influencing consumer responses.
3234 руб
Social Pathogenic Sources of Poor Community Health. The Intersection of Criminal Justice and Public Health Systems Книга по Требованию Hayden S.
Less support was found for saturating given geographical areas with health care resources in order to reduce sentinel health events.
3234 руб
Effectiveness of Personal Data Protection. Automated Processing of Criminal Justice Management Книга по Требованию Tatjana M.
The age of computerization and new technologies has made the access to personal information as easy and unimpeded as never before.
2008 руб
Human Rights in EU Law. Justice, Terrorism and Constitutional Reform Книга по Требованию Stephen C.
The 1997 Treaty of Amsterdam introduced as an objective the maintenance and development of the Union ‘as an area of freedom, security and justice’, but while it extended the Union’s security powers it did little to improve the status of human rights.
3234 руб
Voices of TRiO Students. Promoting Equity and Social Justice through the Federal TRiO Programs Книга по Требованию Joel B.
The results of this study include direct, unedited responses from the students themselves about their experience with their respective TRiO program at Dakota County Technical College.
2784 руб
Organizational Justice, Individual Innovativeness and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: JUSTICE, INNOVATIVENESS AND ORGANIZATIONAL CITIZENSHIP BEHAVIOR. A Study Among Bank Employees Книга по Требованию NOORMALA A.I.
Self-esteem, as a mediator, did not influence the relationships.
2784 руб
Staff Education in Criminal Justice. Transformational Leadership Книга по Требованию Ray B.
Leadership should not be restricted to an individual or a group, but expected of everyone within an organization (Kerfoot,2004).
3234 руб
Time-Dependent Laminar, Transitional and Turbulent Pipe Flows Книга по Требованию Buelent U.
To remedy this situtation, in the present thesis work, a unique mass flow rate control unit was adopted to study various features of time-dependent flows.
2784 руб

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