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Coalition Formation: Multiple Robot Teaming. From Software Agents to Robots

Формат:      Страниц 160
     мягкая обложка
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Novel algorithms of interest to researchers are provided and demonstrated with real world robots. An important contribution of this book is to highlight the difficulties involved in transitioning coalition formation algorithms from multi-agent to multi-robot systems. Finally the book introduces a novel economy based coalition formation system based on multi-unit combinatorial auctions and makes a comparative analysis with the heuristic approach. Current tasks entail that a large set of heterogeneous robots dynamically partition themselves into coalitions and perform joint team tasks. The notion of balance in a multiple robot team is introduced and its relationship with team performance is investigated with intention of extrapolating the results to human teams. The book includes an exhaustive literature survey of multiple robot coordination and cooperation techniques present in the literature and offers a solid introduction to the field for a newbie. As the community strives towards more autonomous multi-robot systems, the complexity of actions expected from a multiple robot system has increased significantly.
Форма для выпечки хлеба, круглая, средняя.
Хлебная форма круглая изготовлена из литого алюминия. Форма предназначена для выпечки хлеба в печах и духовых шкафах, также можно
367 руб
Раздел: Формы и формочки для выпечки
Игра настольная развивающая "Весёлая ферма".
Обучающая игра пазл-липучка состоит из 8 игровых полей, заполняя которые, ребенок изучает названия домашних животных, а также их повадки.
592 руб
Раздел: Внимание, память, логика
Тонкие смываемые фломастеры "Супер чисто", 8 штук.
Малыши очень любят рисовать! Поэтому набор фломастеров обязательно понравится юным художникам. 8 цветов позволят широко развернуться в
318 руб
Раздел: 7-12 цветов
Игрушка: Робот на батарейках 'Rower-Robot': Для детей от 3 лет - - с. ISBN JL328 ~50.00.00 06858 Китай
390 руб
Robot Dreams (A) Орион Asimov I.
375 руб
I, Robot (+ Audio CD) Macmillan Readers Macmillan Publishers Isaac A.
813 руб
Parametric POMDPs. Planning in continuous spaces for mobile robot navigation Книга по Требованию Alex B.
This book is concerned with planning and acting under uncertainty in partially-observable continuous domains.
3191 руб
THE PERFORMANCE OF MULTIPLE CHANNEL SYSTEMS. A Configuration Approach Книга по Требованию Sertan K.
This book addresses this issue by adopting a configuration theoretic approach to examine the fit between multiple-channel system structure, business strategy, and environmental conditions.
2747 руб
Evolution of multiple alignments. Towards efficient data exploitation and knowledge extraction in the genomic era Книга по Требованию Julie D.T.
Genomics and proteomics technologies have led to a paradigm shift in bioinformatics, where the traditional reductionist approach is replaced by a more global, integrated view.
2747 руб
Multiple Antenna Communication Systems. Coding Performance and Capacity Analysis Книга по Требованию Majid F.
This demands new approaches to the design and analysis of wireless networks.
2747 руб
Multiple Comparisons for Mixed Models. Concepts, Theoretical Reasons, and Case Studies on Longitudinal and Repeated Measures Data Analysis Книга по Требованию George Z.X.
For the two-sample t test, even a moderate correlation to observations will result in serious bias; this problem definitely carries over to multiplicity-adjusted inferences.
3215 руб
Universalistic Models of Managerial and Leadership Effectiveness. A cumulative and multiple cross-case empirical study of effective and ineffective managerial behaviour Книга по Требованию Bob H.
2403 руб
This review presents further evidence on association of HERVs and herpesviruses with MS. A malfunction of the immune system, resulting in an autoimmune response directed against one or several components of the CNS, is thought to be the main disorder that leads to demyelination in the CNS.
1997 руб
System design for autonomous open-ended acquisition of new behaviors. Bootstrapping of robot's developement Книга по Требованию Inna M.
We discuss how the learning in one type supports the learning in other types thus creating a basis for an open-ended process.
2362 руб
Human-Robot Interaction. Multi-modal Interaction Management for a Robot Companion Книга по Требованию
This model was implemented for the robot companion BIRON within two Implementation-Evaluation-Cycles.
2416 руб
Multiple Target Detection and Tracking. Class-Associative Fringe-Adjusted Joint Transform Correlator Based Approach Книга по Требованию
Fringe-adjusted joint transform correlation combined with the proposed hetero-associative filter is used to enhance the correlation performance while ensuring equal cross-correlation peak criterion for each element of the selected class.
2416 руб
Semi-Simultaneous Flows in Multiple Networks. Theory, Algorithms, and Applications to Binary-Constrained Integer Programs Книга по Требованию Alexander E.
Over the last sixty years, the study of network flows has led to some of the most appealing and useful results in applied mathematics, including efficient algorithms for certain linear and combinatorial optimization problems.
2784 руб
A Multiple Perspective Analysis of Intelligent Artificial Systems Including Educational Technology Machine Intelligence Quotient. Книга по Требованию V. C. I.U.
Many of the problems that machine intelligence (MI) is expected to solve require extensive knowledge about the world.
3234 руб
Fabrication and Characterization of ZnO Nanowire Transistors. Vertically Aligned ZnO Nanowire Arrays, Multiple Channel Nanowire-based Transistors Книга по Требованию Chia-Ling H.
Recently, a variety of physical and chemical methods have been used to synthesize and obtain 1- dimensional semiconductor nanostructures.
2416 руб
Fast Frequency Hop Optical Code Division Multiple Access FFH-OCDMA. Introduction to Optical CDMA Techniques and focus on Two-Dimensional (2D) FFH-OCDMA Technology Книга по Требованию Habib F.
Finally, we build an OFFH-CDMA experimental setup that includes sixteen encoders and four programmable decoders and demonstrate successful encoding/decoding operation in various communications scenarios.
3234 руб
Multiple Client Processes in a Mobile Process Environment. Managing Ubiquitous Access of Mobile Devices within Multi-WAP-Environments in Hospitals Книга по Требованию Andre F.
This also implicates the advancement of the underlying design and principles of communication of wireless devices within wireless networks.
2416 руб
The Effect of HIV Sero-Status on the Bereavement Experiences of Long-Term Survivors of Multiple AIDS-Related Losses. A Research Study Examining the Experiences of AIDS Bereavement The Presence of Absence: Книга по Требованию
This research study examines one facet of the human experience of HIV/AIDS: the bereavement experiences of HIV-infected and HIV-affected loss survivors within an AIDS-impacted community in Canada.
3234 руб
No Place Called Home. Exploring The Impact of Multiple Attachment Disruptions on the Self-Construction of Female Youth in Foster Care Книга по Требованию Darlene M.
The result is frequent disruptions in attachment and accumulative losses.
3234 руб

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