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Tennessee Williams’ Maggie, the Cat. Maggie, the Cat on Page, Stage and Screen

Формат:      Страниц 64
     мягкая обложка
Judit B.    
Книга по Требованию    
2008 руб
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Through this work a very profound insight can be gained into the working method of the author, how he shaped and formed the character of Maggie. This work may appeal to those interested in the working process of a playwright, who love this play of Williams and for anyone caring for literature. The conclusion emphasises how sympathetic she initially was and how even more likeable she became in later versions. Since several different versions of Maggie exist on page, stage and screen, this essay investigates the step by step changes and improvements in the shaping of one of the main characters. The 1974 drama version of Maggie was picked and analysed in details while the character was then compared to her versions among them the one in the famous 1958 film. This is the story of Maggie, in Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. It highlights how Maggie? s personality had to be altered in the film and what were the reasons for that. This is done partly with the help of the appropriate quotations.
Пароварка-блендер Happy Baby "Fusion".
Малыш растёт, и вскоре грудного молока уже становится недостаточно для полноценного питания растущего организма, которому требуются
3899 руб
Раздел: Блендеры
Кружка фарфоровая "Королевские собаки", 485 мл.
Кружка фарфоровая. Объем: 485 мл.
322 руб
Раздел: Кружки
Шнуровка-бусы "Звери".
Размер бусин: 3-4 см. Диаметр отверстия в бусине: около 6 мм. Длина шнурка: около 80 см. Вес: 0.2 кг. Количество бусин: 15 штук .
321 руб
Раздел: Деревянные шнуровки

Функционирование культурно обусловленной лексики в жанре американской театральной...
Согласно словарной статье это имя ассоциируется еще и с американской семьей, американским образом жизни.( he Simpso s – a humorous US elevisio car oo programme abou a family called Simpso , co sis i g of: Homer, he fa her, Marge, he mo her, Bar , he so , Lisa, he daugh er, a d Maggie, he baby. he charac ers are yellow wi h big heads a d big eyes, a d Marge has blue hair ha s icks up high above her head. Bar is clever bu lazy, a d does o like school. Lisa is very i ellige , reads a lo , a d does well a school. he childre argue a d figh a lo . Marge akes care of hem all a d ries o s op he argui g a d figh i g. Homer loves his childre bu spe ds a lo of ime wa chi g V, ea i g, a d dri ki g beer. He works i a uclear power s a io . Some people disapprove of he programme a d hi k ha i gives a bad impressio of America family life. Bu o her people hi k i shows he problems a d worries ha real families experie ce, which he 'perfec ' families i some o her elevisio shows do o ). Sex a d he Ci y – название одного из самых популярных американских сериалов, поднимающих вопросы сексуальных отношений. Таким образом, употребляя эти имена, автор переносит на спектакль ряд характеристик, которыми они обладают.

Stressed Sexuality. How Props, Stage Directions and Setting Convey Tormented Male Protagonists in Selected Plays of Tennessee Williams Книга по Требованию Sara T.
This analysis focuses on four plays from a successful period in Williams’ life in which the playwright had established a pattern in developing sexually desirable male characters using symbolism and space:
2008 руб
Рюкзак школьный "Maggie cat"
753 руб
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and Other Plays Penguin Group Williams T.
533 руб
Journal of Edward Ellerker Williams, companion of Shelley and Byron in 1821 and 1822 Книга по Требованию Williams E.E.
601 руб
Bunny Williams' Point of View: Three Decades of Decorating Chic and Comfortable Houses Abrams Williams B.
By showing you how to plan and then accomplish that plan for each room of your house, Williams inspires you to take account of your own values - and realise your personal vision of how you want to live.
2047 руб
Sketches of the bench and bar of Tennessee Книга по Требованию Caldwell J.W.
1150 руб
Caleb Williams Книга по Требованию Godwin W.
1153 руб
A River for War, A Watershed to Change:. The Tennessee Valley Authority in the Second World War, 1939-1945 Книга по Требованию William D.
However, in seeking to maintain its statutory authority and its independence within the federal government, TVA responded with less assurance to the growing movement for racial justice and to the South' s wartime and postwar economic rise. (Cover Photo: TVA' s Chickamauga Reservoir and Hydroelectric Dam, located near Chattanooga, Tennessee. ) This book examines how the Tennessee Valley Authority responded to, and was affected by, the United States' participation in the Second World War. Formed in the early days of the New Deal, TVA from 1939 to 1945 expanded and accelerated both the scope and pace of its inaugural mandate--navigation, flood control, and electric power--to make widespread contributions to the Allied war effort.
3051 руб
The Black Cat and Other Stories Неадаптированные издания на языке оригинала АСТ Poe E.A.
349 руб
Кукла мягконабивная: Maggie: Поющая (в сиреневом): Для детей от 2 лет - - с. ISBN 752142 ~54.00.00 58092 Германия: Zapf Creation /Китай
1013 руб
Robbie Williams 'Greatest Hits' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 53937 EMI/Бомба
229 руб
Big Joe Williams [MP3] { } ~54.00.00 10666 New Music
109 руб
The Cat Who Could Read Backwards (на англ.яз.) The Cat Who A Jove Book Браун Л.
349 руб
The Lighthouse Keeper's Cat Scholastic, Inc. Armitage D.,Armitage R.
430 руб
Cat Among the Pigeons HarperCollins Publishers Christie A.
327 руб
Level elementary (+ Audio CD) The Black Cat. Macmillan Readers Macmillan Publishers Milne J.
762 руб
The Black Cat & Other Stories Pearson
5 руб
Cat Random House UK North F.
328 руб
The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat Эгмонт Россия Enid B.
5 руб
The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern Penguin Group Lilian J.B.
266 руб

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