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A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Bus Transfers Synchronization. Minimizing Transfer Times in a Public Transit System

Формат:      Страниц 168
     мягкая обложка
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As urban areas continue to grow in population and as congestion continues to worsen, future demands for transportation can only be met by an efficiently managed mass transportation. However, providing coordinated transit services for the entire transit system, in which transfer times are minimized, is not easily achieved. In addition, software developers can benefit from the code provided in the appendixes. Master’s and Ph. D. students may find this book resourceful for a master’s thesis or dissertation. Optimization of transfer times in a transit system is a complex problem because of the large set of binary and discrete values involved. As this book provides good coverage of the issues involved with transit transfers and transfer optimization, investigators conducting research in public transportation may find this book useful. This book presents a system-wide approach, based on genetic algorithms, for the optimization of transfer times for an entire bus transit system. The combinatorial nature of the problem imposes a computational burden and makes it difficult to solve by classical mathematical programming methods. Minimizing transfer time through schedule coordination is one means to reduce the total travel time for those passengers who need to transfer from one route to another to complete their trips.
Настольная игра "Колонизаторы", 4-е русское издание.
Желанию осваивать новые земли всегда сопутствует отвага – этих двух элементов у колонизаторов огромного острова Катан в избытке. На новых
1990 руб
Раздел: Классические игры
Насадка на кран "Палитра", светодиодная.
Светодиодная насадка «Палитра» включается под напором воды и, в зависимости от ее температуры, подсвечивает проходящий поток в синий,
490 руб
Раздел: Ванная
Точилка "Пингвин", электрическая с контейнером (2 запасных лезвия EG-5008).
Электрические точилки помогут быстро, качественно и без каких-либо усилий заточить карандаши. А яркие и необычные дизайны порадуют детей и
513 руб
Раздел: Точилки

Потоки в Visual Basic
Функция возвращает дескриптор потока. В этом случае мы передаем указатель на объект clsBackgrou d, который мы будем использовать в новом потоке. ObjP r восстанавливает значение указателя интерфейса в переменную qobj. После создания потока закрывается дескриптор при помощи функции CloseHa dle. Это действие не завершает поток, - поток продолжает выполняться до выхода из функции Backgrou dFu cFree. Однако, если мы не закрыли дескриптор, то объект потока будет существовать даже после выхода из функции Backgrou dFu cFree. Все дескрипторы потока должны быть закрыты и при завершении потока система освобождает занятые потоком ресурсы. Функция Backgrou dFu cFree имеет следующий код: ' A free hreaded callback. ' A free hreaded callback. ' his is a i valid approach, hough i works ' i his case. Public Fu c io Backgrou dFu cFree(ByVal param As IU k ow ) As Lo g Dim qobj As clsBackgrou d Dim res& ' Free hreaded approach Se qobj = param Do While o qobj.Do heCou (100000) Loop ' qobj.ShowAForm ' Crashes! ' hread e ds o re ur E d Fu c io Параметром этой функции является- указатель на интерфейс (ByVal param As IU k ow ).

Better Decision Tree from Intelligent Instance Selection. A new instance selection method based on Genetic Algorithm for optimizing decision trees Книга по Требованию Shuning W.
Numerical results are obtained for several difficult test data sets indicating that GA-based instance selection can often reduce the size of the decision tree by an order of magnitude while still maintaining good prediction accuracy.
2385 руб
Simulation and Parameter Estimation by Genetic Algorithm Mathematical Modelling of Enzymatic Reactions. Книга по Требованию Suereyya O.
In this book, an enzymatic system which includes Creatine Kinase, Hexokinase and Glucose 6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (CK- HK-G6PDH) is modelled in the form of DAE' s, solved numerically and the system parameters are estimated. Mathematical models of metabolic pathways offer several advances for this deep and analytical understanding due to their incompensable potential in predicting metabolic processes and anticipating appropriate interventions when required. The mathematical models are either in the form of nonlinear ordinary differential equations (ODE' s) or differential algebraic equations (DAE' s). These equations are composed of kinetic parameters such as kinetic rate constants, initial rates and concentrations of metabolites. These pathways include intracellular and extracellular compounds such as enzymes, metabolites, nucleotides and cofactors. A deep and analytical understanding of the human metabolism grabbed attention of scientists from biology, medicine and pharmacy. This book concerns mathematical modelling analysis and simulation of metabolic pathways.
2008 руб
Hydraulic Networks. Optimizing Operations Through a Genetic Algorithm Книга по Требованию Victor D.
The non-elastic matrix method can also be used to calculate the transient state.
2416 руб
Performance Evaluation of DS-CDMA Receivers using Genetic Algorithm. Case Study Книга по Требованию Mangal S.
This monograph investigates the performance of GA based DS-CDMA communication using gold code sequences.
1899 руб
Cognitive Model Optimization with Parallel Genetic Algorithms. Investigating Individual Differences Книга по Требованию Sue K.
The optimization approach was highly successful in fitting the serial subtraction model superseding the field’s traditional manual optimization process.
1981 руб
Parameter estimation of Michaelis-Menten kinetics. Comparison between experimental design methodologies and equidistant sampling using genetic algorithms Книга по Требованию Filipe A.
All studies were supported by simulation data of a generic enzymatic process that obeys to the Michaelis-Menten kinetic equation.
2008 руб
THE APPLICATION OF REAL NUMBERS CODE FOR GENETIC ALGORITHMS. Applied Into Design Membership Function in Fuzzy Logic Control System for Plastic Extruder Книга по Требованию Ismail Y.
Thus it is important to select the accurate membership functions but these methods possess one common weakness where conventional FLC use membership function generated by human operator, the membership function selection process is done with trial and error and it runs step by step which is too long in solving the underlined the problem.
2280 руб
Industrial Simulation and Optimization. Manufacturing Simulation and Optimization using system dynamics, structural equation modeling, and genetic algorithms Книга по Требованию Dr. M.S.
This research is an original study that investigates the combination of tools and methodologies in order to create mathematical models and algorithms oriented towards the identification of the most critical variables of a particular process.
1894 руб
Instrument Timbres and Pitch Estimation in Polyphonic Music. Exploring a Novel Approach to Pitch Estimation Using Spectral Gaussian Mixture Modeling and a Modified Expectation Maximization Algorithm. Книга по Требованию
The algorithm was tested using an array of data ranging from single to triple superposed instrument recordings.
2008 руб
Multi-Objective Approach and Performance Assessment for Manufacturing Applications Design Optimization of Linear Synchronous Motors. Книга по Требованию Nattapon C.
With increasing usage and higher demands for better performance, linear motor design has become an ever important subject.
3234 руб
Nibble Huffman(NH),LZ and cascading of PDM and RDM are described along with comparison of results on cascading among PDM-NH,RDM-NH, PDM-LZ and RDM-LZ.
2632 руб
Efficient Algorithms for Self-organizing Wireless Sensor Networks. A Novel Budget-Based Clustering Approach Книга по Требованию Rajesh K.
This book presents a novel approach for message-efficient clustering, in which nodes allocate local ‘‘growth budgets' ' to neighbors. Algorithms that make use of this approach are presented, along with an analysis of the message complexity of these algorithms.
1894 руб
Bob Marley 'Babylon By Bus' [2 CD] { } ~94.01.06 095 UniversalMusic
199 руб
Integrated Approach to Business Studies 4th ed Addison Wesley Jewell B.
2478 руб
Communication for Business: Practical Approach Pearson Education (Longman) Taylor
The fourth edition of Communications for Business is a comprehensive textbook, workbook, and reference book rolled into one.
1555 руб
Big Red Bus 2 Activity Book Macmillan Publishers Lobo
503 руб
Big Red Bus 3 Flashcards Macmillan Publishers Lobo
1509 руб
Here Comes Super Bus 1 Activity Book Macmillan Publishers Lobo M.J.
5 руб
Here Comes Super Bus 2 Activity Book Macmillan Publishers Lobo M.J.
286 руб
Here Comes Super Bus 3 Pupil's Book Macmillan Publishers Lobo M.J.
482 руб

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