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Location models for emergency vehicles. A comparison based on real data for the city of Vienna

Формат:      Страниц 76
     мягкая обложка
Teresa D.    
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1997 руб
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One quality factor for emergency medical services is the lapse of time between an emergency call and the arrival of an emergency vehicle on the spot, which is impacted by the number of emergency vehicles available in a given area as well as by their location. Due to budget restrictions, public organizations are obliged to appoint their resources efficiently while keeping its duty to provide the best possible service in mind. The location-planning becomes especially important in major cities with a big population and a high demand for medical services. This paper compares 3 different location models in order to determine the best location policy for emergency vehicles based on real data for city of Vienna. The availability of emergency medical services for the public is a crucial point in urban infrastructures.
Корзина для игрушек (45x50 см).
Размеры: 45x50 см. Корзина с веселым и ярким дизайном станет отличным украшением интерьера детской. Ребенок с удовольствием сложит
409 руб
Раздел: Корзины, контейнеры для игрушек
Набор "Френч-пресс со стаканами".
Набор френч-пресс со стаканами Rosenberg изготовлен из высококачественной нержавеющей стали и термостойкого стекла. Удобная
585 руб
Раздел: Наборы посуды
Сухой надувной бассейн "Слоненок" с шарами.
Слоненок - односекционная надувная площадка. Можно использовать ручной или ножной насос - надуваетсяся через стандартный клапан. Днище
1038 руб
Раздел: Батуты, надувные центры

Электронные системы адаптивного компьютерного обучения, на основе стандартов образовательных...
Если единый стандарт отсутствует, то пользователь должен ограничиваться устройствами и программами лишь одного производителя. Стандартизации подлежат как оборудование, так и программное обеспечение, в частности, программы, используемые в электронном обучении. К наиболее распространенным стандартам в сфере электронного обучения относятся следующие: IMS – I s ruc io al Ma ageme Sys ems (Системы организации обучения), IEEE – I s i u e of Elec rical a d Elec ro ic E gi eers (Институт электротехники и электроники), AICC – Airli e I dus ry Compu er Based rai i g Commi ee (Международный комитет по компьютерному обучению в авиации), ADL – Adva ced Dis ribu ed Lear i g (Продвинутое распределенное обучение), ARIAD E (Консорциум АРИАДНА), SCORM – Sharable Co e Objec Refere ce Model (Модель обмена учебными материалами). 3.1.2 Стандарт IMS Основным недостатком существующих систем организации обучения является то, что в системах разных производителей управляющие функции (например, отслеживание пользования, обработка информации о пользователе, подготовка отчетов о результатах и т.д.) осуществляются по-разному.

Facility Location in Cities. The Optimal Location of Emergency Units within Cities Книга по Требованию Michael D.
Furthermore, we also developed an effective method for locating new facilities among old facilities.
2416 руб
Articulated Steer Vehicles: Fundamental Issues in Modeling, Stability Analysis and Controller Development Dynamics and Control. Книга по Требованию
In this book, for a typical ASV, a comprehensive study of the causes of the snaking, and of the effects of the vehicle parameters and operating conditions on the stability is presented.
2784 руб
Automatic Vehicle Location Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Most commonly, the location is determined using GPS, and the transmission mechanism is a satellite, terrestrial radio or cellular connection from the vehicle to a radio receiver, satellite or nearby cell tower.
2008 руб
Jamiroquai 'Emergency on Planet' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 65844 X
219 руб
Oxford Handbook of Accident and Emergency Medicine Oxford University Press Wyatt J.P.
1525 руб
Two Essays on Maximum Likelihood Estimation. Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models Книга по Требованию Gulnur K.
In recent years, a vast macroeconomic and finance literature has been devoted to building DSGE models to explain the impact of various macroeconomic shocks on output, inflation and interest rates.
2385 руб
Pressure perception on the foot. Measurement, models, and psychophysics Книга по Требованию Shuping X.
This book incorporates cutting-edge methodologies for measuring and modeling human perception when pressure is applied on the foot, with special emphasis on pressure thresholds and their relationships with the stimulus characteristics and mechanical properties of foot tissue.
2385 руб
Latent variables in panel data models. Theoretical Contributions and Empirical Applications Книга по Требованию Eleonora P.
This book addresses statistical issues related to linear panel data models with the joint occurrence of unobserved heterogeneity and measurement errors- in-variables.
2747 руб
Creating Dynamic Radar Models for Large-Scale Simulations. Development of an Airborne Radar Federate in a High-Level Architecture Simulation Книга по Требованию Michael P.
The role of simulation has increased during the last few years due to an increasing complexity of components and the rising number of objects involved in large-scale systems.
1981 руб
Facilitating the design and support of adaptive e-learning. Models to assist the tutor Книга по Требованию Peter V.R.
The first model focuses on how to support the design task of staff.
1997 руб
Evaluating Information Systems. by using interpretive evaluation approaches and models Книга по Требованию Said M.B.
Evaluation of IS/IT investments is generally taken to mean the identification and the measurement of capital expenditures spent on and the initial anticipated revenues gained from the deployments of these systems (IS/IT).
1997 руб
Universalistic Models of Managerial and Leadership Effectiveness. A cumulative and multiple cross-case empirical study of effective and ineffective managerial behaviour Книга по Требованию Bob H.
2403 руб
Kinetic Lattice Gas Models for Adsorption, Desorption and Diffusion. An Investigation Using Diagonalization Methods, Monte Carlo Simulations and Density Functional Theory Книга по Требованию Jean-Sabin M.
This study is followed by one for O on Ru(0001) where the ramified (2x2)-O islands observed point to complex interactions between the O atoms which are modeled with a lattice gas model and DFT.
3215 руб
The valuation of intangible assets. A new approach using hedonic pricing models Книга по Требованию Michael C.
Although this study is exploratory in nature, the empirical results support using this approach to value intangible assets.
3215 руб
Analysis of Longitudinal Survey Data. Allowing for the Complex Survey Design in Covariance Structure Models Книга по Требованию Marcel d.T.V.
Furthermore, methods for the analysis of longitudinal data collected under complex sampling designs are discussed, with emphasis given to covariance structure modelling techniques.
3215 руб
Adaptive Computer Assisted Assessment of free-text students' answers. An approach to automatically generate students' conceptual models Книга по Требованию Diana P.
Teachers aim to transmit their knowledge to students so that they acquire certain accepted and shared concepts.
3215 руб
Probes of Yukawa Unification in Supersymmetric SO(10) Models. Constraining the flavour structure of Yukawa corrections Книга по Требованию Susanne W.
Besides the corresponding unification of gauge couplings, Grand Unified Theories predict unified Yukawa couplings of quarks and leptons to a Higgs boson.
2362 руб
The Thirring Model and Sine-Gordon Model On the Quantisation of Topological Field Models. Книга по Требованию Mario P.
Here, a more general solution to the massless Thirring model is obtained, which allows to renormalise the massless Thirring model for the first time.
2362 руб
Discrete Fluctuations in Atmospheric Physics. Theory, Models, and Empirical Observations Книга по Требованию
This study could also be of use to anyone who is trying to gain a quantitative grasp on how the details of microphysical spatial distributions can matter in everyday phenomena like rain or sunlight transmission through clouds.
3215 руб
Designing Models to Elucidate Radical Reaction Mechanisms. Model Studies of Diol-dehydratase-catalyzed Reactions and Excess Electron Transfer Книга по Требованию
The molecule must incorporate a radical-generating element that can give the target radical under certain condition, such as heat or light (e. g. , laser), and a radical-detecting element that can detect the product radical once the reaction occurs.
2769 руб

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