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Becoming a Triple-Threat Performer. Developing Artistic Identity in a Post-Secondary Musical Theatre Program

Формат:      Страниц 152
     мягкая обложка
Meagan T.    
Книга по Требованию    
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Multiple learning contexts were observed including the regimens in various artistic classrooms and in the vocal studio. Recommendations for improved musical theatre curricula centred on improved integration of the three disciplines, enhanced studio time, and greater skill development in the studio. The results of this study revealed that the students’ construction of identity was positively impacted by: the “triple-threat” program components, the unique dyad relationship between the vocal studio teacher and her students, and the rigorous, professional training the students underwent. As one of many instructors in the musical theatre program of a post-secondary college, the author fulfilled both the roles of researcher and studio music teacher. Suggestions for future research in performance arts education were also offered. This study examined the role that performance arts training played in the emergence of students’ artistic identities. A study of the interactions amongst the disciplines of music, dance, and drama exhibited several implications in relation to the students’ acute identity experiences.
Дорожная косметичка, 21x15x12 см, арт. 82630.
Стильная косметичка выполненная из современных полимерных материалов, станет отличным современным подарком и займет достойное место среди
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Раздел: Дорожные наборы
Сумка складная "Mini maxi shopper" (baroque taupe).
В европейских странах люди давно отказались от одноразовых пластиковых пакетов ради сохранения окружающей среды. Так что абсолютно все
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Раздел: Хозяйственные
Микрофон "Караоке. Я пою".
В этом ярком микрофоне – 12 популярных песенок В. Шаинского, Е. Крылатова, М. Танича и других известных композиторов: "Песенка
301 руб
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Структура и содержание внешнеторгового контракта
Признание за контрактом торгового характера подчиняет его и сделку в целом не только общим нормам гражданского права, но и специальным нормам торгового права, определяющим правила их заключения и исполнения. 1.2 Стороны контракта Обычно в контракте принимают участие две стороны ( par ies) – приобретающая и поставляющая. В общем случае под "стороной" контракта подразумевается любое физическое или юридическое лицо, участвующее в сделке. В контрактные отношения могут вступать иностранные физические или юридические лица, а также лица без гражданства. Приобретающая сторона - Заказчик (Clie , Cus omer), Получатель (Receiver), Арендатор (Leaseholder), Лицензиат (Lice see), Покупатель (Buyer) - сторона, которая на условиях контракта получает продукцию, товар, то есть покупает или каким-либо другим способом приобретает ее и/или права на нее. Поставляющая сторона - Исполнитель (Performer), Разработчик (Developer), Арендодатель (Lessor), Лицензиар (Lice sor), Посредник (Age . Dealer), Продавец (Seller) - сторона, которая на условиях контракта предоставляет (продает, передает, сдает в аренду и т.д.) продукцию, товар и/или права на ее использование.

Green Arrow volume 2: Triple Threat New 52 DC/Vertigo Comics Nocenti A.
919 руб
Becoming Naomi Leon Scholastic, Inc. Ryan P.
But will positive thi\ nki\ ng be e\ nough to save them? \ naomi Soledad Leo\ n Outlaw has a lot to deal with like havi\ ng the fu\ n\ niest last \ name i\ n the u\ niverse, for o\ ne. The\ n there are her clothes (sew\ n i\ n polyester by Gram), her difficulty speaki\ ng up, a\ nd her status at school as \ nobody special. But accordi\ ng to Gram, most problems ca\ n be overcome with positive thi\ nki\ ng. Luckily, with Gram a\ nd her little brother, Owe\ n, life at Avocado Acres Trailer Ra\ ncho is happy a\ nd peaceful. That is, u\ ntil \ naomi a\ nd Owe\ n' s mother reappears alter seve\ n years, stirri\ ng up all sorts of questio\ ns-a\ nd a whole lot of trouble. Soo\ n \ naomi fi\ nds herself o\ n a whirlwi\ nd jour\ ney i\ n a last-ditch effort to keep her family together.
345 руб
Transformers: The Veiled Threat Random House USA Alan D.F.
Meanwhile, Optimus Prime, the powerful leader of the Autobots who is also part of NEST, plays defense, as battles flare up from Australia to Zambia.
266 руб
Modern Gladiators: Why is Total Fighting Becoming Popular in Japan?. A socio-historical analysis of violent combat sports in Japan with particular reference to the theory of the civilising process Книга по Требованию Kensuke Y.
This book has two dimensions: first, the development of combative sports, such as bujutsu, budo and professional wrestling (all of which have a close relationship to total fighting) as well as total fighting, was examined in order to understand the emergence and growing popularity of total fighting in the 1990s in the context of the historical development of combative sports in Japan; second, the case study of total fighting itself was contextualised in the broader context of culture and the issue of violence in contemporary Japan.
3191 руб
Pathways to the School Superintendency. Becoming a Superintendent Книга по Требованию Tod A.F.
If I am a teacher desiring to become a school superintendent, how do I get there?
2403 руб
Comparison of Contract General Conditions between the U.S. and China. Becoming More Competitive in the Chinese Construction Market Книга по Требованию Ka W.C.
In light of the fact that the construction projects are expensive, complex, and time consuming undertakings, a well-written contract that specifies each participant’s duties and obligations is required.
1997 руб
Significant Moments in the Becoming Process of a Bilingual and Bi-national Teacher Noematic Inquiry in the Mexico-U. S. Borderlands. Книга по Требованию
The researcher works under the assumption that life history and current situation make a difference in the development of the participant as a student and as a writer. The Mexico-U. S. border, where the participant lives, is seen also as an influential context in the lived experience of the participant.
3234 руб
Offshore Financial Centres: a Threat to Global Financial Stability?. Offshore Financial Centres and the World Financial Order Книга по Требованию Boris J.
The work shall be useful for lawyers, financiers, representatives of international organizations and law enforcement agencies, or anyone else who may be interested in OFCs.
2008 руб
Managed Crisis. Legitimacy and the National Threat in Singapore Книга по Требованию Stephan O.
This demonstrates that a threat to the state can legitimize authoritarian measures.
2008 руб
Relevance, Explanatory and Predictive Power of the Framework of Triple-Entry Bookkeeping and Momentum Accounting of Yuji Ijiri Momentum Accounting for Trends. Книга по Требованию Eric M.
This accounting theory introduces new measurement units: momentum and force. The key development is to see momentum as a rate or the speed of the earning capacity of a firm and to account for the change in momentum with economic and financial forces.
3234 руб
Triple Play in Germany. Market Dynamics and Key Success Factors Книга по Требованию Chin-Gi H.
Following the ongoing strive towards converged media and recent advancements in regards to broadband technologies, the communications industry has come to face an inescapable trend in its recent years which is about to revolutionize the industry as we know it: the integration of high-speed Internet, telephony and television - or all in short: triple play. Triple play is quickly emerging in Germany, and holds the promise to change the competitive landscape dramatically as service providers raid each other’s markets to steal revenues from one another.
2416 руб
Triple Play - Zukunft des deutschen Breitbandmarktes. Marktpositionierung der Anbieter sowie Analyse von Rahmenbedingungen im internationalen Vergleich Книга по Требованию
Dieses Buch richtet sich vornehmlich an Wirtschaftswissenschaftler, Kommunikationswissenschaftlicher aber auch Interessierte der genannten Fachgebiete.
2416 руб
Death threat Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Death threats are often covered by coercion statutes.
1843 руб
Performer (Role Variant) Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The most fun-loving of all the types, Performers excel at delighting others with their artistry and humor.
2213 руб
Triple M Network Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
For all of this period and into the 90s, Triple M' s promotional campaign featured the character "Dr Dan", a guitar-playing satyr with wings, and a theme song that was an extended reworking of the Mike Batt track "Introduction", from his 1979 album Tarot Suite. Together with then rival station 2DAY, it was the first commercial FM radio station in Sydney. The Triple M Network is a radio station network owned by media company Austereo, who also own the Today Network. Throughout the 1980s, Triple M was one of the highest-rating radio stations in Sydney, spearheaded by its morning show presented by Doug Mulray and featuring the writing of and occasional appearances by Andrew Denton. The station has always been primarily a rock music station, but with a more blue collar/hard rock emphasis than other stations in Melbourne in particular. The first Triple M station was 2MMM Sydney which commenced broadcasting on 2 August 1980. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1395 руб
Triple Crown Championship Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
For a span of nearly eighteen years, from 1979 up through 1997, these were the three championships of the company, and a competitor who had won all three championships (not necessarily concurrently) was considered a "Triple Crown Champion. " It is a distinction made to a professional wrestler who has won three specific championships in World Wrestling Entertainment or Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.
1395 руб
De L'aerage Considere Sous Le Triple Point De Vue Hygienique, Economique Et Scientifique (French Edition) Книга по Требованию Hamal C.
1142 руб
MTV Video Music Award for Quadruple Threat of the Year Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1335 руб
Triple Play 2000 Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
The PlayStation version was also released in Europe under the title Triple Play Baseball 2000.
1740 руб
Becoming science teachers by transforming urban classrooms. Learning to teach science against the grain Книга по Требованию Melina F.
What do novice teachers need to be able to “teach against the grain” in urban, underprivileged schools?
3051 руб

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