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Individual, Social, and Environmental Factors associated with Heavy Drinking among Undergraduate Students College Drinking.

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Even with all the current awareness, there are still unanswered questions. This book investigates those questions by examining the factors that influence problem drinking. Problem drinking has devastating consequences including poor academic performance, unintentional injuries, drinking and driving, unprotected sex, sexual assault and even death. The analyses presented provide insight into college life and should be particularly helpful to professionals in student affairs, alcohol researchers, and therapists or anyone else who has a curiosity about college drinking. Yet, students continue to engage in risky drinking assuming they will avoid these consequences. Using the nationally representative Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Study (CAS) data of over 14,000 students at 119 colleges, 19 established risk and protective factors are examined to determine differences between freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and 5th year undergraduates and how they relate to problem drinking. Problem drinking among college students has been identified as a major public health concern and epidemiological data indicates that the issue is not subsiding.
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Alcohol Consumption and Drinking-Related Consequences. Among College Students With and Without a Disability Книга по Требованию Anna H.
Among the questions asked of students from this survey were how often they drink, how much they consumed per drinking occasion, specific behaviors/consequences in relation to their drinking, and their disability status.
2008 руб
Student Activity Workbook College English and communication. McGraw-Hill Sue C. C.
The workbook offers a variety of hands-on and critical thinking activities to reinforce and enrich each student' s learning of the text principles. The Student Activity Workbook has been updated with new assessment materials. Activities for each chapter are organized by section and are often integrated, calling on students to apply more than one skill to complete an activity.
564 руб
College writing skills. Instructor's Edition The McGraw-Hill Companies John L.
3020 руб
Helps To The Intelligent Study Of College Preparatory Latin (1888) Книга по Требованию Karl P.H.
363 руб
Everyday Drinking: The Distilled Kingsley Amis Bloomsbury Publishing Kingsley A.
This new volume brings together the best of his three out-of-print works on the subject:
425 руб
Job-related stress and sleep disorders among college presidents. Job-related stress, sleep disorders and stress reduction methods Книга по Требованию Patricia R.
In a recent gallop poll survey, 71% of respondents rated their job as their primary cause of stress.
1981 руб
Asian American Voices from College. Perspectives of Self- Identity and Community Книга по Требованию
This book challenges "Model Minority" assumptions about Asian Am students and establishes new parameters for research in educational studies. "Han" is a Korean word meaning "one, single, or same. " It describes unity of mind, but can also describe multiple feelings of frustration, sorrow, and insatiable desire.
2385 руб
The Social Integration Experiences of African American Students Attending a Predominantly White Institution African American Students in College. Книга по Требованию Victor M.
Each respondent answered questions relating to his or her demographic profile, high school and pre-college neighborhood racial make-up, perceptions of the college racial climate, social integration practices, and college academic performance.
2403 руб
Gender and Sexual Identity at College:. The Experiences of Gay Male Students at a Traditional Women's University Книга по Требованию Christopher H.
3215 руб
Audience Reception Study on Radio Environmental Program. Evaluating Message and Effectiveness The Perspective of Agricultural College Students : Книга по Требованию Solomon K.G.
The purpose of this qualitative reception study on Akababi enna Lemat Environmental Radio Program was to look into the reaction of students of Agricultural College on the messages of the program thereby determine its effectiveness.
1997 руб
An Analysis of a Large Urban College: Using the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire The Transference of Leadership Style Through the Top Management Team. Книга по Требованию Christopher R.
The setting for the research is a Large Urban College, one of the largest brick and mortar college in the United States.
2403 руб
Vietnamese-American Students at Midwestern Community College: Their experiences and the relation to heuristic knowledge A Study of Vietnamese-American Community College Students. Книга по Требованию Cynthia B.
This research may have implications for community college faculty, administrators, and staff.
2784 руб
Using Noel-Levitz CSI-B©. Predicting First Generation College Student Success: Impact of Parental Educational Attainment on Student Retention after First Year of College Книга по Требованию
First-generation college students, those students from families where neither parent attended college, comprise anywhere between a fifth to almost half of the total US college student population.
3234 руб
Psychological Testing Using the Web vs. Paper-And- Pencil. The Equivalence of Two Forms of Administration of the COPAS for College Student Assessment Книга по Требованию D. N.E.
Another unique feature of this study is its approach to testing both media forms (Web and Paper) over a variety of well-established psychological instruments, and comparing both media forms of each instrument side by side, to see if the Web versions of these psychological measures are equivalent to the traditional paper-and-pencil versions of these instruments.
2008 руб
A Vision for Their future. Urban Youth and Their Journey to College Книга по Требованию Gloria D.
To gain a more emic understanding of the process, fifteen young adults told the story of their journey.
2008 руб
'BETTOR' Education:. The Life Stories of 14 College Student Sports Gamblers Книга по Требованию Timothy W. O.
Students continued their involvement with sports gambling due to the general social acceptability of the activity and the vast majority progressed to wagering via online sites or bookmakers.
3234 руб
Workplace and Employee Alcohol Problems. The Relationship between Work Environment and Employee Problem Drinking Книга по Требованию Lisa B.
Study findings are presented along with study implications.
2416 руб
College Technology Programs. Computer applications, Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint Книга по Требованию LingLing Y.
Four-year college participants agreed that they had acquired the necessary Word,Excel,PowerPoint,and Access skills.
2416 руб
Interlibrary Loan Borrowing Practices in Israeli College Libraries. Implications for Israeli University Libraries Книга по Требованию Lynne P.
The study recommends that college libraries use the same ILL software as the universities, continue to develop their collections so that they are able to reciprocate in the ILL process, and increase cooperation by creating consortia especially for ILL to ensure standardization of prices, methods of ordering, correspondence and delivery.
2008 руб
MaryRose Barranco Morris, Ed. D. Following an exhaustive study that includes experiences by leaders at America' s top universities, this investigation recommends criteria to guide strategy development in the continuing education organization. Indeed, it presents practical information for anyone developing strategy to succeed in our digital age. Using qualitative methods, this research study suggests that universities regard continuing education organizations as vehicles for innovation and reinvention, becoming the strategic and entrepreneurial unit of the university' s business. To keep up with the knowledge-based economy and its environment of hyper-change, those engaged in strategy formation -- particularly not-for-profit higher education -- often maintain a commitment to learning lifelong.
3234 руб

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