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Enhancing Learning Capability. The Role of Social Network Structures and Processes on Organizational Learning

Формат:      Страниц 168
     мягкая обложка
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Given the importance of social relationships for acquiring and transferring information and learning how to do one? s work, the author Michael von Kutzschenbach presents insights into the role of informal structures and processes that influence organizational learning. Written for managers and executive, this book identifies potential sources of barriers to orgnizational learning and presents strategies to overcome these barriers. Drawing upon new theories about social network and organizational learning, the author presents a conceptual framework that determines organizational learning capabilities by a profile that is composed of learning orientations and facilitating factors, in conjunction with types of social network structure. The magnitude of change occurring in organizations today has led to a deep interest in the concepts of knowledge management and organizational learning. Given the changes in technology, economic relationship structure and social values organizations will be confronted with an environment of increasing complexity and dynamics. Does anyone expect the next twenty years to be less tumultuous than the last twenty years?
Рамка деревянная, мокко, 40x60 см.
Рамка поможет сохранить на долгое время сохранить памятный диплом, грамоту или фотографию. Рамка из соснового багета выглядит стильно и
313 руб
Раздел: Размер 40x60 (А2)
Механизм "Зубр", "Мастер" цилиндровый, 90 мм (цвет: хром).
Корпус цилиндрового механизма изготовлен из латуни. Симметричная форма позволяет использовать механизм в большинстве типов дверей. 5
323 руб
Раздел: Врезные
Глобус физический, 320 мм.
Глобус физический на пластиковой подставке. Диаметр: 320 мм.
975 руб
Раздел: Глобусы

Анестезия на основе пропофола в значительно меньшей степени усиливает прооксидантные процессы и снижает антиоксидантный потенциал. Минимальное смещение окислительно-антиоксидантного гомеостаза в эксперименте, как при хирургической травме, так и без неё выявлено при анестезии пропофолом. В клинике на всех этапах хирургической травмы пропофол в меньшей степени вызывает нарастание продуктов ПОЛ, снижение антиоксидантного потенциала организма, что позволяет рассматривать его как протекторный вид анестетика. Результаты исследований стали патогенетическим обоснованием необходимости коррекции выявленных нарушений окислительно-антиоксидантного гомеостаза. Введение рекомбинантной СОД в эксперименте приводит к повышению активности СОД, как при анестезии эфиром, тиопенталом натрия, кетамином, пропофолом, так и при сочетании этих видов обезболивания с лапаротомией. Ключевые слова: хирургическая травма, обезболивание, свободнорадикальные процессы. Summary Germa K.B. Free radical processes i pa hoge esis of failures caused by surgical rauma u der differe ki ds of a aes he iza io . – A ma uscrip . Disser a io for he ca dida e of medical scie ce degree i speciali y 14.03.04 – pa hologic physiology. – Kharkiv a io al Medical U iversi y. – Kharkiv, 2008. he role of free radical processes i pa hoge esis of failures caused by surgical rauma u der differe ki ds of a aes he iza io has bee s udied. he s udy allows o es ablish ha a aes hesiological aid by differe ki ds of a aes he ics such as hiope al a rium, ke ami , propofol is followed by free radical progress which is charac erized by i e sifyi g of oxida phe ome a, i crease of co ce ra io of lipid peroxide oxida io produc s as well as reduce of a ioxida ive po e ial.

The Influence of Labour Market Institutions on Learning Capability and Competence Building Costa Rica as a Learning Economy. Книга по Требованию Keynor R.
Specifically, the focus is on both formal institutions dealing with labour rights and labour institutions supporting the production system.
2626 руб
Continuous Improvement to the Construction Industry. Enhancing Quality through Learning Книга по Требованию Raymond A.T.
As such, a thorough comprehension and exploitation of the mechanism of ‘Learning’ and ‘Quality’ will remain pivotal to this evolving global industry that is, thankfully, inclining towards the principles of CI, which could only be effectuated via a functional equilibrium between acquired theoretical knowledge and the actual established industrial practices.
3191 руб
Technology-Enhanced Chinese Learning:. Learning Approaches, Attitudes and Language Proficiency Книга по Требованию Rong Y.
2008 руб
Gray - Underserved Populations in Science Education. Enhancement Through Learning Community Participation Книга по Требованию Jennifer G.
Enhancement Through Learning Community Participation A positive relationship between college anatomy students' achievement and academic language proficiency in the context of a learning community was studied. For many students the barrier to learning science is language. It was determined that a relationship exists between low academic language proficiency and lack of success among students, in particular failure among at-risk minority and language- minority students. The study involved students of Anatomy classes at a community college in Central California having a high percentage of culturally and linguistically diverse students. Students from each semester participated in the academic language proficiency and science achievement studies. A number of students enrolled in a Learning Community (LC) that included instruction in academic language in the context of the anatomy course content. Other students also participated in Peer-led Support (PLS) sessions. Several participated in a textbook use study and in a Cooperative-Learning (CL) study. Underserved Populations in Science Education:
3025 руб
A CAPABILITY ENHANCEMENT INITIATIVE IN NAIROBI. A Mathare Slum Youth Approach! Книга по Требованию Jamin M.
It is noted that youth form the largest portion of urban population.
1894 руб
Уникальный подход к развитию людей и организаций - 240 с. Action Learning: М: ГроссМедиа Ферлаг Шаш Н.Н.
260 руб
Learning the Language through Movies Hollywood English: Антология Берестова Е.В.
98 руб
Games for Language Learning Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers Cambridge University Press Wright
The structure of the book has also been revised so that the games are now grouped in a more teacher-friendly format where teachers can search based on language and skill criteria rather than just game type.
1849 руб
A Guide for Online Teaching and Learning Exploring the Digital Library: John Wiley & Sons (Wiley) Johnson K.
1514 руб
Learning To Listen 2 Teacher's Book Macmillan Publishers
1112 руб
Improving Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Open University Press D'Andrea V.
2301 руб
Keys to Learning Teacher’s Edition Pearson
831 руб
Teaching & Researching Autonomy in Language Learning Pearson
3428 руб
Personalizing Language Learning Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers Cambridge University Press Griff G.
3693 руб
Britannica Learning Library: Familiar Animals Encyclopaedia Britannica
633 руб
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning Russian (+ Audio CD) Penguin Group Christopher F.
770 руб
Learning To Kill Daedalus Books Mcbain E.
Hunter - already well known as the author of "The Blackboard Jungle" and other books before he adopted the name McBain for his police procedurals - provides new introductions for these stories of kids in trouble and women in jeopardy, private eyes and innocent bystanders, and cops and robbers, explaining how they helped launch his career as McBain.
185 руб
Early Learning: 123 Ladybird Minis Ladybird
205 руб
The Fundamental Principles Of Learning And Study (1920) Книга по Требованию Austin S.E.
1098 руб
Collins Easy Learning English Spelling HarperCollins Publishers Ian B.
Using simple explanations, backed up with examples to demonstrate each point, Collins Easy English Spelling describes the patterns and rules you need to understand and predict how words are spelt in English.
328 руб

Молочный гриб можно использовать для похудения, восстановления микрофлоры, очищения организмаМолочный гриб можно использовать для похудения, восстановления микрофлоры, очищения организма

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