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Педагогика среднего специального образования

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Педагогика среднего специального образования

The Social Integration Experiences of African American Students Attending a Predominantly White Institution African American Students in College.

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Victor M.    
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Each respondent answered questions relating to his or her demographic profile, high school and pre-college neighborhood racial make-up, perceptions of the college racial climate, social integration practices, and college academic performance. Although the study focused on African Americans, data was also gathered on 345 Whites, 260 Hispanics, and 284 Asian Americans for comparative observations, following the analysis of the three research questions on African Americans. A single-state survey, entitled the “Student Experiences Questionnaire,” was used to gather data from 327 African American undergraduate students attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), a comprehensive, major public research university located in Champaign, Illinois. Dr. Mullins examines the influences that demographic and racial background factors have on African American students’ perceptions of the college racial climate at a predominantly White institution, and subsequently, how these perceptions of the racial climate are related to their social integration experiences and subsequent college academic performance.
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Раздел: Экстракты, сборы
Набор деревянных кукол.
Игрушка способствует развитию логики, моторики и творческих способностей ребенка. В наборе 6 кукол: мама и папа, мальчик и девочка,
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Раздел: Классические куклы
Детские подгузники-трусики "Nepia. Genki!" (для мальчиков и девочек), 13-25 кг (размер XXL), 18.
Подгузник изготовлен по последним технологиям из невероятно мягкого материала, идеально фиксируется, обеспечивая комфорт и надежную
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Special fields of psychology
Указывает, что именно тест измеряет и насколько хорошо он это делает. Cri erio -rela ed validi y - критериально-связывающая валидность Co s ruc validi y - конструктивная валидность 9. Social psychology Emo io s - эмоции Desires - желания Social Affilia io - социальная аффилиация (стремление быть в обществе других людей) I flue ce - влияние 10. Psychia ry a d me al heal h Pa er s - образ жизни Depressive disorders - депрессия Orga ic psychoses - органический психоз. Глубокие расстройства психики, психической деятельности; проявляются в нарушении отражения реального мира, возможности его познания, изменении поведения и отношения к окружающему. 13. Parapsychology Ex rase sory percep io (ESP) - экстрасенсорное восприятие Psychoki esis (PK) - психокинез ra ce mediumship, hau i gs, pol ergeis s (i volu ary PK) - трансовый медиумизм, телепатия, полтергейст Ou -of-body experie ce - опыт вне телесного сознания Hyp o ism - гипноз (техника воздействия на индивида путем фокализации его внимания с целью сузить поле сознания и подчинить его влиянию, контролю внешнего агента - гипнотизера, внушения коего гипнотизируемый будет выполнять. LI ERA URE1. Borchard D.H. How o fi d ou i Psychology. Pergamo Press 1984 2.

The Effects of Using Technology to Teach African-American Developmental College Students How to Solve Linear Equations The Effects of Using Technology to Teach Algebra. Книга по Требованию Sandra W.
TLE is a Standards-based, integrated learning system software product, designed to replace the traditional textbook and lecture (BrooksCole Thomson Learning, Inc. , 2001). As an instructor in the mathematics developmental department at this university, the researcher was able to solicit and receive support from the university to have TLE installed on the appropriate computers.
2280 руб
Building the Bridge. Critical Reflections of African American Community College Sophomores About Academic Success During the First Year Книга по Требованию Robert S.
To date a noteworthy amount of research has been conducted on African American student success strategies and the first year experience of college students independently.
1894 руб
Critical Factors Influencing African American College Completion The Educational Value of Diversity. Книга по Требованию Vanessa H.
As a Program Leader with Michigan State University Extension, Dr. Holmes develops curriculum and training around issues of civic engagement and leadership programs for youth and adults. Dr. Vanessa Holmes has been a postsecondary educator for more than 16 years.
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This research used open-ended surveys with 127 ALANA students, audiotape recorded interviews with seven ALANA students, and a diversity training manual.
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A Constructivist Inquiry The Meaning of Pregnancy For African American Women Infected with HIV. Книга по Требованию Raphael M.
This inquiry uncovers the meaning of pregnancy for a group of African American women for the purpose of better understanding their perspective for shaping prevention and policy directed towards HIV.
3215 руб
Show Yourself and Be not Ashamed. A Call to the African American Male for Visibility Книга по Требованию
This may be caused by several factors.
2008 руб
African American Cultural Clash on the Basis of Alex Haley's Roots. The American System of Slavery from an Outsider's Point of View Книга по Требованию
I would recommend this book for those who are interested in the history of slavery and in Haley' s work as well and they would like to know not only the surface but also the underlying reasons and motivations of the slaves' behaviour and actions.
2008 руб
Who is Sayin' She's a Gold Digger?. African American Femininities in Rap Music Lyrics Книга по Требованию Jennifer P.
And, a few scripts for women resist or challenge the hegemonic gender order in hip-hop culture.
3234 руб
"Racial Democracy" in Literary Works. African-American and Afro-Brazilian Perspectives Книга по Требованию Isabel C. R. F.
Later, in the 1960s and 1970s, Afro- Brazilians' movements flourish, influenced by American' s movement, bringing self-awareness and a sense of identity to deconstruct the "myth of racial democracy. " African-Americans view Brazil as a paradise to escape segregation and violence in the 1920s since Brazilian government exports this idea about the country.
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Ethnography of an Urban African American Church The Spirit Within. Книга по Требованию Judith F.
This empirically-based, ethnographic case study explores the question of why people switch churches or religions.
2784 руб
As leaders of organizations it is important to take a holistic approach by embracing the growing diversity within the workforce.
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Teaching Oral Reading Fluency in the Classroom. A Focus on Helping African American Males Close the Reading Achievement Gap Книга по Требованию Parichart G.
According to the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), recent standardized tests reveal that the widest gender divide in learning achievement is in reading (NCES, 2007).
2008 руб
Persistence. A Phenomenology of African American Men Who Make A Difference Книга по Требованию Stanley G.
The purpose of this book is to facilitate a better understanding of how socially responsible leadership is experienced by African American men.
2784 руб
Separation. The Disenfranchisement of The African-American Family Книга по Требованию ryan d.
Consequently, it effected a teen pregnancy, and a single parent problem.
2008 руб
African-American Writers Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
This is a list of African American authors and writers, all of whom are considered part of African American literature. Note: Consult Who is African American? to gain a better sense as to who can be listed as an African American writer.
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Northwest African American Museum Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
The Northwest African American Museum (NAAM) in Seattle, Washington, USA opened March 8, 2008.
1843 руб
South African American Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
A South African American refers to a people who live in the United States and who originate from South Africa.
1509 руб
African American Leadership. Understanding Historical Paradigms for Community Empowerment Книга по Требованию Theodore T.
Today, leadership flux represents disunion, apathy, and a lack of resolve for issues that cemented the African American community' s cause with regard to civil rights and liberties. The purpose of this book is to examine African American leadership and its impact on the African American community. Using the talented tenth theory that DuBois originally envisioned for the African American community to introduce intellactivism, my model for African American leadership. I will explain why his theory can still be effective if we use a different lens to identify talented tenth membership (African American leaders). Historically, leadership style variation, particularly in the Civil Rights Movement was good because it represented an improvement in the social conditions of African Americans.
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Research study after research study has proven the benefits of athletic participation on numerous variables.
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Black Sheep: The Absence of Color in Athletic Administration. African-Americans in Athletic Administration Книга по Требованию
The author found five possible attributable factors:
2769 руб

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