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Педагогика среднего специального образования

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Педагогика среднего специального образования

Using Memories To Enhance Anti-Oppressive Pedagogy In Teacher Education It's All In The Past.

Формат:      Страниц 132
     мягкая обложка
Elizabeth M.    
Книга по Требованию    
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What are the implications when memories about school relationships indicate that racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, and other harmful practices took place, but were unnamed and unclaimed as such? Looking back at past school experiences will enhance the practice of anti- oppressive pedagogy in teacher education programs. A collection of memories about school experiences help identify unnamed and unchallenged incidents of oppression affecting children and youth over four decades in elementary and high schools in Canada. Teacher candidates, practicing teachers, and other educators will benefit from this retrospective analysis. This book offers a candid look at the past, exploring harmful and hurtful school relationships through a lens of anti-oppressive education theories.
Тортница с защелками.
Колпак тортовницы крепится к дну защелками. Сверху полиэтиленовая ручка, которая при необходимости вытягивается. Все это позволяет
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Раздел: Хлебницы
Кровать-колыбель "Мой малыш" (цвет: слоновая кость).
Колыбель для новорожденных представляет собой небольшую кроватку. Главная функция, которую выполняет кроватка-колыбель — это укачивание
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Раздел: Кроватки-маятник
Волчок "Скачущий всадник".
В детскую игрушку волчок играло не одно поколение детей и, не смотря ни на что, она до сих пор остается востребованной. Всего несколько
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Створення віртуальної мережі з віддаленим завантаженням...
Далі, вибираємо: Vir ual machi e co figura io : Cus om; Gues opera io sys em: Li ux; Vir ual machi e ame: Clie ; Loca io : каталог для віртуального комп'ютера; Memory gues size (MB): 64; e work co ec io : Use hos -o ly e worki g; Disk: Crea e a ew vir ual disk; Disk size (GB): 0,1; Disk file: Clie .vmdk. Необхідно зробити зауваження щодо пам'яті. За замовчуванням, в VMware діють обмеження на використовувану віртуальними комп'ютерами пам'ять. Так, якщо на комп'ютері встановлено 256 Мб пам'яті, то віртуальні комп'ютери не можуть використовувати більш 192 Мб. Оскільки буде необхідно одночасно запускати клієнтський і серверний комп'ютери, кожному з них не можна виділити більше 80 Мб (по 16 Мб потрібно самій VMware на запуск кожного віртуального комп'ютера). Для трьох віртуальних комп'ютерів це обмеження опускається до 48 Мб. Змінити ліміт за замовчуванням можна в меню Edi пункт Applica io Se i gs ., вкладка Memory. Виконавши цю операцію ще двічі, замінюючи Clie на Server і на Work, вибравши розмір жорсткого диска 1,0 і 0,5 відповідно, створюємо віртуальний сервер і робочий віртуальні комп'ютери.

It's All About the Bike Annual Training Patterns and Success in Ironman-Distance Triathletes. Книга по Требованию A M.L.I.
There were observed differences between group patterns, the most outstanding being the high success group showing greater distances of bike training, which is consistent with other study' s findings. A suggested annual training volume pattern for ironman-distance triathletes was proposed based on the common training volume pattern elements used by the high success group triathletes sampled in this study. Useable results from 39 individuals were then sorted into high, mid, or low success groups by their race time or their race place by age-group (n=39, age 35. 0±5. 9 y). Training patterns for a 12-month period, based on training distance or training hours in swimming, bicycling, and running, were generated for each group. Male, English-speaking non-elite, ironman-distance triathletes were surveyed using an on-line questionnaire for descriptive characteristics, race history, and training history.
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Haddaway 'All the best-his.Greatest Hits' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 45843 МистерияЗвука
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Jethro Tull 'Thick As A Brick&Living in the Past part II' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 50159 СД-Максимум
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501 German Verbs: Fully conjugated in all the tense Barron'S Educational Series Strutz H.
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Таблица № 5: Наглядное пособие. What Time is it? What' s the Time? (двусторонняя) Английский язык: Phone Numbers. Addresses. Dates. Таблица № 6: Дрофа Клементьева Т.Б.
Пособия очень практичны: двустороннее ламинирование делает их долговечными.
5 руб
Наглядное пособие к УМК "Новый курс английского языка" 6 класс. Unit 7. The Past Simple Tense Наглядные пособия. Английский язык Дрофа Рубина Е.В.
19 руб
All the Pretty Horses Picador Cormac M.
Befriending a third boy on the way, they find a country beyond their imagining: barren and beautiful, rugged yet cruelly civilized; a place where dreams are paid for in blood. "All The Pretty Horses" is an acknowledged masterpiece and a grand love story: a novel about childhood passing, along with innocence and a vanished American age.
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The Past Книга по Требованию Ellen G.
This was a house, I was beginning to feel, where everybody, from the mistress down, wanted to question me. Even the silent maid had found voice for interrogation.
5 руб
Naziritism from the Song of Deborah through Jesus Christ Where Have All the Nazirites Gone? . The Pacification of Holiness Ideals in the Context of Judeo-Christianity: Книга по Требованию K. G.C.
The movement away from holy warrior shifts further until the incarnation of the holy person in early Christianity, as embodied in the overarching model of Jesus Christ, is far from militaristic – the battle of good versus evil thus faded from the battlegrounds of the fertile crescent to an inward spiritual struggle in the context of Ancient Near Eastern Judeo-Christianity.
1997 руб
Vernon's Vault of Vintage Vinyl. Taking a Museum's Record Album Collection and Making It Accessible to the Public Книга по Требованию
While having a revolving exhibit of album covers can provide a way to share the album' s art with visitors; they are still unable to share the music without possibly damaging them and it does not enable the Museum to reach its world-wide audience of bluegrass fans. My solution to this problem has two steps: create a computer database system with the information from each of these albums and to digitize the albums. The album information would be integrated with the digital sound recordings to provide a comprehensive database of the Museum' s album collection. I focus on the first step of this solution, the steps taken to record all of the information from a portion of the Museum' s Vernon collection. I also examine bluegrass music as a genre, its history and origins, and discuss how bluegrass music fits into society today and why it is important to preserve this vital musical genre. This book will be useful to Museum staff who are interested in using new technology to reach a wider audience and to bluegrass fans around the world. The International Bluegrass Music Museum, Owensboro, KY, has a large vinyl album collection which is difficult to share with their world-wide community.
2008 руб
Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Oligonucleotide and DNA Adducts. Computational, Enzymatic and Mass Spectrometric Methods for DNA Adducts Analysis in Cancer Related Research - The Past, Present and Future Книга по Требованию Qing L.
To achieve this goal, a thorough literature review was conducted and a systematic approach with carefully designed experiments was carried out along with a discussion on presents the future prospects of the research.
2416 руб
L'identita senza terra. Longing for the past and looking for the future; the search for identity in the writings of Italian Canadian authors in a postcolonial world Книга по Требованию Michaela W.
As a next step Italian Canadian literature from its beginnings to the present day is discussed; the most important writers and publications are mentioned and Italian Canadian literature is analyzed in its relation to the national literatures of Canada and Italy.
2008 руб
Basically, the contention of scholars has been how John used Dan 7: 13 and Zech 12: 10-14 to serve his intended purpose.
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Jingle All the Way Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1395 руб
All the world's a stage Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The speech compares the world to a stage and life to a play, and catalogues the seven stages of a man' s life, sometimes referred to as the seven ages of man: infant, schoolboy, lover, soldier, justice, pantaloon, and second childhood, "sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything". It is one of Shakespeare' s most frequently-quoted passages.
1599 руб
All the Brothers Were Valiant Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1191 руб
There All the Honor Lies Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
Ivanova is less than thrilled, remarking, "We' re not some Deep Space Franchise. " On his way to meet Kosh for a lesson (see Hunter, Prey), he bumps into a hooded figure who steals his link. Sheridan pursues the person but runs into a Warrior caste Minbari who attacks him. He finds a PPG on the ground beside him, picks it up, and uses it in self-defense, killing the Minbari. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! "There All the Honor Lies" is an episode from the second season of the science fiction television series Babylon 5. A Babylon 5 merchandise shop opens up on the station, to help increase the stations operating budget. Sheridan believes in the necessity of the store, and places Ivanova in charge.
1599 руб
Echoes of the Sunset club, comprising a number of the papers read, and addresses delivered, before the Sunset club of Chicago, during the past two years Книга по Требованию Catlin W.W.
955 руб
Charles Dicken's stories from the Christmas numbers of "Household words" and "All the year round" Книга по Требованию Dickens C.
955 руб
All the Year Round, Volume 17 Книга по Требованию Dickens C.
Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т. п. Книга представляет собой репринтное издание.
955 руб

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