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Database System with Efficient Security Enforcement. A Fine-Grained Access Control Approach

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Huaxin Z.    
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A well-rounded yet efficient security mechanism would make a database product eligible for high profile government contracts and new markets in the financial sector, and make it trustworthy among many third party applications that are likely to be built on top of it. This book reviews traditional database paradigm and proposes architectural changes to improve database performance under modern security requirements. The book combines both theoretical and practical aspects, and covers a wide spectrum of database design issues, such as storage scheme, data caching, and query optimization. Security enforcement is an enabler for databases to meet mandatory regulatory compliance and privacy requirements.
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Введение в Интернет и безопасность в нем
Кроме того, статистика использования сети важна в качестве исходных данных при проведении исследований для формулирования требований к сетевому оборудованию и программам и анализе риска. 2.2.6 Претворение в жизнь политики И наконец, самое важное - брандмауэр предоставляет средства реализации и претворения в жизнь политики сетевого доступа. Фактически, брандмауэр обеспечивает управление доступом для пользователей и служб. Поэтому, политика сетевого доступа может быть реализована с помощью брандмауэра, в то время как без него, такая политика зависит целиком от доброй воли пользователей. Организация может зависеть от своих пользователей, но не должна зависеть от доброй воли всех пользователей Интернета. Список литературы Frederick Avolio a d Marcus Ra um. A e work Perime er Wi h Secure I er e Access. I I er e Socie y Symposium o e work a d Dis ribu ed Sys em Securi y, pages 109-119. I er e Socie y, February 2-4 1994. S eve M. Bellovi . Securi y Problems i he CP/IP Pro ocol Sui e. Compu er Commu ica io s Review, 9(2):32-48, April 1989. Vi o Cerf. A a io al I forma io I fras ruc ure. Co exio s, Ju e 1993. Compu er Emerge cy Respo se eam/Coordi a io Ce er.

Power System Static Security Analysis and Control. Use of hybrid expert system for MW and voltage security assessment of power system in an on-line environment Книга по Требованию Jagadish P.
These rules constitute the symbolic logic part of the hybrid expert system.
2280 руб
Open Source Database Systems. Systems study, Performance and Scalability Книга по Требованию Toni S.
A free or inexpensive open source database could be a real option to many enterprises if only the functionality of it would meet today' s high requirements. High performance, support for transactions, automatic recovery and scalability are the basic requirements. High availability is often desired as well. Theory behind transaction management, storage structures, concurrency control and availability is presented. The open source database market is surveyed and some open source database systems are selected for further investigating and experimenting. The techniques and methods used in the databases are presented and compared to the theory. The experiments are done in a mobile telecommunications environment, a modern business area involving a large amount of data processing. The source codes of the products are public and their non-commercial use is free, whereas the prices of commercial databases are very high. The movement in the Open Source community and the development of open source database systems give subject to new considerations. Database systems have been studied over three decades. The methods used in modern systems are well understood.
2008 руб
Automated Storage Layout for Database Systems. Storage Workload Characterization and Storage Layout Optimization for Database Systems Книга по Требованию Oguzhan O.
Modern storage systems are complex.
2285 руб
Legal Issues of Social Security: книга на английском языке Municipal Systems of Foreign Countries: МГИМО-Университет Фененко Ю.В.
The book provides some information on administrative division of a country, the structure of local government, the work and formation of local powers, the issues on functions' competence and realization, the system of local government financing that provide social stability and make people' s life secure. Specific attention in the book is paid to the characteristics of relationships between central and local authorities including the center' s control over municipal organs. One also can find normative, legislative and other documents illustrating the activity of local government. The book is mainly addressed to students studying "Constitutional (state) right of foreign countries", "Constitutional Law of the Russian Federation" and "Municipal Law of the Russian Federation", advanced students and teachers of Law Departments. This book is devoted to the municipal systems of foreign countries, their role in providing social security.
5 руб
ERPSEC - A Reference Framework For ERP Security. ERPSEC - A Reference Framework For Security In Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems Книга по Требованию Manfred H.
This book proposes a method of integrating the concept of information ownership in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for enhanced security.
3215 руб
Security, Resilience, Efficiency Peer-to-Peer for Collaborative Environments. Книга по Требованию Natalya F.
This solution is meant to fit several application contexts of collaborative computing, thereby addressing some common problems about resilience of existing work-sharing systems.
2403 руб
Microarchitectural Support for Security and Reliability. An Embedded Systems Perspective Книга по Требованию
The benefits of considering security and reliability issues during the design of an embedded system can be exploited by designers with expertise in the field of VLSI design, computer architecture and embedded systems.
3234 руб
High Performance and Energy Efficient Many-core DSP Systems. An Asynchronous Array of Simple Processors Книга по Требованию Zhiyi Y.
The system is also easily scalable, and is well- suited to future fabrication technologies.
2784 руб
The Banking System in Belarus. Transition Experience and an Analysis of Bank Efficiency Книга по Требованию Dmitry D.
The book should be relevant for academic circles, practitioners, and anyone else with an interest in the ongoing process of banking transition in formerly socialist countries.
3234 руб
Access Control Model with Role-Based Security Concept. Developing an Access Control Model with Role-Based Security Concept: the Case of Telecom Operator’s Customer Care and Billing Information System Книга по Требованию Tachbele H.
The study will also benefit OPERATORs to develop an access control model for other similar application system such as Finance System, Human Resource System by taking the experience gained from this case study.
2416 руб
Land Tenure Systems, Agricultural Investment and Food Security among Smallholder Farmers in Sululta, Oromia Regional State Exploring the Dynamic Linkages. Книга по Требованию Birhanu M.
The applicability of the land tenure policy options currently revolving on polically overloaded debate is also under ? in the eyes of the smallholder farmers.
2416 руб
Secure Web Based Voting System for the Case of Addis Ababa City. Securing Vote Data at Poll Stations, In the Wire and Data at Rest Книга по Требованию Amha B.
With in this framework, it raises the potential security vulnerabilities of web based voting system and the possible security algorithms for keeping the secrecy of vote and minimizing the risks throughout the process.
2008 руб
Security-focused Operating System Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
There are several BSD variants, with only one being heavily focused on security.
1599 руб
Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction in OFDM Systems. Toward More Efficient and Reliable Wireless Systems Книга по Требованию Mohammed E.
The proposed methods were applied to multicarrier code division multiple access (MC-CDMA. Reducing the PAPR can be regarded as an important issue to realize efficient and affordable communication services. This study proposes efficient PAPR reduction methods for OFDM signals by decreasing the possibility of peaks of the subcarriers signals to occur at the same time. However, OFDM poses high peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) problem, as a consequence of independently modulated carriers, that causes degradation on the error performance of the system, low efficiency of the power amplifier, and increases the complexities of the system. Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) technology promises to be a key technique for achieving the high data capacity and spectral efficiency requirements for wireless communication systems of the near future. The achieved results confirm that the proposed methods are capable of reducing the PAPR significantly and, therefore, of improving error performance of the system.
1878 руб
A Semantic Web-based approach to enforcing security in a user-friendly way Security control brought back to the user. Книга по Требованию Juri L.D.C.
The more you want, the more you have to pay for it. In the context of Computer Science this often means, the more control the user wants to keep on her system, the more effort is required on her side to let it tailor her personal needs.
2280 руб
WiMAX Cryptographic Suit Up-gradation. An Advance Approach to the Efficient and Secure WiMAX Книга по Требованию Faisal R.
Introduction of a new and lightweight encryption algorithm MAES in the parallel of AES in the cryptographic suit, to facilitate user of WiMAX having efficient multimedia encryption, is another main purpose of the book.
1894 руб
Profitability and Technical Efficiency of Sugarcane Farmers. Assessment of Performance and Profitability of the Private Sugarcane Production System in Myanmar Книга по Требованию Yu Y.M.
Due to increased demand for local consumption and export oriented nature, it should be increased not only plantation area but also yield per unit area and recovery percentage.
3051 руб
Global Positioning System for future Railway Control Systems. Integration of Satellite Positioning and a Track Database for Safety-Critical Railway Control Systems Книга по Требованию Yuheng Z.
This book is concerned with the evaluation of the potential role of a track database for this purpose.
3051 руб
TCP IP: Архитектура, протоколы, реализация (включая IP версии 6 и IP Security) Изд. 2-е (пер. Кузьмина М.) - 424 с. ISBN 5-85582-072-6 0-07-021389-5 ~90.06.25 025 М: Лори Фейт С.
Расширенное и переработанное издание бестселлера по TCP/IP издательства McGraw-Hill.
327 руб
Русская версия: System 2003: Microsoft Office: Практическое пособие (пер. с англ. Босиса О. Р. , Трубникова Г. Г. ) + CD-Rom - 992 с. {Шаг за шагом} М: СП Эком
530 руб

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