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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Implementation of the EU Directive - Common Objectives and Different Approaches in Hungary and Sweden

Формат:      Страниц 148
     мягкая обложка
Miriam M.    
Книга по Требованию    
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This publication explores the implementation of the WEEE Directive in the EU focusing on the legal framework and practical arrangements for the collection and treatment of WEEE in Sweden and Hungary. The following issues are dealt with: - describe the general status of implementation in the EU, including common traits, differences in the various national WEEE systems, problem areas and opportunities, - identify the common traits and differences in the Swedish and Hungarian implementation, - assess whether the Swedish and Hungarian WEEE systems are user-friendly and efficient, - assess whether the Swedish and Hungarian implementation attains EC environmental objectives. The main aim is to anlayse and compare common traits as well as differences of the two national systems, with the ultimate goal to draw some important conclusions, which can serve both as lessons learned and as guidance for further improvements.
Подарочная расчёска для волос "Анюта".
Стильная детская расчёска дарит радость и комфорт. Этот практичный аксессуар по достоинству оценят как маленькие модницы, так юные
372 руб
Раздел: Расчески, щетки для волос
Ручка-стилус шариковая "Самая лучшая!".
Перед Вами готовый подарок в стильной упаковке — шариковая ручка со стилусом. Она имеет прочный металлический корпус, а надпись нанесена с
415 руб
Раздел: Металлические ручки
Клей ПВА, 500 грамм.
Объем: 500 грамм. Безопасен при использовании по назначению. Оформление флакона в ассортименте, без возможности выбора!
373 руб
Раздел: Для бумаги

Эквивалентность перевода при передаче семантики языковых...
Председателем бюро является министр внутренних дел или представитель министерства. Бюро имеет общие консультативные функции по делам, касающимся полиции, но министр внутренних дел не обязан принимать его рекомендаций. В четвертом типе эквивалентности изменение числа и типа предложений в переводе может осуществляться и в противоположном направлении, т.е. в сторону уменьшения числа самостоятельных предложений: Despi e all opposi io hese sec io s have orga ized a powerful rade-u io moveme . he mass of he Civil Serva s have successfully es ablished impor a poli ical righ s for hemselves. Несмотря на все противодействие, эти слои государственных служащих организовали мощное профсоюзное движение, и большая часть государственных служащих добилась для себя значительных политических прав. Иногда изменение типа связи между структурами происходит в обоих направлениях и приводит к грамматическому и смысловому перераспределению элементов высказывания: For five years Sa di o co duc ed a heroic s ruggle i he ju gles agai s he very much be er equipped U i ed S a es mari es.

Проектирование и монтаж электроустановок жилых и общественных зданий. СП 31-110-2003 Design and erection of electrical equipment in residential and public buildings. Безопасность труда в России ДЕАН
Одобрен и рекомендован к применению в качестве нормативного документа Системы нормативных документов в строительстве постановлением Госстроя России от 26 октября 2003 г. № 194. Взамен ВСН 59-88. Издание соответствует официально опубликованному тексту правил.
5 руб
The Electrical Equipment of Collieries Книга по Требованию Duncan W.G.
1148 руб
ELECTRONIC WASTE MANAGEMENT. E- Waste terms involving silicon and greener electronics Книга по Требованию Deepak P.
Some practical photos showing the lacking in e- waste management and the idea of greener electronics is individually focused in the fifth chapter.
1894 руб
Software '1-Electronic Univers' [2 CD] { } ~93.12.25 149 ПравитЗвука
209 руб
Neubau Modul: Electronic and Analogue Patterns Die Gestalten Verlag Stefan G.
4058 руб
The Waste And Conservation Of Plant Food Книга по Требованию Harvey W. W.
Print-on-Demand - это технология печати книг по Вашему заказу на цифровом типографском оборудовании.
362 руб
Make love not waste. - a study of a waste management project and its public awareness components in the Korca region, Albania Книга по Требованию Emma K.
For example, many people ask the question how the global warming will affect us and our planet.
1981 руб
Learning Experiences in Developing Electronic Portfolios. A Case Study Книга по Требованию Shuyan W.
Students reported that they learned valuable insights from creating EPs.
2385 руб
Featuring a blend of theory and experiments (Raman spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, optical absorption and resistivity measurements), the analysis encompasses the effects of BCl3-doping and hydrogenation on the electronic structure, phonon spectra and electrical transport of amorphous and micro-crystalline silicon materials.
3215 руб
Design and Implementation of Electronic Negotiation Systems. An Illustration of A Database-Driven Approach Книга по Требованию Shikui W.
The approach and the system’s usability are tested within different contexts.
2403 руб
Managing the Gradual Transition to Electronic Patient Record (EPR). An Ethnographic Study Книга по Требованию Nina B.
The fact that the notion of the electronic record dates back to the 60’s and 70’s, illustrate how highly challenging the transformation to digital record has been.
2769 руб
ROLE OF DIPOLES IN THE EL MECHANISMS OF ACTFEL DEVICES. Characterization and modeling of the opto-electronic processes in A. C. Thin Film Electroluminescent display devices Книга по Требованию Praveen K.S.
The role of traps in the bulk phosphor layer in the light emission mechanism from ACTFEL devices is studied, characterized and modeled.
2403 руб
Control strategies for a rehabilitation robot. Combination of motorization and electrical muscle stimulation Книга по Требованию Yves S.
Which results in short training periods, but also prevents the patient' s muscles from contracting, if voluntary control is lost. In order to cope with these issues the Fondation Suisse pour les Cybertheses (FSC) in collaboration with the Laboratoire de Systemes Robotiques (LSRO) from EPFL initiated the Cyberthosis project. The main idea is the combination of motorized orthoses and closed loop muscle stimulation in order to enable an active participation of the patient. This work focuses on the control of the WalkTrainer, both of the motors and the muscle stimulation. First optimal trajectory generation is discussed. Second, a novel off line EMG based muscle model and closed loop stimulation algorithms will be presented. Third, a new rehabilitation strategy, combination of the two previous findings, will be introduced. That strategy was successfully tested on 6 paraplegic subjects. But standard training still heavily relies on manual mobilization. Caring and rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries have greatly evolved.
3215 руб
Die Optimierung von IT-Equipment durch Praktiken der Green IT. am Beispiel eines Pharmakonzerns Книга по Требованию Andreas V.
Bereits heute existiert das Thema Green IT im Portfolio namhafter IT- und Consulting Agenturen, die Nachfrage steigt stetig.
2362 руб
Adoption of EC by Logistics Service Providers. Adoption of Electronic Commerce by Logistics Service Providers in Hong Kong Книга по Требованию
Logistics has developed into an integral part of the corporate strategy of many firms, contributing to the primary activities of their value chain, and ultimately creating cost and service advantages to the firm.
3215 руб
Narratives of Conflict. The Storing of Nuclear Waste on the Skull Valley Goshute Reservation Native Americans and Nuclear Waste: Книга по Требованию
Identity narratives become the means by which conflict about the nuclear waste gets constructed and reconstructed.
2784 руб
Collaborative Concept Exchange. An Approach to Integrating Ad Hoc Electronic Product Catalogues Книга по Требованию
The interoperation of product information between them is difficult especially in semantic level.
2784 руб
Electronic Voting Systems Outside of Lectures. How to Use Electronic Voting Systems Data Outside Lectures to Support Learning and Continous Dialogue Книга по Требованию
This book also discusses what impact the instructional design of the course has on student learning and uses this discussion to illuminate the findings.
2416 руб
Electrical Breakdown of Sulfur Hexafluoride at High Pressure. Experimental Investigations of Surface Flashover and Volume Breakdown Processes, Emissions, and By-Products Книга по Требованию Russell V.
Understanding the fundamental physical mechanisms and the extent to which these processes influence discharge behavior is vital to characterizing and modeling electrical breakdown in high pressure SF6.
2416 руб
A High-precision Multi-frequency Electrical Impedance Tomograph. ACT 4: Rensselaer's 4th Generation Electrical Impedance Tomograph Книга по Требованию Ning L.
The overall system architecture is presented as well as the implementation in FPGA firmware.
2784 руб

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