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Literacy, learning and ICT:. the role of ICT in developing literacy skills in students with learning difficulties

Формат:      Страниц 304
     мягкая обложка
Bernadette C.    
Книга по Требованию    
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The author concludes with the recommendation of an evidence-based model for learning resources and support provision which is student-centred and describes a working model in practice. ICT was being taught rather than utilised as a teaching tool, furthermore, ICT did not appear to raise literacy levels, and in the absence of a comprehensive and holistic framework, ICT may lead to the erosion of some skills in other aspects of literacy. There had been some research into the literacy and ICT relationship within mainstream schools; but little research on the same topic in special schools with children and young people with learning difficulties. During the late 1980s and early 1990s there was a huge effort in the United Kingdom to increase ICT resources within the education sector based on the principle of a positive relationship between ICT and literacy levels. The question is whether ICT has particular relevance for those with learning difficulties. The findings suggest a disparity between having an ICT policy and the practice of ICT. Theories of learning suggest all students need a range of learning resources including ICT.
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Роль государства в экономике
смотреть на рефераты похожие на "Роль государства в экономике" Введение.For a prese -day mome a edge by he problem of our s a e is i s role i he eco omic sys em. Also cos s a ds a serious problem - a developme of i s marke a d expa sio of eco omy. Si ce beside us o developped ow i dus ry, co seque ly, I duma ha cos s a ds more deeply s udy his ques io . A d wha image i s decide? his problem I he mos have ouched, see o he eco omic posi io of he cou ry.На сегодняшний момент острой проблемой нашего государства является его роль в экономической системе. Также стоит серьёзная проблема – развитие своего рынка и расширение экономики. Так как у нас не развита собственная промышленность, следовательно, я думаю, что стоит более глубоко изучить этот вопрос. И каким образом его решить? Эта проблема меня наиболее затронула, глядя на экономическое положение страны.Во всех экономических системах государство регулирует экономику. Такое регулирование в современной рыночной экономике осуществляется в намного меньших масштабах, чем в административно-командной системе. Тем не менее, и здесь экономическая роль государства велика.

Behind the Statistics. An Applied Policy Study of Adult Learning in Canada and Sweden Adult Literacy in Canada and Sweden: Книга по Требованию
Moreover, Swedish literacy levels were less dependent on an individual' s school attainment and socioeconomic status than were literacy levels in the other countries. This book describes the findings of a qualitative applied policy study that sought to understand how public policy factors might account for these differences. It compares adult learning in rural and urban sites in Canada and Sweden and provides a critical perspective for viewing adult literacy as contextual rather than as a technical, pedagogical skill. The book will be of interest to educators and policymakers who are concerned about literacy. It has international appeal as it contrasts the impact of the social democratic approaches of northern Europe and the liberal approaches of English-speaking countries. It reported that adult literacy levels in Sweden were higher than those in Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, and the United States. The International Adult Literacy Survey was the first comparative report on literacy in industrialised countries.
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Learning to write together. Multimodal literacy, knowledge, and discourse Книга по Требованию Juan M.F.
The discussion presented focuses on the re-conceptualization of learning in terms of goal-oriented situated actions.
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Distance education and a Realistic Teacher Education Pedagogy in Uganda. Impact of an ICT-supported learning environment Книга по Требованию Gudula N.B.
The ICT-based environment was also considered to be helpful to meet the growing need for teacher education in Uganda and to promote more flexible access to teacher education.
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Learning to teach (Учимся учить: Педагогическая практика): Учебное пособие для вузов (под ред. Лозински Б.) - 136 с. ISBN 985-6204-46-1 ~93.10.17 029 Мн:Лексис Райс Р.
93 руб
Active Study Dictionary: In colour for easier learning (New Edition) (на англ.яз.) - 798 с. ISBN 0-582-46833-7 ~91.03.26 082 Longman Group UK Limited
680 руб
Rapid Literacy in Chinese нет серии ISBN 978-7-88718-202-9 Sinolingua Zhang Pengpeng
530 руб
Next Steps part 1 Cambridge ICT Starters: Cambridge University Press Jill J.
520 руб
Difference & Diversity in Language Learning Learners' Stories: Cambridge University Press Phil B.
This volume is a collection of nine original papers exploring dimensions of individual difference in language learning from narrative and biographical perspectives.
2870 руб
Learning To Listen 1 Student's Book Macmillan Publishers Lougheed L.
It is a fresh, lively course offering students opportunities to listen for different purposes; observe people engaged in real, everyday activities; build confidence in listening to spoken English.
1299 руб
Learning To Listen 3 Teacher's Book Macmillan Publishers
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Framework for Task-Based Learning Pearson J. W.
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Keys to Learning Workbook Pearson
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Literacy Plus B Teacher's Edition Worksheets & Tests (+ CD-ROM) Pearson
1023 руб
Word by Word Basic Picture Dictionary Literacy Test Package Pearson
392 руб
Word by Word Basic Picture Dictionary 2Ed Test Package (Literacy, Beginning, Intermediate) Pearson
903 руб
Professional English in Use ICT with answers Professional English in Use Cambridge University Press Santiago R.E.
Easy to use and written in a clear style, this book will be invaluable for anyone needing to improve their ICT vocabulary for work, home or study.
1664 руб
Britannica Learning Library: Food Plants Encyclopaedia Britannica
Titles include topics kids love, from space and nature to countires of the world, myths and legends and much more. Ages 6-11. The Britannica Learning Library is an exciting educational series for children ages 6-11.
633 руб
Blended Learning (Books for Teachers) Macmillan Publishers Pete S.
It combines basic information for the technological novice with sophisticated ideas for using technology in the classroom.
2786 руб
Put English to Work - Literacy Level - Teacher's Guide The McGraw-Hill Companies Janet P.
Students acquire general vocational and pre-vocational skills — a perfect prescription for vocation and workplace ESL programs and one that' s flexible enough for general adult ESL/ESOL programs, too. Each of the seven books follows the workplace experiences of several characters: getting hired, keeping a job, and working toward promotion, along with occasional returns to pre-employment. Accompanying audiocassettes provide recorded dialogues from the texts and other listening exercises. The instructor' s manual contains lesson plans, extension activities, grammar explanations, answer keys, and tape scripts.
598 руб
Early Learning: ABC Ladybird Minis Ladybird
205 руб

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