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It Is Not Business, But Personal The Change in the Social Contract Between the Employer and Employee.

Формат:      Страниц 164
     мягкая обложка
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The research problem addressed in this book was whether there was a resulting change in the social contract and a lessoning of commitment by employers to employees during this period. This would ensure that the health and personal lives of American workers would not continue on the pathway of a downward spiral. Outsourcing continued to rise substantially, increasing by almost six fold from 2000-2004 and there had been a further loss of health benefits for many employees. The results in this book showed that compared to 1994, in 2004 more employees worked part time than full time, and uncertainty about the amount of available work hours increased dramatically, leading to a growing lack of financial security. Key recommendations in this book demonstrated the importance of creating different forms of healthcare to meet the current needs of employees, and devising different ways of structuring work that fosters stable and longer term employment for employees. Significant changes in the social contract may have a critical impact on employees, financial security and important health benefits. Over the past decade, Americans have been impacted by significant changes in the workplace.
Подушка "Comfort Line. Меринос", 50х70 см.
Подушки и одеяла с наполнителем из шерсти мериноса — источник здоровья, тепла и уюта. Уникальные свойства мериноса находят отражение в
537 руб
Раздел: Размер 50х70 см, 40х60 см
Тетрадь на резинке "Study Up", В5, 120 листов, клетка, бирюзовая.
Тетрадь общая на резинке. Формат: В5. Количество листов: 120 в клетку. Бумага: офсет. Цвет обложки: бирюзовый.
442 руб
Раздел: Прочие
Чехол-книжка универсальный для телефона, белый, 15,7x8 см.
Хотите, чтобы любимый телефон был в безопасности, но не знаете, какой чехол выбрать под Вашу модель? С универсальным чехлом-книжкой
327 руб
Раздел: Прочие, универсальные

Методологія соціально – ефективної організації фармацевтичного забезпечення...
Обоснован подход к созданию проекта кодекса, которые можно рассматривать как этический стандарт фармацевтической деятельности с определенным механизмом действия (саморегуляции), функционирование которого обеспечит эффективность положений и принципов профессиональной деятельности. Ключевые слова: фармацевтическое обеспечение населения, социальная политика, рецептурный оборот ЛС, наркомания и оборот наркотических ЛС, методология моделирования, потребление ЛС, семейная доступность, реимбурсация стоимости ЛС, концепция приоритетного развития, Этический кодекс. Ko vi ska A.A. Me hodology of social-effec ive orga iza io of he pharmaceu ical providi g of popula io . – Ma uscrip . Disser a io o gai i g of scie ific degree of doc or of pharmaceu ical scie ces o speciali y 15.00.01 – ech ology of medici es a d orga iza io of pharmaceu ical busi ess. – a io al u iversi y of pharmacy, Mi is ry of heal h, Ukrai e Kharkov, 2008. Me hodology of social-effec ive orga iza io of he pharmaceu ical providi g of popula io of Ukrai e has bee grou ded firs ly accordi g o he i er a io al orms a d s a dards by developme of co cep ual bases of priori y developme a d crea io of he proper models, ha ake i o accou a io al fea ures of he sys em of heal h pro ec io a d pharmacy.

The Social Contract Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1395 руб
Health Care Congresses. How to Find a Balance between the Social Program and the Scientific Added Value Книга по Требованию Elisabeth K.
This includes data on scheduling issues, the importance attached to social activities as well as key parameters in the decision-making process.
2784 руб
In the arbitration proceedings between the employes of Indianapolis traction and terminal company by and through their committee and Indianapolis traction ... of Indiana, acting as a voluntary board of Книга по Требованию Duncan T.
1144 руб
The social fight against syphilis and AIDS in Belgium (1880-2000) Between sin and disease. Книга по Требованию Hans N.
This book documents a remarkable and nowadays largely forgotten history of public health action against VD in Belgium from the late 19th century.
3051 руб
Giving: How Each Of Us Can Change The World Random House UK Bill C.
He writes about energy-efficient practices, about progressive companies going green, about promoting fair wages and decent working conditions around the world.
459 руб
The Social Condition Of Labor Книга по Требованию Elgin R.L.G.
5 руб
The Social Philosophy And Religion Of Comte (1893) Книга по Требованию Edward C.
Эта книга будет изготовлена в соответствии с Вашим заказом по технологии Print-on-Demand.
1142 руб
The Social Teachings Of The Prophets And Jesus Книга по Требованию Charles F.K.
1716 руб
In this book, she examined resiliency factors in at-risk college students, providing insight and strategies for college administrators and professors who have a genuine desire to attract and retain students.
3191 руб
Exploring the Social and Legal Responses to Juvenile Sexual Offending. From "Boys Will be Boys" Attitudes to "Get Tough" Policies Книга по Требованию Nathan C. L.
These harsh responses, however, have not been grounded in scientific reasoning, but instead have been inspired by the desire to uphold moral standards in society.
1997 руб
Aging in the Social-Cultural Context. A Lifespan Developmental Perspective Книга по Требованию
The focus of this book is on older adults in later stages of development.
2416 руб
The Colorblind Ideology. An Examination of the Social Attitudes of College Students Книга по Требованию
It is especially useful for anyone who has an interest in understanding how to implement effective colorblind inductions, or how to improve intergroup relations more generally.
2416 руб
Mothers ' Mental State Language and Emotional Availability. An Investigation of the Dyadic Interaction between Mothers and their Children Книга по Требованию
2008 руб
"My Mom Said She Wanted Me to Grow up Better than Her". A Multi-Sited Exploration of the Social Capital and Support of Three Pre-Adolescent, African American Girls Striving for Success Книга по Требованию Natalie N.
This study is broadly situated in social reproduction theory, but rather than studying the generational reproduction of low socio-economic standing, Dr. Nielsen concentrated on mechanisms that might aid urban youth of color in improving their standing in life--a process she calls social (non)reproduction.
3234 руб
Aaron Douglas and Hale Woodruff. The Social Responsiblity and Expanded Pedagogy of the Black Artist Книга по Требованию Sharif B.
"The Social Responsibility and Expanded Pedagogy of the Black Artist" examines the expansion of pedagogy and formal instruction of Aaron Douglas and Hale Woodruff, two African-American artists who came to prominence during the New Negro Movement, in the 1920s.
3234 руб
Towards a Politic for the Social Construction of Resilient Communities Development Discourse for Socio-Emotional Well-Being. Книга по Требованию Friedrich A.
The study finds that socio-economic development discourse often ‘backgrounds’ discussions about social support structures necessary for nurturing ‘optimal human functioning’.
3234 руб
Characteristics of Beef Cattle that determine the Price Difference between Traditional and CPH Sales. Beef Cattle Price Determinants Книга по Требованию
This study will provide useful information to beef producers on the production side of the process as well as Cattle buyers and consumers who are interested in a scientific approach concerning what they are being charged to purchase different cattle characteristics at different locations in Kentucky.
2008 руб
The Social Environmental Analysis of Qualitative Values in Suburbs. A Study of Mass-Housing Area in Ankara, Turkey Книга по Требованию H. F.A.M.
Although, suburbanization has been viewed as the solution to the cause of urban problems, the process was redefined as a problem itself.
2416 руб
This book suggests that to shift social constructions of homeless youth it is important that they are active participants in dialogue with the public, private and nonprofit sectors and that they are involved in educating all three sectors about the issues confronting them.
3234 руб
Business Valuation and Personal Taxes. A theoretical, practical and empirical analysis of the Tax-CAPM and the trade-off between accuracy and complexity Книга по Требованию Fabian S.
In contrast to the consideration of corporate taxes in business valuation no consensus on the consideration of personal taxes has been found yet.
2416 руб

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