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Wireless Webcam Field Trips. Construction students tour jobsites without leaving the classroom

Формат:      Страниц 132
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Mark S.    
Книга по Требованию    
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This book describes the configuration of wireless webcam equipment as it was piloted on construction sites and utilized for field trips in two construction management classes at Purdue University. Lessons learned from the pilot activities facilitated the development of best practices for wireless webcam field trip implementation. Construction management educators are frequently presented with a difficult choice: Do I organize the field trip and sacrifice hours of class time, for the ability to provide a half-hour real-world experience for my students? As a result, the field trip can become an integrated part of the educational process rather than merely an entertaining diversion. The technical and educational planning described should be useful to construction educators and those that support distance learning activities as well as anyone interested in real-time audio and video communication with remote sites. A Wireless Webcam Lesson Plan Guide is provided as a framework for planning and implementing field trips that enhance educational objectives.
Точилка механическая.
Материал: металл.
1110 руб
Раздел: Точилки
Копилка-гиря "Пилите Шура, она - золотая".
Оригинальная копилка в виде гири. Материал - керамика.
629 руб
Раздел: Копилки
Набор малый "Готовим завтрак".
Малыш с удовольствием нарежет овощи и сделает бутерброды для завтрака. Покормит своих зверушек, кукол и любимых родителей. Все частички
303 руб
Раздел: Продукты

Структурно - семантические особеннности спортивной фразеологии современного английского...
Это перечисление начинается словами also ra (так же участвовали)). Saved by he bell – спасённый в последнюю минуту благодаря вмешательству извне. [этимологически – избежавший нокаута благодаря прозвучавшему гонгу (о боксёре)] (бокс). Ge a deadwood o smb. – иметь бесспорные преимущества перед кем - либо, поставить кого - либо в тяжёлое или неловкое положение. [Выражение взято из игры в кегли, deadwood – упавшая кегля, удар по которой, если она находится впереди, даёт возможность сбить остальные]. Ou i he lef field – 1. Глубоко заблуждающийся. 2. Спятивший, не в своём уме (бейсбол). Таким образом, подтверждается мнение А.В. Кунина, что «внутренняя форма фразеологизма – это значение его прототипа, с которыми фразеологическое значение связано деривационными отношениями» . Буквальные значения компонентов фразеологической единицы не всегда совпадают со значением её прототипа, и это характерно так же и для фразеологических единиц спортивной фразеологии. Примеры: Ski he ca – кувыркаться (этимологически – переворот под жердями). Ask (a swer) he ques io – добиваться напряжения всех сил (напрячь все силы повинуясь жокею).

Using Technology to Create an Integrated Learning Environment. How a virtual field trip project bridged the university, field, and school settings through applications of information and communication technology Книга по Требованию Rebekah K.N.
The conceptual and logistical frameworks of the model seamlessly merged theory and practice with science and education through effective applications of information technology to create a rich learning environment.
3215 руб
Speeches, Arguments, and Miscellaneous Papers of David Dudley Field, Volume 1 Книга по Требованию Field D.D.
955 руб
Catalogue of the library belonging to Mr. Thomas W. Field Книга по Требованию Field T.W.
957 руб
The Ballad of Flodden Field, a Poem of the Xvith Century, Ed. by C.a. Federer Книга по Требованию Field F.
500 руб
The Spiderwick Chronicles. Book 1. The Field Guide Simon and Schuster Books ДиТерлицци Т.,Блэк Х.
480 руб
Emperor: The Field of Swords Random House USA Conn I.
And when he is appointed to a new position of power, Caesar manages to do what none of the other great figures of his time could: capture the hearts of the Roman people themselves.
254 руб
Golden Grains From Life's Harvest Field Книга по Требованию Arthur T.S.
5 руб
Nature Studies In Field And Wood Книга по Требованию Chester A.R.
5 руб
A Field Guide to the English Quercus/MacLehose Press Sarah L.
394 руб
Vector Field Visualization using Anisotrop Diffusion. Vector Field Visualization using Anisotrop Diffusion and Volume Rendering Книга по Требованию Thomas E.
This is done by solving a partial differential equation (PDE) for anisotropic diffusion, and displaying the results in modern Volume Rendering software.
1981 руб
Design and control of pickup actuator for Near Field Recording. Optimal design guide and decoupling control approach of pickup actuator for coupled motion in Near Field Recording system Книга по Требованию SeongHun L.
To understand the coupled motion between linear and rotational motion of 3-axis actuator, generalized actuator modeling was constructed, and from the planar vector model of actuator, expanded equation of motion, which could describe 3-axis motion was built.
2385 руб
Multimedia System Using Wireless Sensor Network. Multimedia System Using Wireless Sensor Network; Development of a small visual instrument using multiple sensors Книга по Требованию Insook C.
In many applications the network is scattered in an ad-hoc manner within a region where it is meant to collect environmental data through multi-hop routing among all sensor nodes.
1981 руб
A Novel Framework of Medium Access Control Self Organization for Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks Protocol Self Organization in Medium Access Control Layer. Книга по Требованию Fan Y.
In order to utilize protocol reorganization to mitigate the instability effects, we propose a MAC self organization framework for both intra-MAC and inter- MAC.
2747 руб
Wireless Network Channel Change Games. Game-Theoretic Decisions in Spectrum-Agile Wireless Networks Книга по Требованию
The emergence of intelligent, spectrum-agile network components that can dynamically change their transmission characteristics makes dynamic channel change feasible.
1981 руб
Vacuum Diagrams in Background Field and Heisenberg-Euler Effective Action. Two Topics in Quantum Theory of Gauge Fields. Rotational Invariance of QCD in the Spatial Axial Gauge. Книга по Требованию Marek K.
Knowledge of the basics of quantum field theory is assumed.
1981 руб
Spectrally-Efficient Protocols for Wireless Relay Networks. Design and Performance Analysis Книга по Требованию Ramy T.
The protocols presented in this work have applications in military communications, ad-hoc and sensor networks, and broadband wireless systems.
1997 руб
Perspectives from the Field E Learning and In-Service Training in Law Enforcement. Tapping the Potential of E Learning for In-Service Training in the Law Enforcement Context: Книга по Требованию SELCUK Z.
Zengin’s research sheds light, from the perspective of those in the trenches, on what needs must be met for the change to be successful for the Turkish National Police.
2769 руб
Evaluating Learning in a Field Based Water Quality Environmental Unit. Learning from a Water Quality Study Книга по Требованию Raimund R.P.
Pre and post testing were carried out as well as using anecdotal information to confirm that there was a direct association in relation to cognitive authentic learning using constructivism.
1997 руб
End-to-End Security for Wireless Internet. Java-Based Security solutions Книга по Требованию Abdul K.H.
Realizing its importance, MIDP 2. 0 provides full support to E2E wireless security, by including HTTPS, SSL/TLS, and X. 509 PKI. MIDP 2. 0 adopts several security concepts in its implementation reference such as protection domains, permission types, and authorization modes and trusted MIDlet.
1997 руб
Trade Offs in FEC Schemes and RF Power for Wireless Sensor Networks. A glance through the world of trade-offs in Ultra Low Power applications of WSNs Книга по Требованию Antonio P.
These sensor nodes organize themselves in a wireless network that performs data sensing, processing and services.
2403 руб

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