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Recommender Systems based on Personality Traits:. Could human psychological aspects influence the computer decision-making process?

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Maria A.C.    
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Scientists have made a huge effort to create effective strategies to personalize those products/services for anyone willing to use them. Nevertheless, the psychological aspects have, unfortunately, not been highly applied in Recommender Systems during their decision-making process. In this work we discuss the evidences that the use of Personality Traits in Recommender Systems might be coherent and effective for the improvement of the recommendations for users and, therefore, act proactively towards users' needs, offering more adaptable products and services according to their future needs. The personalization may be provided by Recommender Systems which are able to match people' s preferences to specific products or services. Scientists from different research areas such as Psychology, Neurology and Affective Computing agree that human reasoning and decision-making are hardly ever affected by psychological aspects. Thus, to maintain the same level of personalized service provided by humans, computers should also "reason", taking into account users' psychological aspects. The World Wide Web is a great source of products and services available to people.
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The Workplace Ergonomics Program /Eng./
he Workplace Ergo omics Program I RODUC IO his docume co ai s he i forma io eeded o carry ou a ergo omics program. Specifically, i provides i forma io o he goal, objec ives, a d pri ciples of he program a d he respo sibili ies of s aff, ma ageme , suppor offices, a d service u i ergo omics eams for he program. Visio he Workplace Ergo omics Program was es ablished o op imize worker heal h, safe y, a d produc ivi y, a d mi imize physiological a d psychological s ress u ilizi g co sul a ive ma ageme . Goal he goal of he Workplace Ergo omics Program is o reduce a d/or preve work-rela ed i juries a d ill esses by es ablishi g a me hodology for ide ifyi g ergo omic s resses i he workplace a d for impleme i g appropria e i erve io s. Objec ives he objec ives of he Workplace Ergo omics Program, as admi is ered by he Workplace Ergo omics Program Coordi a i g Commi ee, are: o ide ify exis i g a d po e ial co di io s i he workplace ha could lead o i juries a d ill esses. o reduce a d/or elimi a e exposures o such co di io s hrough effec ive works a io a d ool desig a d hrough proper work me hods. o e sure evalua io , diag osis a d rea me of repe i ive s rai disorders, a d o provide ave ues for preve io . o e sure ha s aff are sufficie ly i formed abou ergo omic hazards o which hey are exposed so hey may ac ively par icipa e i heir ow perso al pro ec io hrough rai i g a d educa io .

PLSA BASED FRAMEWORK FOR HYBRID SOCIAL RECOMMENDER SYSTEMS. A mathematical framework to combine collaborative filtering and social network analysis Книга по Требованию Erkin E.
Based on this flexible probabilistic model, network regularization and model blending approaches are applied on probabilistic latent semantic analysis model as a solution for social trust network usage throughout the collaborative filtering process.
1899 руб
Predicting Interior Design Students' Academic Success and Persistence Personality Traits. Книга по Требованию Rosemary P.
With the steady growth of interest in the field of interior design (ID), programs are looking for ways of admitting students into their curriculum that have a higher likelihood of succeeding and persisting in the program.
2416 руб
Acute stress, personality traits and gender effects in innate immunity. A study about acute stress alterations in social phobia and controls without psychiatric disorders Книга по Требованию Alessandra F.
The effects of acute stress in the innate immunity have been the subject of several studies in the field of psychoneuroimmunology, nonetheless, there is limited experimental data reporting consistent results, particularly in certain psychiatric populations, as with social anxiety disorder.
2784 руб
Human Localisation in Built Environments. Intelligent systems based RF Книга по Требованию Adel A.
The available methodologies are not providing good estimation accuracy or based on making big change in the environment infrastructure.
1894 руб
Molecular Markers Associated with Hepatotoxicity. Development of in vitro test system based on human cells Книга по Требованию Krzysztof W.
This book presents development of an in vitro human cells based test system that is suitable for pre-clinical studies of drugs and assessment of adverse effects of various chemical compounds.
3191 руб
An Approach to Combine Artificial Immune Systems and Neural Networks. A Dynamic Artificial Immune System Based on the Self-Organizing Map Книга по Требованию
On that basis, an artificial immune system that rests upon the self-organizing map is implemented and demonstrated by simulations.
2784 руб
Image Recognition System Based on Pattern Recognition. Cervix Cancer Detection by Cytological Slide Image Pattern Recognition Книга по Требованию Jeremiah S.
It requires high skills and experiences of the cytologists.
2285 руб
Applications in Disaster Response Planning and Management Simulation-Based Decision Making for Complex Systems. Книга по Требованию Shengnan W.
We have used this novel simulation-optimization technique to study several disaster response problems.
2747 руб
A novel approach to nonlinear state estimation, robust to unmodeled dynamics, is proposed from the perspective of augmenting an EKF with an NN based adaptive element.
2747 руб
Pursuing Business Success through Web-based B2B Systems. Web-based Business to Business Support System Success and User Satisfaction Книга по Требованию Yong J.K.
Recent advancement of the Internet technology has led many to believe that firms that create a competitive advantage in electronic commerce may dominate the future market.
2385 руб
Enterprise Modelling. A Component-Based Approach to Design and Construction of Change Capable Manufacturing Cell Control Systems Книга по Требованию Radmehr P. M.
A new development of this modelling structure allows pre-modelled tasks to be selected, detailed and organised and suitable resources and reusable control system components (or building blocks) assigned to groups of tasks.
3215 руб
ADVANCED EXERGY ANALYSIS. A new approach applied to the gas turbine based cogeneration systems Книга по Требованию Giuseppe A.
A conventional exergy analysis has some limitations, which are significantly reduced by a detailed exergy analysis, or so-called advanced exergy analysis, evaluating the interactions among components of the overall system and the real potential for improving a system component.
1997 руб
Concept-based Design of Embedded Systems. Designing Product Families for Large Multi-domain Multifunctional Embedded Systems Книга по Требованию Waseem A.
Beginning with information from UML 2. 0 sequence diagrams and a Concept Repository, Concepts, the fundamental units of reuse in the CBD, are identified within a specification, which are then used to assemble large systems.
2403 руб
A novel exergy-based concept of thermodynamic quality. Development of a novel thermodynamic concept and its application to energy system evaluation and process analysis Книга по Требованию Andrej J.
Additionally, a consistent structured procedure for the evaluation of energy supply systems for domestic heating and cooling is laid out that includes a comprehensive rule-based boundary definition and an exergy-based attribution of fuel to heat from combined heat and power processes.
3621 руб
Increasing Robustness of Spoken Dialogue Systems. Employing Filler Model Based Word Level Confidence Measures Книга по Требованию AYDIN A.
First all models are evaluated in terms of their ability to correctly tag (miss or hit) recognition hypotheses.
1997 руб
Collaborative Intelligent Educational Systems. The Constraint-Based Approach Книга по Требованию
This book presents COLLECT-UML, the first constraint-based ITS that supports collaboration.
2416 руб
Integrated Control and Estimation Based on Sliding Mode Control. Full-state Feedback Control with Variable Structure Systems and Filtering Книга по Требованию
For nonlinear systems, a novel integrated control strategy called the Smooth Sliding Mode Controller and Filter (SSMCF), fuses the SMC and SVSF in a particular form to address nonlinearities.
2008 руб
Investigating Sensor-Based Control in Electrosensory-Endowed Fish and Robots Motion and Sensing in Electrosensory Systems. Книга по Требованию James S.
In the artificial realm, an electrosensory robot capable of actively locating underwater targets by measuring perturbations in a self-generated electric field was built.
3234 руб
Energy Based Seismic Assessment of Degrading Systems. By Using Sophisticated Hysteresis and Damage Models Книга по Требованию Murat A.E.
The simple procedure introduced at the end of the book is deemed to be a guideline for the structural engineers and academicians who have been experiencing a new era in seismic design philosophy: performance-based engineering.
3234 руб
Inference of regulatory interactions in genetic systems. Optimization-based techniques using microarray data Книга по Требованию Reuben T.
The techniques proposed have advantages over the current methods used in that they not only capture the inherent non-linearity of the process but also account for the regulatory behavior of proteins and handle data directly from DNA microarray experiments.
2784 руб

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