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A wearable system for lower limb movement analysis. A sensing system realized with conductive elastomer sensors to monitor kinematic variables of lower limbs

Формат:      Страниц 132
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Mario T.    
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Finally, a preliminary pilot study was performed in order to discriminate between healthy subjects with normal walking and pathologic subjects having undergone post-surgery therapy. To do this, we realized a particular prototype devoted to monitoring the internal-external angle of the knee. This present work describes the performance evaluation of a wearable system realized on a textile substrate able to monitor lower limb movements. Since the rotation angle is small and its measurement is influenced by soft tissue artifact, we developed a new device that was designed to calibrate the sensing garment and to apply stresses that simulate those applied by clinicians during injury assessment. More precisely, the research focuses on the design and realization of a wearable system for analyzing the knee joint and on the possibility of using a sensing garment in clinical and sport applications. A part of this work is dedicated to the analysis of the excessive rotational laxity of the knee joint. Firstly, a static and dynamic characterization of CE sensor is described.
Фломастеры воздушные. Cool Colours, 10 цветов.
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Шкатулка музыкальная "Сидящая балерина".
Музыкальная шкатулка для украшений с классической музыкой. Когда шкатулка открыта - звучит музыка и фигурка кружится. Необычное зеркальце,
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Свеча чайная в гильзе "Европейская" белая (100 штук).
Свечи в гильзе применяются для украшения интерьеров и поддержания блюд в подогретом состоянии в барах, ресторанах, домах и
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Обґрунтування нового хірургічного методу гемостазу
I has bee es ablished, ha vessel weldi g i surgical rea me of varicose desease allows he reduc io of opera io dura io o 23–35% a d avoidi g he use of foreig body. Applica io of developed a d cli ically i roduced weldi g way of vei occlusio more proximally he apex of hrombus is a reliable me hod for prophylaxis of pulmo ary hromboembolism. I allows o avoid complica io s caused by impla a io of cava-fil er a d does o worse hemody amic co di io s of blood ou flow from he lower ex remi y. I was proved, ha use of me hod of vessel weldi g i performi g accesses o mai vessels a d carryi g ou limb ampu a io provides a reliable a d fas hemos asis, ha causes depressio of wou d complica io s freque cy, decreases blood loss level o 50–55%, reduces opera io ime o 30–35%. Key words: hemos asis, elec rosurgery, elec rocoagula io , elec ric weldi g of vessels.

Power system protection using TF-analysis and pattern recognition. Power system protection Книга по Требованию Subhransu R.S.
Intelligent techniques such as Support Vector Machine (SVM) are embedded to the proposed protection schemes for automatic recognition of the fault patterns for transmission line including FACTS.
2769 руб
Mechanical System Identification. Experimental Sensitivity Analysis Книга по Требованию Chulho Y.
These functions are solely a function of experimental frequency response function data and determine the linear forced response sensitivity to physical perturbations in the system mechanical properties.
2784 руб
Using Laser Doppler Fluximetry and Laser Doppler Imaging to study the Microvasculature and its Mechanisms Cutaneous Microcirculation and Lower-Limb Venous Disease. Книга по Требованию Markos K.
The techniques have been used, amongst others, to study the effects of posture and varicose veins surgery in microvascular perfusion and reactivity in patients at risk of venous ulceration, while also, a new measure of microvascular reactivity has been developed (Tmax), introducing the use of a time element in conjunction with standard LDF and iontophoresis methods.
2626 руб
B.D.Chaurasia's Human Anatomy. Regional and Applied. Dissection and Clinical. Lower Limb Abdomen and Pelvis. Volume 2 CBS PUBLISHERS & DISTRIBUTORS
3122 руб
Messages of the men and religion foreward movement ... including the revised reports of the commissions presented at the Congress of the men and religion ... addresses delivered at the Congress Книга по Требованию movement r.f.
1145 руб
Design and Analysis of Wireless CDMA Systems. Using Theory of Random Matrices Книга по Требованию Linbo L.
In addition, as this book explores the exciting cross discipline of random matrices and wireless communication, it will also be useful for mathematicians wishing to see how advanced mathematics shape today’s engineering practice.
2747 руб
Declared Guilty, A Never Ending Story. An analysis of the impact of the criminal justice system upon the self Книга по Требованию Brian S.
Declared Guilty: A Never Ending Story is an analysis of the impact of the criminal justice system upon the self.
2747 руб
A Dynamic Decisional Approach for the Reliability Analysis. Methodology and Application to the Steam System in a Thermal Power Plant Книга по Требованию Umberto F.
Most critical factors have been revealed and appropriate improvements are proposed.
2403 руб
Underactuated Mechanical Nonminimum-Phase Systems. Analysis and Control Книга по Требованию Philippe M.
Two-link underactuated mechanical systems without friction are shown to be nonminimum phase for those outputs that i) correspond to an arbitrary combination of the coordinates, and ii) are small-time locally controllable. On the control side, the forces present in these systems are separated into two categories, namely the actuator forces (direct effect of the input), and the state-dependent forces (integral effect of the input) such as gravity, Coriolis, centrifugal and possibly aerodynamic forces. The first scheme neglects the direct influence of the input, leading to a minimum-phase, flat approximation. The second strategy does not neglect the nonminimum-phase part but rather transforms it into a delay. These schemes are illustrated on a two-degree-of-freedom helicopter termed the Toycopter. In this system, the aerodynamic force is manipulated by changing the propeller rotation speed while maintaining the angle of attack constant. This thesis establishes the formal link between nonminimum phase and underactuation and proposes suitable control techniques. Underactuated mechanical systems have fewer independent actuators than the number of degrees of freedom.
1997 руб
Does China need a game rating system?. A content analysis of violence in popular Chinese and American electronic games Книга по Требованию Wei M.
The findings suggest that a rating system is needed to assess Chinese games and protect the players from the risk of violence.
1997 руб
Analysis and Evaluation The Fifteenth-Century Novgorod-Moscow Movement. The Issue of Antitrinitarianism: Книга по Требованию Oleg Z.
It demonstrates that the struggle surrounding this movement was motivated not only theologically, but also politically and culturally.
3215 руб
Business Models for Traffic Management System. Business model analysis for traffic system based on mobile communication networks Книга по Требованию
The increasing traffic safety and the cost reduction of the traffic management by exploiting available technologies are the two main motivations for this new system.
2008 руб
Cancer Risk Assessment of Trihalomethanes in Drinking Water. Consilience Cancer Risk Assessment to System Dynamic Analysis in Policy Evaluation Perspective Книга по Требованию
Evaluating the most applicable and optimum quantification level of health risk is the main purpose of this paper.
2416 руб
System Analysis Carried out in a Multipurpose Building The Performance of a Regenerative Heating and Cooling System. Книга по Требованию Achim H.
For solar cooling, the building is equipped with solar collectors and two desiccant evaporative cooling (DEC) plants.
2416 руб
Framework for Call Admission Control Analysis in Multi-Rate DS-CDMA. An Analytical Framework for Approximating the Downlink Transmit Power in Multi-Rate DS-CDMA Systems Книга по Требованию Ashraf S. H.M.
This book presents three models for approximating the transmit power probability distribution: the lognormal random variable approximation, the min-max lognormal random variable approximation, and the least-squares cubic fitting.
2008 руб
A Discursive Analysis of Bergama Struggle in Turkey National Dissemination of a Local Movement. Книга по Требованию Hayriye O.
The recent decades have witnessed the emergence of local struggles against corporate globalization.
3234 руб
An innovative HVAC system exploiting vortex tubes. An environmentally friendly solution to lower air pollution Книга по Требованию Emanuele P.
After a brief introduction on environmental problems and possible solutions, a detailed description of how vortex tubes work is outlined, referring to the literature available.
3234 руб
Systems analysis of the cardiac hypoxia response in Drosophila. Integrating genome-wide data and computational models to explore hypoxia tolerance and metabolism Книга по Требованию Jacob F.
The dissertation offers clues to hypoxia tolerance in flies, generating hypotheses for further research, and also provides a technology platform for a systematic perturbation analysis.
3234 руб
Systems Analysis and Emancipatory Practice. A study in the UK National Health Service Книга по Требованию Teresa W.
Utopian visions of autonomy, creativity and democracy may be much removed from the realities of everyday life for participants in an IS implementation but this does not mean that certain principles cannot be adopted to facilitate emancipation at a ' micro' . level. The book is a result of research which has explored how the systems analyst can develop emancipatory practice within the context of integrated information systems implementation.
3234 руб
Environmental Systems Analysis and Management. Material Flow Analysis and Integration of Watersheds and Drainage Systems Книга по Требованию Amro E.B.
In particular, this book has focused on developing a mathematical framework and application for the management of nitrogenous species (primarily ammonium ions) in Bahr El-Baqar drain systems and its outfall leading to Lake Manzala. . Indeed, the environmental and biological aspects of water systems and their surrounding systems are highly impacted by nitrogen compounds.
3234 руб

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