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Production and Physiology. Induced Molting: Egg production characteristics and pituitary gland endocrinology of induced molted hens

Формат:      Страниц 164
     мягкая обложка
Mansur S.    
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This book, therefore, provides an insight into the use of dietary Zn to induce molt and its effect on subsequent production cycles in laying hens. We have used feed withdrawal, photoperiodic alterations and the use of high dietary zinc (Zn) as an effective method to induce molt in laying hens. Keeping in view the significance of eggs in the human nutrition, the current study was undertaken to determine the impact of molting on immunity of birds, egg quality characteristics and immunohistochemical changes in the pars distalis after induction of molt in laying hens. There were deficiency in the studies of induced molting related to immune system and pituitary cells function in different hormonal secretions. With the increase in economic pressure in world there is more need of the recycling of layers through induced molting. The study will also help to enable the poultry farmers and researchers to formulate a diet for molt induction in laying hens because the traditional fast induced molting method is under criticism by the animal rights associations.
Дорожка массажная "Морской Берег", с "камнями".
Массажная дорожка с камнями «Морской берег» является отличным средством профилактики плоскостопия, рефлексотерапии и расслабления.
1310 руб
Раздел: Коврики
Бумажная модель "Спасская башня Московского Кремля".
Этой моделью издательство открывает цикл башен Московского Кремля. Для учеников младших и средних классов. Разработано по рекомендациям
363 руб
Раздел: 3D модели из бумаги
Кружка "Акула".
Пусть утро станет добрым! Кружка с забавной фигуркой на дне - это шанс вызвать улыбку близкого человека. По мере выпивания напитка фигурка
369 руб
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По стопам еврейских работорговцев
Поскольку у евреев вроде бы не принято приносить усопшим на могилы подношения и деньги, то возникло подозрение, что делают это неевреи. Г-н Мадуро сказал мне, что это делают вудуисты, которые полагают, что духи евреев обладают особенно ценными качествами, потому они проводят свои обряды именно на еврейском, а не на других кладбищах. По его словам, делают это не местные потомки рабов, а переселенцы с острова Гаити. Я стал искать в интернете информацию об особом отношении вудуистов к еврейским кладбищам, но не нашел ничего, кроме статьи Джудит Файн, которая ссылается на того же самого моего информанта, г-на Рене Мадуро. Вот что она пишет: "I fro of o e of he ombs, o he grou d, here was a bowl made from a gourd wi h a egg i side. Maduro explai ed ha " his is par of voodoo ri uals belo gi g o ew immigra s from o her Caribbea isla ds. hey co sider he Jewish soul a good soul a d wa o have heir prayers i our ceme ery." Все это весьма любопытно и требует выяснения, известно, что у местных темнокожих островитян (а не пришельцев с Гаити) существуют разнообразные поверья о духах с еврейского кладбища.

Metal Induced Crystallization and Polysilicon Thin Film Transistors. Novel technologies of crystallization and post-annealing Книга по Требованию Bo Z.
A few technologies are presented in this monograph, which improve the quality of MIC polysilicon film and hence the performance of TFTs built on. Amelioration of MIC processes has been made to produce high performance polysilicon TFTs using solution based MIC (SMIC) and defined-grain MIC (DG-MIC) methods.
1981 руб
Neuronal Dysfunction Induced by Drugs of Abuse. Cellular and Molecular Approach Книга по Требованию Teresa C.
Substance abuse and addiction are the most costly of all neuropsychiatric disorders.
1997 руб
Apoptosis induced by cytotoxic cells of the immune system. The role of heat shock protein 70 and sulphatases 1 and 2 in granzyme B-induced apoptosis Книга по Требованию Sara Y.D.
To reduce the complexity of CTL-induced apoptosis, further experiments were performed with granzyme (Gr)B, a component of the cytotoxic granules of CTLs and NK cells, that has been shown to interact with HSP70.
3621 руб
Spin State Switching Triggered by Light. Both Spacer Length and Parity Influence the Thermal and Light-Induced Properties of Spin Crossover Coordination Polymers Книга по Требованию Alina A.
Pronounced structural, optical, magnetic and magneto- optical changes are analysed and found in the comparison of the two series.
3215 руб
A Predictive Methodology for Mapping Potential Mining Induced Rock Falls Geographical Information Systems and Mining Impacts. Книга по Требованию
The approach is developed using a GIS-based weight-of-evidence methodology with the following characteristics: 1)A data driven technique for impact assessment during the preliminary stages of mine design when the field data is limited; 2)Identification of pertinent controlling factors in rockfall occurrence phenomena; 3)The analysis of the level of influence for each controlling factor, weighting and combining evidential factors using the weight-of-evidence method; 4)The mapping of the probability of a rockfall occurrence within the area of interest. Application of the methodology was tested for a case study in Australia where the methodology was used to evaluate and compare impact of two different proposed mine layouts on the present cliff lines within the mining area. The book describes a quantitative spatial methodology for the mapping of potential mine subsidence impacts on cliff-lines using a Geographical Information System (GIS). The ability to assess the potential mine subsidence impact undoubtedly can be valuable for subsidence management plans and any decision-making process carried out prior to mining.
2403 руб
Pollution and Reproductive Damage. Pollution induced cell-death and reproductive damage in fish and mammals Книга по Требованию Mozhgan S.
Here we offer first evidence that petrochemical contaminants induce apoptosis in highly proliferating reproductive, hematopoietic, and immune (thymus, bone marrow, and spleen) tissue of small mammals living on contaminated sites; we also show that aquatic pollution effects on reproductive fitness can be monitored using in vitro cultures of fish eggs.
2784 руб
Induced Current Electrical Impedance Tomography. Physical, mathematical and numerical theory for medical applications Книга по Требованию Sharon Z.
In Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT), the electrical properties of the various tissue types form the basis for monitoring or imaging physiological and pathological processes.
3234 руб
In the Injury, Matrix Expansion and Progression of Anti-thy1-induced Renal Disease of the Rat Nitric Oxide-cGMP Signal Transduction. Книга по Требованию
Further pharmacologic sGC stimulation reduced TGF-beta overexpression and extracellular matrix accumulation and limited the progressive course of this model towards tubulointerstitial fibrosis and impaired renal function at least in part in a blood pressure-independent manner.
2008 руб
TROPICAL CYCLONE INDUCED CHANGES IN TROPOPOSPHERE. Characteristics of troposphere and lower stratosphere associated with the passage of tropical cyclones Книга по Требованию Mrudula G.
The presence of high reflectivity layers below the tropopause suggests the passage of severe weather systems.
3234 руб
Man-Induced Land Degradation In Ribadu Cantonment Kaduna state Nigeria. Man - Induced Land Degradation in Ribadu Cantonment Книга по Требованию Umar H.
The problem of land degradation is widespread and inimical to land and water development projects.
2416 руб
The Clinical Value of Auditory Steady State Responses. In the Audiological Assessment of Pseudohypacusic Workers with Noise-induced Hearing Loss in the South African Mining Industry Книга по Требованию
ASSRs need no response from the patient, and the electrical responses to the presented sound are measured by means of a real-time statistical analysis of the samples, using a computer, thereby offering real objectivity.
3234 руб
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
In principle, LIBS can analyse any matter regardless of its physical state, be it solid, liquid or gas.
1395 руб
Geomagnetically Induced Current Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
During space weather events electric current systems in the magnetosphere and ionosphere experience large spatiotemporal variations reflected also in the variations of the Earth' s geomagnetic field. These variations induce currents in conductors operated at the surface of Earth. Electric transmission grids and buried pipelines are common examples of such conductor systems. GIC can cause problems, such as increased corrosion of pipeline steel and damaged high-voltage power transformers. GIC are one possible consequence of geomagnetic storms, which may also affect geophysical exploration surveys and oil and gas drilling operations. Geomagnetically induced currents, affecting the normal operation of long technological conductor systems, are a manifestation at ground level of space weather.
1843 руб
Effect of Plant Extracts on RNA Expression Profiles. Expression Profiles of the Insulin 2 Gene in Pancreatic Cells of Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats Книга по Требованию Ruzaidi A.M.M.
This study investigated the effect of selected plant extracts on the Insulin 2 gene expression profile against STZ- induced pancreatic cell damages. M. charantia extract showed the highest value of total phenolic content, antioxidant activity and total flavanoid content compared to M. citrifolia and P. speciosa extracts. Expression of both GAPDH as the reference gene and Ins2 gene as the target gene was measured by SYBR Green I fluorescence; melting curves and agarose gel electrophoresis were used to verify the specificity of gene (Ins2) for diabetic rats treated with M. charantia extracts expressing fold differences of 32 fold expression compare to the diabetic control rats only.
1878 руб
This work is an experimental and numerical investigation of the flow induced vibration problem at blade passing frequencies of a high-pressure double volute boiler feed pump.
3096 руб
Current Drive by Helicon Waves. Wave-Induced Helicity Current Drive by Helicon Waves Книга по Требованию MANASH K.P.
2285 руб
CHEMOPREVENTIVE EFFECT OF LENTILS AGAINST COLORECTAL CANCER. Nutraceutical Effect of Lentils (lens culinaris L.) Against Azoxymethane-Induced Colorectal Cancer in Fischer 344 Rats Книга по Требованию Moez A.F.
Different biomarkers have been used to explicit this protective effect, including histopathological and biochemical ones.
2626 руб
Free Calculus on Operator Algebras. Operator Algebraic Calculus Induced by Certain Operators Книга по Требованию ILWOO C.
Free calculus consists of the differentiation, and the integration, like the usual calculus.
1894 руб
Grewia asiatica against radiation induced oxidative stress in mice. Modulation of Radiation Induced Oxidative Stress in Brain of Swiss albino Mice by Grewia asiatica Книга по Требованию Dr. R.S.
The book discusses the overall perspectives and mechanisms of radioprotection by Grewia asiatica in whole brain and its different parts cerebrum and cerebellum of Swiss albino mice supplemented prior/post irradiation.
2280 руб
Induced mutagenesis in groundnut,Arachis hypogaea. Gamma rays and ethyl methane sulphonate induced mutagenesis in groundnut,Arachis hypogaea Книга по Требованию JOTHIMANI S.
Mutation breeding,a known well established technique complementary to conventional breeding method.
1894 руб

Молочный гриб можно использовать для похудения, восстановления микрофлоры, очищения организмаМолочный гриб можно использовать для похудения, восстановления микрофлоры, очищения организма

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