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On the Adhesion between Fine Particles and Nanocontacts. An Atomic Force Microscope Study

Формат:      Страниц 128
     мягкая обложка
Mahdi F.T.    
Книга по Требованию    
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On homogeneous, smooth surfaces, the distribution of adhesion forces measured with nanocontacts can be as narrow as 1. 1%. Adhesion force versus humidity curves measured between hydrophilic surfaces can be interpreted by assuming capillary condensation of water into the contact region, which causes a meniscus force. The often observed changes in these dependencies when repeating experiments are interpreted as changes in tip geometry in the 1-10 nm length scale caused by tip wear. No intrinsic statistical process is required to explain it. The slower fluctuations are probably caused by plastic deformation and structural changes in the material at the nanocontact. As a possible simple model, we introduce the two-sphere model with surface roughness. Random noise is due to thermal vibrations and noise in the detection system. All types of dependencies observed can be explained by appropriate and realistic tip shapes. For adhesion forces measured between identical contacts, two kinds of variations were observed: a fast, random noise and slower fluctuations.
Настольная игра "Имаджинариум".
Каждый игрок выбирает себе слона и набор карточек для голосования того же цвета, что и слон. Карточек для голосования семь. Вам пригодится
1750 руб
Раздел: Карточные игры
Картриджи чернильные "Cartridge Quink", синие, 5 штук.
Картриджи подходят для всех перьевых ручек Parker. Картриджи с чернилами позволяют легко и просто заправить перьевую ручку, при этом не
309 руб
Раздел: Чернила, тушь, штемпель
Дополнительный набор "Что мне надеть".
Игра представляет собой традиционную и любимую многими поколениями девочек игру, позволяющую менять наряды на нарисованной кукле,
323 руб
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Адгезивные системы
Немаловажным фактором при применении композитов является толщина слоя дентинного адгезива – толщина образовавшегося слоя. Состав и методика применения некоторых дентиновых адгезивов: Дентиновый адгезив (фирма) Состав Применение A.R. . Bo d 1,6% малеиновая кислота Соотношение 1:1, (Col e e) 99% НЕМА аппликация в Primer A 0,3% течение 60-90 сек и Primer B полиметакрилолиго-малеинов высушивание в ая кислота течение 20 сек 1% окись алюминия 1.слой 20 сек и 49% EGDMA выдувание 44% Bis-GMA 2.слой: Bo d 7% полимеризация 20 полиметакрилолиго-малеинов сек. ая кислота De hesive (Kulzer) 5% ED A 40 сек Clea er метакрилойлооксиэтил-фосфа пропитывается, De hesive A т промывается и моно-метакрилойлокси-этилл высушивается, De hesive B -эфир малеиновой кислоты соотношение 1:1, 10 Adhesive Bo d 41% двуокись кремния сек впитывается, 15 31% UEDMA сек раздувается и 27% EGDMA полимеризуется 20 сек Gluma (Bayer De al) 0,5% M ED A 30 сек втирается, 35% НЕМА промывается, Clea ser 5% глутаральдегид дериваты высушивается Primer диметакрилата 10 сек пропитывается, Sealer раздувать и 20 сек пол.

The Line Between: Stories (на англ.яз.) Tachyon Publications Бигл П.
498 руб
The Gates Between Книга по Требованию Elizabeth S.P.
5 руб
The Distance Between Us Headline Publishing Maggie O.
375 руб
The Children of Holden. The connection between Erickson's Identity Crisis, Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye," and Teen Angst in Young Adult Fiction Книга по Требованию Nathan S.
J. D. Salinger' s novel "The Catcher in the Rye" introduced American literature to a new kind of protagonist - the angst ridden teenager stuck in the mire of adolescence. Holden Caulfield was frustrated, cynical, and weary of a society that was full of disappointment. His struggles with school, the opposite sex, and the loss of his brother Allie helped him to become the voice of a generation of teenagers. Out of Holden' s skepticism over his future - "I think I am, but how do I know? " - a new literary genre was created contending with the tumultuousness of adolescence itself.
1981 руб
Unveiling the Truth of Hip Hop. The Connection Between African American Literature and Hip Hop Culture Книга по Требованию Tristin S.
It speaks out against the social conditions that today’s urban youth experience by capturing and explaining their struggles caused by the aftermath of slavery.
1997 руб
Results also demonstrate how the performance measures choice explains the portion of the CEO incentive compensation that is not explained by the firm' s current observable financial performance measures. Overall, the findings should help boards of directors improve the design of performance measurement and incentive systems for better management monitoring. This study examines the drivers of the board of director' s choice of performance measures in the CEO incentive compensation plan.
2403 руб
The relationship between organisational trust and whistleblowing. A South African case study Книга по Требованию Elli B.
Understanding the relationship between the two phenomena may be of benefit for organisations as it provides greater insight into organisational dynamics around wrongdoing.
2403 руб
Cooking Their Culture. The Relationship Between Cookbooks and the Societal Roles of the Women Who Owned Them in the 1940s and 1950s Книга по Требованию Nora C.
From this survey, two books from each era that best represented these common characteristics have been examined as a close reading of each text not as literature, but as an artifact of material culture.
1997 руб
Phase Equilibria in Ni-P-Sn and Binary Subsystems. Understanding the Reactions between Sn-based Solders and ENIG Surfaces Книга по Требованию Clemens S.
In the light of these new results a number of ambiguities in the existing solder-related literature are addressed.
3215 руб
The Comparison between Seismic Evaluation Methods in Taiwan Книга по Требованию
The NCREE preliminary evaluation method, developed by NCREE, is based on the ratio of the lateral load capacity and demand of the constructions considering the important factors.
2416 руб
The Relationship between Chinese Mothers-in-law and Daughters-in law. Inside stories Книга по Требованию
The Chinese mother-in-law is generally depicted as a jealous and power hungry woman who gangs up with her son to bully her daughter-in-law in order to secure her place in the family.
2784 руб
The cultural dynamics of counselling international students. Exploring the relationship between individualism and collectivism and attitudes towards counselling Книга по Требованию Paul S.
This was particularly true for the Chinese.
3234 руб
Deployment of low-level sensor/actor for security analysis. Man in the middle attack on the communication between the USB mouse and a client Книга по Требованию Hassan M.
This will yield conclusions for security vulnerability of the USB- Interface, furthermore case scenarios will be discussed, amongst other hardware interfaces like PCI, PCI express and the IEEE 1394.
2416 руб
Socialist Realism in Vietnamese Literature. An Analysis of the Relationship Between Literature and Politics Книга по Требованию Tuan N.N.
It was consolidated during the wars against the French and the Americans but was strongly challenged in peacetime - after the 1954 Geneva Agreements and after the 1975 victory by the two best known dissident movements: the Nhan Van - Giai Pham affair and the perestroika-styled Doi Moi campaign.
3234 руб
Individual Accountability. The Interplay Between Task, Social Context and Personality Attributes Книга по Требованию Nonna T.
This book discusses the components of accountability: those related to task characteristics (responsibility and clarity), social context (evaluators and feedback) and personality attributes.
3234 руб
The need for this study is significant since one of the greatest challenges identified by world language teachers is addressing student diversity, in particular, is meeting the needs of heritage language learners.
2008 руб
Workplace and Employee Alcohol Problems. The Relationship between Work Environment and Employee Problem Drinking Книга по Требованию Lisa B.
Study findings are presented along with study implications.
2416 руб
Affectivity, Job Performance and Job Satisfaction Relationship. Does Job Satisfaction Mediates the Relationship between Dispositional Affectivity and Job Performance? Книга по Требованию Bahar O.
In Phase I, the scale development phase, a teaching assistant evaluation form (AEF) was developed by collecting job analytic information from teaching assistants (TAs) and critical incidents from faculty members.
2008 руб
A THEORY ON THE TRUTH CONNECTION. An Agent Dependant and Intersubjective Approach to the Connection between Justification and Truth Книга по Требованию Murat A.
This was mainly because of the cases in which no conceptual connection between justification and truth occurs.
2008 руб
Factors of Occupational Stress. An Analysis of the Relationship Between Gender, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, and Occupational Stress Levels Книга по Требованию Jeremy H.
Participants included employees from three organizations: an orthopedic clinic, social service office, and organ and tissue donation company.
2008 руб

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