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Педагогика среднего специального образования

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Педагогика среднего специального образования

A Study of Task-based Learning and Teaching in a Large EFL Class

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The overall results of the present study have shown the implementations of task-based learning have shown to be challenging for both the teacher and students involved; however students enjoyed working on the tasks at different levels and the difficulties that were raised were able to be adjusted over a period of time with the exception of one. Previous studies have tried to show the effectiveness of task-based learning and teaching. This study uses detailed qualitative method to explore the implementation of task-based learning and teaching in an Elementary School English learning classroom in Taiwan. This paper examined the process of task implementation by analyzing the data from intensive classroom observations, on-going interviews with the teacher, in-depth interviews with the students and their reflective journals. Suggestions were also made for the implementation of task-based learning in an Elementary School context. This study identified the issues that were not addressed in previous studies. The results suggested that Taiwanese Elementary Schools are unique contexts in which careful considerations should be taken when using the task-based learning approach.
Бумага "Снегурочка", для ксерокса, А3.
Формат - А3. 80 грамм, 97%, 500 листов.
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Эластичные мыльные пузыри "Прыгунцы", 80 мл.
Мыльные прыгунцы - самые весёлые прыгучие пузыри! Благодаря специальному составу мыльных пузырей после их выдувания они долго не лопаются,
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Раздел: Застывающие, эластичные
Лоток эмалированный, с крышкой, 0,6 л.
Лоток эмалированный с крышкой, с рисунком. Эмалированная посуда предназначена для приготовления пищи, хранения пищевых продуктов,
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Мостовой RC-генератор синусоидальных колебаний с мостом...
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A Practical Approach to Task Based Learning Intermediate - Class Cassette 1: Аудиокассета. Cutting Edge:
Each module features a real-life task to challenge and motivate students.
288 руб
Task-Based Language Teaching Cambridge University Press David N.
While Designing Tasks underpins this new title, the material has been thoroughly updated and includes four completely new chapters.
5 руб
A Practical Approach to Task Based Learning Pre Intermediate Student Cassette: Cutting Edge: Аудиокассета.
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Vocabulary Learning Through Task-Based Instruction. A New Teaching Approach--- An Experiment to EFL Learners Книга по Требованию Chiu-lan Y.
Until now, there are very few studies concerning Task-Based Instruction (TBI) which has been documented in the literature.
1997 руб
An Action-research Study of Web-based Learning and Assessment Software Enhancing Learning with Online Tools. Книга по Требованию Chris S.
An analysis of the extensive data collected by the software itself, course surveys, written responses from present and past students, and recorded interviews with instructors and students, showed that students and instructors judged OASIS to improve student skills, understanding and achievement.
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Learning Teaching Macmillan Publishers Scrivener J.
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Inverting the Classroom. A Study of the Learning Environment when an Intelligent Tutoring System Is Used to Help Students Learn Книга по Требованию Jeremy S.
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Mobile Game Based Learning. Designing A Mobile Location Based Game Книга по Требованию
Zur Veranschaulichung des theoretischen Inhaltes wurde ein mobiles Lernspiel entwickelt.
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Training Problem-based Learning Faculty Online. A Novel Approach in Faculty Development Книга по Требованию Tatum K.
This book documents the efficacy of an online PBL training module to assisting faculty in organizing PBL teaching sessions.
2008 руб
Perceptions of and Attitudes towards Adoption of Problem-Based Learning. Perceptions of Problem-Based Learning and Attitudes towards its Adoption among K-12 Teachers in Seventh-Day Adventist Schools in Florida Книга по Требованию Eileen P.
However, they do appear willing to learn about this student-centered teaching method and to implement it in their classrooms despite perceived barriers.
3234 руб
Inquiry-based learning Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Its core premises include the requirement that learning should be based around student' s questions. Pedagogy and curriculum requires students to work together to solve problems rather than receiving direct instructions on what to do from the teacher. The teacher' s job in an inquiry learning environment is therefore not to provide knowledge, but instead to help students along the process of discovering knowledge themselves.
1395 руб
Strategies of Legitimacy in A New Industry. A Case Study of E-Learning in Singapore Книга по Требованию Ming L.
A detailed analysis of their strategies reveals a range responses provoked by institutional pressures and critical incidents – these shed new light on institutionalist models of legitimation.
3051 руб
The model is updated dynamically according to student study times and/or assessment results.
2280 руб
Network-based Language Teaching: Concepts and Practice Cambridge Applied Linguistics Cambridge University Press
This text provides a critical collection of recent research in on-line communication for second language learning.
4535 руб
Incidental Focus on Form in English Language Teaching. Reactive and Preemptive Focus on Form Practices, and Uptake in EFL Classes Книга по Требованию Javad G.
This book explores various aspects of focus on form in general and incidental focus on form in particular.
3234 руб
Attitudes of Limited English Proficient Students and Their Teachers. Learning Environment in Mathematics Classes Книга по Требованию Michelle S.
Standardized mathematics test scores reported for LEP students within the United States are lower than their non-LEP peers.
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An Introduction to the Study of the Dependent, Defective and Delinquent Classes Книга по Требованию Henderson C.R.
955 руб
Globalistics and globalization studies. Theories, Research, and Teaching. 2013 Globalistics and Globalization Studies Учитель Гринин Л.Е.
This is the second issue of the new series titled Globalistics and Globalization Studies.
507 руб
Using Students’ First Language in a Computer-Based ESL Class. A Case Study in Saudi Arabia Книга по Требованию David B.
A second and more recent polarizing item is the degree to which technology is beneficial in second language learning.
1997 руб
Does System Dynamics Facilitate Learning in Resource Management?. A Study Based on a Laboratory Experiment Книга по Требованию Marta L.Z.C.
Moreover, this exploratory research attempts to describe how SD concepts, tools and techniques affect the outcomes.
2008 руб

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