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Collaborative Programming on the Internet: Environments

Формат:      Страниц 280
     мягкая обложка
Книга по Требованию    
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Compared with other team software methodologies that only address needs in some phases or situations, collaborative programming is more adaptive to the variety of different phases or situations in a team software development process. Software systems are getting larger and more complex, while the requirements are becoming vaguer and more rapidly changing. These trends make current software development more and more likely a teamwork. This book presents some novel techniques to address the special requirements for collaborative programming, and several Internet-based collaborative programming environments to demonstrate these techniques. To integrate multiple developers into a coherent structured management process and make team software development a positive-sum game for both higher productivity and better quality, an emerging methodology is collaborative programming, which allows a group of programmers to work together on the same source code for design, implementation of individual components, and integration of individual components.
Конструктор "Веселый городок" (56 деталей).
Конструктор "Весёлый городок" относится к тематическим наборам для конструирования, так как включает в себя не только детали для
584 руб
Раздел: Деревянные конструкторы
Зеркальце карманное "Прованс", 8x7 см.
Симпатичное карманное зеркало станет Вашим незаменимым помощником и с легкостью разместится даже в небольшой женской сумочке или кармане.
354 руб
Раздел: Зеркала, расчески, заколки
Настольная игра "Квадригами".
Головоломка, которая одновременно похожа на кубик Рубика и японское оригами: соберите каждую головоломку в квадрат со стороной 4х4 клетки,
351 руб
Раздел: Головоломки

Новая программа работ по общему сейсмическому районированию выполнялась большим коллективом соисполнителей из нескольких десятков научно-исследовательских институтов Российской Академии наук и академий наук бывших союзных республик (см. список в конце статьи). Оценка сейсмической опасности и сейсмическое районирование осуществлялась не для фрагментов сейсмоактивных регионов или для отдельных республик, как было прежде, а для всей Северной Евразии, охватывающей территории России, Украины, Беларуси, Молдовы, республик Закавказья, Средней Азии и Казахстана. Вся территория Северной Евразии была разделена на несколько крупных регионов взамен многочисленным и мелким административным подразделениям, традиционно на протяжении десятилетий использовавшихся при изучении сейсмичности и сейсмическом районировании территории бывшего СССР. В 1992 г. Программа "Сейсмичность и сейсмическое районирование Северной Евразии" была скоординирована с новой Международной программой оценки глобальной сейсмической опасности (Global Seismic Hazard Assessme Program - GSHAP) и вошла в нее составной частью.

The Law of Defamation and the Internet Oxford University Press Collins M.
- An eagerly awaited new edition of a work widely acclaimed for its helpful insights and systematic approach to a fast-moving area of the law - Conveys complex legal concepts in an accessible and readily comprehensible way, including analysis of relevant principles of jurisdiction and choice of law - Authorities are drawn from a very wide research base, focusing particularly on the UK, the US, Europe, and Australia - Practical examples assist in understanding how to apply the law - Intuitive and logical structure, extensive index and use of cross-referencing enable readers to find information quickly and accurately New to this edition - The text is updated to take account of new developments in the field, including the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002 and the Brussels Regulation on jurisdiction and the enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters - Includes coverage of significant cases such as Loutchansky v Times Newspapers Ltd (English Court of Appeal), Harrods v Dow Jones & Co Inc (English High Court) and Dow Jones & Co Inc v Gutnick (Australian High Court) - The treatment of international comparative material is rebalanced: coverage for US law is increased, and European law is more fully integrated throughout the text The Internet has revolutionized the way in which we communicate.
12186 руб
The Story of the Internet Pearson
94 руб
The Internet Case Study Book Taschen Wiedemann J.
5 руб
Technology Policy in the United States, the European Union and Japan Envisioning the Internet. Книга по Требованию
It involves multiple participants with diverse backgrounds and interests.
3191 руб
Role of Attitudes and Perceptions in Diffusion of Innovations. Implementation of the Internet and Email in South Africa Книга по Требованию Feiziya P.
The book includes recommendations for improving organizational diffusion of Internet and e- mail.
2403 руб
Telecommunications Policies and the Internet in Ghana. Telecommunications Policies and the Internet in Ghana Книга по Требованию Kwasi B.
This book is a political economy analysis of the policy and regulatory environment of Internet deployment in Ghana.
3234 руб
Saudi Women and the Internet. Cultural and Gender Issues Книга по Требованию Maryam O.
It also influenced reasons for e-mail use and non-use, and the people with whom they communicated using email.
3234 руб
Internet Economy - What is in it for Developing Countries?. Contribution of the Internet Economy to National Economies - A Sri Lankan Case Study Книга по Требованию Mohamed F.
The Internet Economy has a natural structure or hierarchy that can be directly traced to how businesses generate revenues.
2008 руб
Adolescents' Perceptions of Deviance While Using the Internet. A Research Study That Explores the Activities of Adolescents When They are Online Книга по Требованию Annie J. D.
This is not uncommon, since most long-term computer users do not realize that their activities online can be deviant.
2416 руб
Fact or Fiction: Are U.S.-based SMEs Advanced in Use of the Internet?. U.S.-based SMEs Have Not Progessed beyond Using Promotional Web Sites to that of Full Internet Integration Книга по Требованию Lydia M.
Countries the world over are interested in the successful adoption of the Internet by SMEs since a vast majority of their employment comes from that sector.
3234 руб
Bomb-making instructions on the Internet Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation reported 1,699 criminal bombings in 1989, but the number had risen to 3,163 five years later.
1191 руб
Use of the Internet to Improve Student Performance. Technology Plan, School Leadership, Professional Development and Policy Implementation Digital-Learning: Книга по Требованию Rebecca H.
For over two decades, computer technology have been rapidly expanding phenomenon and it has become an integral part of everyday lives.
1894 руб
We Want Five!. Kuwait, the internet, and the public sphere Книга по Требованию Jon N.
The protagonists could engage each other in ways impossible offline, and their efforts affected the Kuwaiti reality, enhancing the participatory aspect of Kuwait' s democratic project. Moreover, it suggests that in Kuwait, public opinion can be formed and acted upon, independently of the state and the political elite. Yet, this study also takes care to highlight the limitations of the internet with regards to democratization. Though it argues that the internet may be an important tool, it is not sufficient in itself as a democratizing force. For the Orange Movement of 2006, the internet was a tool mediating their debate, and a place locating it. The rest – the content - is still up to each and everyone. On this basis, the author argues that during 2006, the internet constituted a public sphere for Kuwaitis, in which to convey unfiltered news, discuss, agitate, mobilize, and more. It presents a case study of the 2006 Kuwaiti reform movement “The Orange Movement”, and its use of the internet. The thesis presented in this book explores the relationship between internet communication and democratization, through the notion of the public sphere.
1894 руб
Influence of online sexual activities on real life sexual behaviour of adolescents The internet and adolescent sexuality in Lagos metropolis, Nigeria. Книга по Требованию Michael K.
Earlier works on adolescent sexuality in Nigeria have drawn attention to the roles of family socio- economic background, peer influence, prolongation of adolescence resulting from longer years of schooling, and a number of other factors in shaping adolescent sexuality.
3051 руб
Winners and Losers: Creators and Casualties of the Age of the Internet Atlantic Books Levis K.
He shows how Amazon and Google rose from nothing to enormous heights, whilst IBM, Kodak and AOL plummeted from them; how Nokia and Sky bounced from near-bankruptcy to global leadership; and charts the incredible rise and fall and rise again of Apple.
845 руб
Get off the Internet Bis Publishers Kraft M.
790 руб
Secure Messaging on the Internet Artech House Oppliger R.
It explores the conceptual and technical approaches followed by the developers of both OpenPGP and S/MIME, and gives a thorough treatment of the latest and most-effective technologies for secure messaging.
9467 руб
English for IT and the Internet Heinle/Cengage Learn
984 руб
Блокнот. Get of the Internet
74 руб
Genuine Participation in Social Change Programs. The Experiences of Benefactors and Beneficiaries in Guinea Книга по Требованию Youssouf D.
The results indicated significant differences between beneficiaries and benefactors in their overall opinions and in their profiles on the issue of beneficiaries’ participation in social change programs in Guinea.
2403 руб

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