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Механика. Динамика

Feedback Tracking-FCS of Fluorescent Nanoparticles and Biomolecules

Формат:      Страниц 240
     мягкая обложка
Kevin M.    
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Applications of the instrument to the study of quantum dot photon statistics and of the thermal intramolecular motion of flexible polymer chains are presented. This thesis describes an instrument that tracks the Brownian motion of single fluorescent molecules in three dimensions and in real-time while measuring fluorescence with nanosecond time resolution and single-photon sensitivity. Brownian motion makes this difficult, as molecules move along random trajectories that carry them out of any fixed field of view. The apparatus increases observation times by approximately three orders of magnitude while improving data-collecting efficiency by locking tracked objects to a high-intensity region of the excitation laser. The best way to study dynamic fluctuations in single molecules or nanoparticles is to look at only one particle at a time, and to look for as long as possible.
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Развитие организации продвижения товаров на рынок
Причем за Вас это может делать интернет-агентство, создавшее сайт. А вот большим интернет-проектам с ежедневными обновлениями не обойтись без специальной паблишинг-системы, позволяющей быстро менять содержимое заданных страниц. При этом от персонала, осуществляющего обновления, практически не требуется знание H ML. У всех ведущих веб-разработчиков в Рунете имеются свои собственные модули паблишинг-системы с разным уровнем функциональности. Иногда их установка входит в стоимость создания сайта, иногда за это необходимо внести отдельную плату. 3.4 Инструменты работы с аудиторией Инструменты работы с аудиторией являются неотъемлемой составляющей современного веб-сайта. Прошло то время, когда сайт представлял собой просто переложенную в Cеть рекламную брошюру компании. Сегодня сайт решает гораздо больше задач и делает это все эффективнее. Условно, инструментарий работы с аудиторией можно разделить по следующим типам: 1) Сбор информации Опросы посетителей – их отношение/мнение о продуктах, сервисах, сайте (feedback).

Puzzle: 1000 деталей: Meiklejohn: Dragon Spell (флуоресцентные) - - с. {Fluorescent} ISBN 31290 ~93.03.26 136 Италия: Clementoni
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Feature-Based Human Tracking. From Coarse To Fine Книга по Требованию Jesus M.d.R.
In the second one, it is possible to model it as a set of connected regions, each one with its own properties, and which junction identifies the subject.
3191 руб
We propose an approach that combines blob matching with particle filtering to track multiple people in the scene, i. e. , the proposed method selects the successful features of blob matching and particle filtering for tracking.
1981 руб
From Righteous to Roguish. Tracking Queer Desire in Black Women's Writings 1850—1940 Книга по Требованию Lorna R.W.
It addresses a critical silence regarding the history of black women’s sexual expression.
2769 руб
Colloidal Synthesis of Copper Nanoparticles. Investigation on Nanofabrication in a Two-phase Liquid-liquid System Книга по Требованию Nafiseh D.
Several modifications were made to the original recipe to produce copper nanoparticles with high degrees of purity and stability.
2403 руб
Diffusion Simulation Based Tracking. And Optimized Gradient Encoding Schemes For Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging Книга по Требованию Sarah M.
For the reconstruction of the course of neuronal fibers, fiber tracking methods were developed.
3621 руб
Teacher Feedback to Primary School Students. Do they Get the Message? Книга по Требованию
The results of this study should help teachers and their students as they work together as partners in teaching and learning.
1997 руб
Wind-borne Odor Tracking in Three Dimensions. A Biologically-inspired Sensor Fusion Approach Книга по Требованию
The resulting odor tracking strategies display several behavioral characteristics that are quite similar to their biological counterparts.
3234 руб
Collaborative Tracking Dashboard. Beispiel eines nutzerzentrierten Designprozesses Книга по Требованию
In dieser Arbeit wird eine Vorgehensweise beschrieben, wie man Anforderungen fruehzeitig und optimal in eine auf die Zielgruppe angepasste Programmoberflaeche (GUI) umwandeln kann.
2416 руб
Integrated Control and Estimation Based on Sliding Mode Control. Full-state Feedback Control with Variable Structure Systems and Filtering Книга по Требованию
For nonlinear systems, a novel integrated control strategy called the Smooth Sliding Mode Controller and Filter (SSMCF), fuses the SMC and SVSF in a particular form to address nonlinearities.
2008 руб
Objektinitialisierung in einem Multi-Sensor- Tracking-System. Entwicklung von Verfahren zur Initialisierung verschiedener Objekttypen auf der Basis eines Merkmalmodells in einem Multi-Sensor-Tracking-System Книга по Требованию Andre F.
Dazu werden Merkmalmodelle fuer verschiedene Objekttypen definiert, auf deren Basis die Identifizierung von Objekttyp und -zustand erfolgt.
2008 руб
Atomistic View of Mineral-adsorbate Interface. Investigation of Fluorapatite (100) Surface and its Interface with Biomolecules Using Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction Книга по Требованию Aparna P.
Apatite is an important biomineral, which constitutes the endoskeleton (bones and teeth) in vertebrates including humans.
2784 руб
STRATEGIES FOR DELIVERY. I: Synthesis and Applications of Endcapped Oligonucleotides II: Synthesis and Delivery of Amine and Guanidinium Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles Книга по Требованию Pei-Sze N.
These functionalized gold colloids were studied for their cellular uptake.
2784 руб
Providing Effective Teacher Feedback on Student Texts A Circle of Response. Книга по Требованию April C.
This work offers an approach to response that can help instructors embrace these tensions and provide effective, useful comments that give students what they need most: a sense of what it means to be a member of the academic community, and a sense of themselves as writers.
2008 руб
Tracking Faces in Grayscale Video Sequences with "Binary Direction Vectors". Introduction and Evaluation of Binary Direction Vectors as a New Local Structural Feature for Tracking Faces with the "OpenCV CAMSHIFT Tracker" Книга по Требованию
This novel method allows the encoding of local, structural features that are recognizeable in gray-scale images as so-called Binary Direction Vectors (BDVs).
2008 руб
Evaluation of the Computational Capacity of the ZISC in Target Tracking Target Tracking with the Zero Instruction Set Computer. Книга по Требованию Wendall C. D.
The results of our experiments show that the performance of our ZISC-based algorithms is indeed an improvement over the serially-implemented algorithm.
2784 руб
Analysis and Pre-processing of Signals Observed. In Optical Feedback Self-Mixing Interferometry Книга по Требованию Xiaojun Z.
To achieve this, the ability of band-pass FIR Filters and TFR methods in OFSMI signal processing has been evaluated and compared.
2784 руб
Particle Filtering: Improved Nonlinear Filtering For Target Tracking. Basics, Concepts and Improvements Книга по Требованию Yan Z.
The analysis provided by this book should shed some light on how to design advanced particle filter tracking algorithms.
2784 руб
Output-feedback Design for Non-smooth Mechanical Systems. Control Synthesis and Experiments Книга по Требованию Apostolos D.
In this book, the focus is on two control problems for non-smooth systems.
3234 руб
Relevance Feedback in Information Retrieval. A comparison Including a Practical Evaluation of Several Approaches to Relevance Feedback in Information Retrieval Книга по Требованию
Relevance Feedback in Information Retrieval:
2416 руб

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