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The Politics of Built Form. How divergent planning methods transformed Shanghai’s urban identity Foreword by Stanford Anderson Shanghai Contemporary:

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This book is an attempt to understand the phenomenon of urban transformation in Shanghai, one of the world’s fastest growing cities Having once been a lucrative treaty port, Shanghai has re-embarked on a quest to become a global economic powerhouse through the combination of an assimilated industrialized cityscape and the startling industriousness of Chinese pragmatism from 1980 onwards. Driven by the momentum of an increasingly open market-oriented economy within the politics of a state-controlled socialist entity, Shanghai's built form and urban environment have been conceived as a cultural construction of the conspicuous consumption of the global financial market. Central to the aim of this book are the questions on how the global market was utilized, what internal and external forces were at play, and the importance given to the perception of values. This book outlines the city's pragmatic developments dominated largely by its politics. "The book offers a well-thought-out perspective in understanding the amazing transformation of Shanghai -- an excellent foundation for exploring contemporary city-building issues." Dr Reinhard Goethert, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Тачка "Садовод".
Играя с тачкой «Садовод» ваш малыш сможет почувствовать себя более самостоятельным и взрослым, помогая своим родителям на даче или в
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Раздел: Садовый инвентарь
Органайзер для автомобиля "Профессионал+".
Органайзер для автомобиля станет оригинальным и недорогим подарком для любого автомобилиста. Выполненный из плотного материала, приятного
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Раздел: Прочее
Фоторамка на 6 фотографий С32-011 "Alparaisa", 50x34,3 см (бронза).
Размеры рамки: 50х34,5х2 см. Размеры фото: - 15х10 см, 3 штуки, - 10х15 см, 3 штуки. Фоторамка-коллаж для 6-ти фотографий. Материал:
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Quality of life and management of living resources
GUIDE FOR PROPOSERS PAR 12 d EDI IO , DEC 1999 A PG1 E 200001.docForeword he Guide for Proposers is par of he i forma io ecessary o make a proposal for a programme u der he Fif h Framework Programme. I will help you o loca e he programme which is of i eres o you a d will provide he ecessary guida ce o how o submi a proposal a d he forms for proposal submissio . I is divided i o wo mai par s a d four sec io s. PAR 1 Sec io I describes he overall priori ies, goals a d s ruc ures of he Fif h Framework Programme. Sec io II describes he priori ies a d objec ives of he Specific Programme o Quali y of Life a d Ma ageme of Livi g Resources. Sec io III ou li es he mai rules which defi e who may par icipa e i he Fif h Framework Programme, a d he ge eral co di io s for his par icipa io . PAR 2 Sec io IV provides de ailed i forma io for each CALL FOR PROPOSALS for he programme Quali y of Life a d Ma ageme of Livi g Resources, as well as proposal submissio forms. he addi io al docume s you will eed o prepare a proposal are : he Work Programme for he Specific Programme you are applyi g for. he Work Programme provides he descrip io of he co e of he ‘ac io li es’ or ‘research objec ives’, which are ope for proposals, a d a i dica ive ime able for programme impleme a io (“roadmap”). he Call for Proposals as published i he Official Jour al of he Europea Commu i ies. his will ell you which ac io li es are ope for proposals a d wha he deadli e for he proposal submissio is. he Evalua io Ma ual (as well as programme specific guideli es ha may be i cluded i Par 2 of his Guide). hese docume s will provide de ails of which cri eria will be used i he evalua io of proposals, which weigh is a ribu ed o each of he cri eria a d where appropria e he hreshold o be a ai ed i order o be re ai ed.

Contemporary russian artists: Альбом (на англ.яз.) - 256 с. ISBN 5-93221-006-0 ~92.07.23 731 Россия: ScanRus
435 руб
LONGMAN Dictionary of Contemporary English (+ 2 CD) (+ CD-ROM) Pearson
1804 руб
Contemporary Chinese. In 2 Volumes. Volume 2 Character Book. Sinolingua
895 руб
Contemporary Chinese. In 4 Volumes. Volume 1 Exercise Book. Sinolingua
400 руб
Contemporary Chinese 3. Textbook. In 4 volums. Volume 3 нет серии ISBN 978-7-80052-918-4 Sinolingua
1010 руб
Contemporary Chinese 2. Textbook. In 4 volums. Volume 2 нет серии ISBN 978-7-80052-902-3 Sinolingua
1230 руб
Contemporary Prefab Houses Daab
The projects are presented in alphabetical order of the respective architects and designers.
2380 руб
Cool Restaurants Shanghai Cool Restaurants teNeues Ciliang C.
Книга на английском, немецком, французском, испанском и итальянском языках. Подарочное издание. В книгу включены 30 самых известных ресторанов Шанхая и рецепты шанхайских шеф-поваров.
5 руб
Contemporary Youth Culture Greenwood Press Steinberg S.
10142 руб
Contemporary Home Merrell Publishing Von E.
548 руб
Contemporary Topics 2 Student’s Book Pearson
575 руб
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Flexicover (+ CD-ROM) Pearson
1722 руб
Dream Windows: Historical Perspectives, Classic Designs, Contemporary Creations ACC Distribution Kathleen S. S.
767 руб
Simply Contemporary Thames&Hudson Solvi d.S.
This book – the perfect antidote to jaded style palates – shows us how easy, and how rewarding, it is to be Simply Contemporary.
1545 руб
Contemporary Celtic Motifs (+ CD-ROM) Anova Books Alex S.
There are over 40 large-scale designs made up from a range of smaller composite motifs (most provided separately).
859 руб
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (New Edition) (+ CD-ROM) Pearson
The updated edition now has 4000 new words in the paper edition and a fully updated CD-ROM with a range of new features to help you improve your English, including the Longman Writing Assistant to provide help producing written English.
717 руб
Contemporary Illustration The Picture Book: Thames & Hudson Angus H.
1134 руб
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (+ DVD) Pearson
The Longman Dictionary of Contempory English (new edition) the most comprehensive dictionary and DVD-ROM ever. Includes: • 230,000 words, phrases and meanings – more than any other advanced learner’s dictionary • 165,000 examples based on real, natural English from the Longman Corpus Network + an additional 1 million corpus examples on the DVD-ROM. • Clear definitions written using only 2,000 common words. • Over 18,000 synonyms, antonyms and related words + an additional 30,000 on the DVD-ROM. • Over 65,000 collocations + an additional 82,000 on the DVD-ROM. • The top 3,000 most frequent words in spoken and written English are highlighted to show which are the most important to know. • NEW Integrated Collocations Dictionary.
2425 руб
Contemporary Graphic Design Taschen
This compendium showcases the extraordinary cutting-edge work of 100 of the world' s most progressive graphic designers, from the hard-hitting political messages of Jonathan Barnbrook to the lyrical digital compositions of Peter Saville to the iconoclastic imagery of Stefan Sagmeister. Alongside the array of visually stunning and thought-provoking advertisements, CD covers, posters, packaging, websites, and corporate identities are texts by each designer expressing his or her individual approach to graphic design practice as well as personal insights into the motivations that lie behind the work. An accompanying introductory essay highlights the current issues surrounding graphic design practice, from the ascendancy of digital tools to the amorality of consumerism. By presenting a provocative survey of the latest, most experimental and forward-looking graphic design from around the globe, this exciting book provides a unique and totally unforgettable snapshot of where the discipline stands today and hopefully offers directions for its future. Packing a powerful visual punch. Contemporary avant-garde graphic design.
5 руб
Contemporary Exhibit Design. No. 2 HarperCollins Publishers Pegler M.M.
Consequently, commercial and trade show exhibits are more than mere merchandise showcases.
2014 руб

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