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A Behavior-consistent Approach Deployable Real-time Traffic Routing Under Information Provision.

Формат:      Страниц 180
     мягкая обложка
Alexander P.    
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Behavior-consistent strategies are defined here as information-based strategies that factor the likely response of drivers in their determination. A critical aspect for the successful deployment of ATIS strategies is the explicit consideration of driver behavior in the determination of the information to provide to drivers. Integrated advances in computing, telecommunications, and informatics have enabled the development of Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) as a mechanism to alleviate traffic congestion. ATIS can enhance the efficiency of existing network capacity utilization by enabling drivers to make more informed decisions. This book should be especially useful to professionals or researches seeking to develop and deploy real-time traffic information strategies. This research seeks to develop behavior-consistent information-based network traffic control strategies by assigning primacy to the intricate interdependencies between driver behavior and the information strategies. Sustained increases in traffic congestion levels motivate the need for the efficient utilization of existing transportation infrastructure and resources.
Магнитная планка самоклеющаяся, 100x5 см + 6 магнитов.
Магнитные планки применяются в случаях, когда требуются небольшие магнитные поверхности. На внутренней стороне планки нанесен перманентный
654 руб
Раздел: Прочее
Шарики, арт. 411/1.
Диаметр: 6 см. В наборе: 50 штук. Цвет: золотой и серебряный.
367 руб
Раздел: Шары для бассейна
Логическая игра "Парковка. Пазл", арт. SG 434 RU.
Проверьте свои навыки парковки с помощью этой головоломки! В этой уникальной игре необходимо найти правильное место для каждого
790 руб
Раздел: Игры логические

Аутоагресивна поведінка у хворих похилого віку з органічним депресивним...
МІНІСТЕРСТВО ОХОРОНИ ЗДОРОВ в противовес этому, у определенной части (19,2%) больных 2 подгруппы в значительной мере частично сохранялись нарушенные психофизиологические характеристики, которые, зачастую не проявляясь клинически, имели маскированный характер и приводили к декомпенсации психических функций и повторным суицидальным действиям. . Полученные в ходе исследования данные позволили разработать алгоритм ранней диагностики, оптимизировать тактику лечения и профилактики аутоагрессивного поведения у больных пожилого возраста с наличием органического депрессивного расстройства SUMMARYBursa A.I. Au oagressive behavior a old-age pa ie s wi h orga ic depressive disorder (cli ic, diag os ics, herapy, prophylac ics). – Ma uscrip . Disser a io for he ob ai i g scie ific degree of a Ca dida e of Medical Scie ces i speciali y 14.01.16 – psychia ry. – Ukrai ia Research I s i u e of Social, Fore sic psychia ry a d Drug Abuse, Mi is ry of Public Heal h of Ukrai e, Kyiv, 2008. O he basis of s udy of s ruc ure a d ab ormal cli ical a d psychology fea ures of formi g of au odes ruc ive behavior a old-age pa ie wi h orga ic depressive disorder, early diag os ics a d ac ic of psycho herapy a d medici al correc io of hese disorders is improved. ew approach is offered i combi a io of he developed i egra ive complex of psycho herapy a d medici al providi g (by a idepressa s of group SSRI) adap ed for he ca egory of pa ie s wi h orga ic depressive disorder.

Development of a Virtual Database Module. Translation of Complex Information in Real Time Книга по Требованию David K.
This book is interesting for developers who have to translate information from one computer language into another very fast.
2008 руб
Real Time English Workbook Pearson Michael R.
258 руб
Real-time visualization of arbitrary implicit functions Feature Based Visualization. Книга по Требованию Younis H.
In this thesis we applied powerful mathematical tools such as interval arithmetic for applications in computational geometry, visualization and computer graphics, leading to robust, general and e? cient algorithms. We presented a completely novel approach for computing the arrangement of arbitrary implicit planar curves and performed ray casting of arbitrary implicit functions by jointly achieving, for the ? rst time, robustness, e? ciency and ? exibility. Indeed we were able to render even the most di? cult implicits in real-time with guaranteed topology and at high resolution.
2385 руб
Towards Real-Time HW/SW Co-Simulation with Operating System Support Книга по Требованию Zhengting H.
The first one models and simulates the RTOS together with the application SW. The second one is a system dataflow simulator and primarily used by the HW engineers to refine the HW specifications.
2403 руб
Diagnostik urogenital relevanter Krankheitskeime. Entwicklung einer TaqMan Real Time PCR Книга по Требованию
Die Autorin Wibke Brenneisen gibt einfuehrend einen Uberblick ueber die Eigenschaften der Mollicutes und ueber die durch sie hervorgerufenen Erkrankungen.
1997 руб
Real-Time Speaker Identification. Master of Science Thesis Книга по Требованию Evgeny K.
Applications based on it are widely used around the word and found their appropriate places in the industry.
2008 руб
ENERGY-LATENCY TRADE-OFFS IN REAL-TIME WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS. Utilizing Optimal Control to Enhance the Energy Efficiency of Wireless Sensor Networks Книга по Требованию Lei M.
Our results do not rely on the exact form of the cost function and can be readily applied to other settings as long as the cost function satisfies certain conditions.
2416 руб
Systems of leisure travel information provision and use. The 'Grey Market' and the Internet Книга по Требованию Alice G.
Most importantly, the respondents do not consider themselves too different from other (younger) age groups and even though some of their information requirements are distinctive, they do not want to be considered just as ‘the older consumers’.
2784 руб
Real-time Soft Tissue Simulation. Physical Modeling and 3D Interactions Книга по Требованию Kenneth S.
This is why the development of appropriate tools, like medical simulators, is of paramount importance.
2416 руб
Spatial Dynamic Media System. Amalgam of form and image through use of a 3D light-point matrix to deliver a content-driven zone in real-time Книга по Требованию M. H.H.
In the thesis I define the boundaries of these technology shifts and enhanced content combinations limited to 2 dimensions.
3234 руб
Real Time Drilling Torque and Drag Simulation with Neural Networks. How to judge if the level of torque and drag in your drilling operation is normal or abnormal without one formula involved and in real time Книга по Требованию Kucs R.
Whith the use of neural networks it is possible to let the computer learn what torque and drag levels are good and which are bad without the use of one formula.
2008 руб
Real-time Computing Systems. Enhancing the Performance of Distributed Real-time Systems Книга по Требованию Hoai H.B.
Software control systems may be subject to high interference caused by concurrency and resource sharing.
2784 руб
Real-time Computing Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
By contrast, a non-real-time system is one for which there is no deadline, even if fast response or high performance is desired or preferred.
2213 руб
Real-Time Extensions to MINIX. Creation, management and scheduling of real-time processes on the MINIX system Книга по Требованию Princy G.
Failure in meeting the tasks' deadlines can lead to catastrophic consequences. Recently, there has been an interest in techniques for developing real-time applications on general- purpose operating systems (GPOSs), like UNIX, MINIX, LINUX etc. With this in view, this work aims at adding real time extensions to the MINIX (Mini-UNIX) system. This work required a detailed study of the MINIX source code - process management, clock, inter- process communication, and interaction between the various modules during system calls. Along with an overview of our work, this book also outlines the file system backup tool and versioning tool that we had to develop in order to mitigate the problems of frequent system crashes as are inherent in any work involving kernel debugging. Real-time systems span from microcontrollers in automobile engines to very complex applications, such as aircraft flight control or process control in manufacturing plants. Real time system applications are increasing every day.
1878 руб
Real-time task scheduling modeling using Mixed-integer Programming. Implementation of a Non-preemptive and Preemptive integer Programming Based Real-time Task Scheduling Models Книга по Требованию Hamida E.
1894 руб
A geometrical visual servoing approach based on statistical modeling. A geometrical visual servoing approach using real time tracking based on statistical modeling Книга по Требованию Muhammad F.
The article also develops a robust background subtraction algorithm in a number of steps to be used in real time tracking.
2626 руб
Underwater Wireless Video Transmission using Acoustic OFDM. An experimental approach to the transmission and reception of OFDM signals for real-time video communication Книга по Требованию Jordi R.O.
Such a system is of interest over short distance links, with short delays and high available bandwidth, as near real time imagery can be transmitted to monitor targeted underwater spots.
2280 руб
Аудиокассета. Real Time English (количество кассет: 2)
5 руб
Gateway-centric Routing and Services Provisioning Architecture for WSNs. A guide for network designers Книга по Требованию Ali H.A.
Gateways have long been perceived and designed for providing interoperability between heterogeneous systems.
3234 руб
Time: America - An Illustrated History Hachette Livre Time M.
1058 руб

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