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Examining A Natural Experiment in Latin America Corporate Environmental Performance and Sustainable Development.

Формат:      Страниц 284
     мягкая обложка
EMMA S.    
Книга по Требованию    
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This book traces the history and theories of corporate environmental strategy and applies them to a natural experiment in Latin America. Through extensive fieldwork and statistical analysis, a number of surprising conclusions are drawn about the dramatic differences between, and motivating factors for, multi-national practices across different countries. The results offer a toolkit for leaders in developing countries, as well as business leaders investing there, for fostering truly sustainable development. By comparing the relative environmental and social performance of 35 hospitality sites using 62 different metrics, we discover a set of diagnostic tools for predicting best and worst performers.
Картонные коробки, 20 штук (350x300x300 мм).
Коробка упаковочная из гофрокартона. Длина, мм: 350. Ширина, мм: 300. Высота, мм: 300. Объем, л: 31,5. Цвет: бурый. 20 штук в комплекте.
600 руб
Раздел: Более 10 литров
Блинница электрическая погружная (арт. TK 0237).
Еще никогда приготовление блинов не было таким простым и быстрым. Просто обмакните нагревательный элемент блинницы в емкость с тестом и
1551 руб
Раздел: Прочее
Диспенсер для жидкого мыла "Лайма", наливной, 0,5 литра.
Корпус из нержавеющей стали. В комплекте: крепежные материалы для установки. Объем: 0,5 литра. Контроль уровня мыла. Размер: 155х100х105 мм.
1014 руб
Раздел: Подвесные

Структура и содержание внешнеторгового контракта
Признание за контрактом торгового характера подчиняет его и сделку в целом не только общим нормам гражданского права, но и специальным нормам торгового права, определяющим правила их заключения и исполнения. 1.2 Стороны контракта Обычно в контракте принимают участие две стороны ( par ies) – приобретающая и поставляющая. В общем случае под "стороной" контракта подразумевается любое физическое или юридическое лицо, участвующее в сделке. В контрактные отношения могут вступать иностранные физические или юридические лица, а также лица без гражданства. Приобретающая сторона - Заказчик (Clie , Cus omer), Получатель (Receiver), Арендатор (Leaseholder), Лицензиат (Lice see), Покупатель (Buyer) - сторона, которая на условиях контракта получает продукцию, товар, то есть покупает или каким-либо другим способом приобретает ее и/или права на нее. Поставляющая сторона - Исполнитель (Performer), Разработчик (Developer), Арендодатель (Lessor), Лицензиар (Lice sor), Посредник (Age . Dealer), Продавец (Seller) - сторона, которая на условиях контракта предоставляет (продает, передает, сдает в аренду и т.д.) продукцию, товар и/или права на ее использование.

Ecological Footprint and Environmental Sustainability Index. Sustainability of Shandong (China) Instruments of Measuring Sustainable Development Case Study: Книга по Требованию Yujing C.
EF and ESI is an essential addition to the study and management of reginal to be sustainable.
1997 руб
A General Technique for Policy Development Making Sustainable Development Ideas Operational. Книга по Требованию
Despite these abuses, the term still has currency, perhaps because people see it as a guide for surviving the massive growth in human population and technologies and the consequent massive changes to the planet.
3191 руб
The Global Level, the EU Guideline And the Success of Local Implementations Different Approaches of Sustainable Development. Книга по Требованию
The example of the Swedish city, Vaexjoe shows that a lot can be changed at the local level.
2008 руб
Industrial Estates towards Sustainable Development. Potentials for Tugu Wijayakusuma Industrial Estate, Indonesia - A Case Study Книга по Требованию Frank M.
The results are discussed in detail, future scenarios and recommendations derived.
2416 руб
Renewable Energy Applications for Sustainable Development. Development of a Modular AC Coupling Minigrid Hybrid System for Sustainable Power Supply in Remote Areas and Disaster Response and Reconstruction Книга по Требованию Ahmad A.S.
Such catastrophes usually result in the affected areas being isolated, particularly if the events happen in remote locations.
3234 руб
Impact of land degradation on sustainable development of agriculture. A Special Reference to India Книга по Требованию Sanhita S.
Though at macro level the adverse impact of degradation on production is not so high but review of various studies at micro level shows crop losses due to degradation are quite significant.
2008 руб
Providing Long-term Solutions to the Problem of Rural Depopulation in Developing Countries through Sustainable Development: Sustainable development of ecotourism with emphasis on Lebanon. A Case Study of Lebanon Книга по Требованию Jaoudat E.A.
At the present time, rural regions in developing countries such as Lebanon rely heavily on agriculture for their continued existence, but this does not generate sufficient employment or income to encourage the indigenous population to remain.
3234 руб
Biofuels and Sustainable Development. An assessment of Brazil's Program of Biodiesel Книга по Требованию Marcus V.A.F.
The book contributes to the better understanding of different stages of biodiesel production in the Brazilian Amazon Region, showing the linkages between the oil seed activity and the social inclusion, income generation, food security and climate change.
1899 руб
Reconciling Friedman with Corporate Social Responsibility. How Market Competition Affects Corporate Social Performance Книга по Требованию
What are the points the literature has missed?
2314 руб
The feasibility of establishing a Biosphere Reserve in St. Lucia. Challenges to Sustainable Development in the Small Island Developing State of St. Lucia Книга по Требованию Makeddah J.
The investigation of this study can highlight the sustainability deficiencies that could potentially hinder a biosphere reserve designation on the northeast coast of St. Lucia, W. I. The research focus and findings have the potential to address a matter of key concern in St. Lucia' s sustainability planning efforts. Major findings of the analysis included a weak land development process on the island; its lack of rigorous policies, the absence of a national land use plan and low public participation; all hindrances to sustainability and to proper environmental management. The northeast coast is not yet ready to be designated a Biosphere Reserve as it must overcome certain challenges impeding sustainability. The major arguments point to the need for stronger policies for conservation, land use, and equitable economic benefits from the tourism industry. The resolution of many of these issues lies in the structural changes of governance, constitutional reform, empowering the local citizenry, and decision-making that is more participatory. A Biosphere Reserve attempts to harmonize development, the welfare of the people, and the maintenance of a healthy ecological system (UNESCO 1996a).
3051 руб
Concrete Urban Regeneration Of The Punta Perotti Site With Auditorium In Bari, Italy Visionary Sustainable Development For The Metropolitan Area Of Bari. Книга по Требованию Felicia R.P.
This research helps framing the natural and built inheritance to the already consecrated theory of Organic Growth by introducing the concrete applicability of the specific scenario for Punta Perotti.
1894 руб
Entwicklung, Einsatzmoeglichkeiten im Rahmen des Nachhaltigkeitsmanagements und Aussichten Nachhaltigkeitsberichtserstattung oder Sustainable-Developing-Reporting. Книга по Требованию Katja W.
Das Buch richtet sich an Fachleute der aktuellen Nachhaltigkeitsdiskussion, an Studierende, an interessierte Praktiker und an alle Unternehmen.
2008 руб
The Impact of Environmental Standards in Developing Countries. How consumers and industries shape the economic and ecological landscape of developing countries Книга по Требованию Simon S.
In the first part of the book, the author analyzes the relevance of environment-related product standards and product differentiation on the basis of a theory of consumption model.
1894 руб
Approaches to Halt and Reverse Land Degradation in Kenya. Agroforestry Development and Environmental Sustainability Книга по Требованию Edinam K. G.
It covers an important research topic, given the high and increasingly wide-spread malnutrition and famine, degradation of eco-systems, with recession of forests and pastures, and wind erosion of vast quantities of soil in the drylands.
2416 руб
Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts of Industrial Estates Development Impacts of Industrial Estates. Книга по Требованию Ismail A.
The expansive growth of international trade and investment and the globalization of the world economy have encouraged many countries to develop Industrial estates without paying enough attention to the possible negative impacts Industrial Estates may have.
2769 руб
Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate–Community Partnerships. Making CSR mutually beneficial to both business and community development in the Dominican Republic Книга по Требованию Dyveke R.
The concept of CSR has caused businesses world wide to pay increased attention to social and environmental performance.
2769 руб
Sustainability Evaluation. Development and Validation of an Approach to Sustainability Evaluation Книга по Требованию Daniela S.
The first elaborates on general considerations in evaluation, while the second emphasizes sustainability concerns specifically. The SEC' s accuracy and usefulness was assessed by experts and practitioners who provided critical reactions to the draft checklist' s accuracy, its potential, and usefulness for evaluating sustainability.
3987 руб
User-Centered Interface Development according to DIN EN ISO 13407 and DIN EN ISO 9241-110 Usability Analysis for a Satellite Performance Monitoring System. Книга по Требованию Gerrit M.
To support user-centered development the dialogue principles of DIN EN ISO 9241 part 110 and the corresponding generic recommendations assisted to derive usability requirements.
3234 руб
Developing Professional Nurses. Environmental and Personal Predictors in Clinical Nursing Education Книга по Требованию Kae R.L.
This study provides knowledge about the complexity of variables and the relationships between variables (known and latent) that may influence professional nursing practice behaviors among student nurses.
2008 руб
Strategic Environmental Assessment in a Transition Country. Development of SEA Screening Criteria for Belarus Книга по Требованию Tatsiana P.
There are experienced countries and there are states which are still in the beginning of their way towards the establishment of effective and efficient screening system.
2008 руб

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