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Numerical Methods for Solving Two-Point Boundary Value Problems. Differed Correction Schemes, Interpolation, and Conditioning Methods

Формат:      Страниц 212
     мягкая обложка
Novriana S.    
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Firstly, we consider deferred correction schemes based on Mono-Implicit Runge-Kutta (MIRK) and Lobatto formulae. The numerical approximation of solutions of ordinary differential equations played an important role in Numerical Analysis and still continues to be an active field of research. Secondly, we construct high order interpolants to provide the continuous extension of the discrete solution. As is to be expected, the scheme based on Lobatto formulae, which are implicit, is more stable than the scheme based on MIRK formulae which are explicit. The estimation of conditioning numbers is also discussed and used to develop mesh selection algorithms which will be appropriate for solving stiff linear and nonlinear boundary value problems. We will focus on the problem of solving singular perturbation problems since this has for many years been a source of difficulty to applied mathematicians, engineers and numerical analysts alike. In this book we are mainly concerned with the numerical solution of the first-order system of nonlinear two-point boundary value problems. It will consider the construction of both explicit and implicit interpolants.
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Хірургічне лікування дегенеративних уражень шийного відділу хребта, які викликають компресію...
Ці питання заслуговують на пильну увагу та потребують подальшого вивчення. Сучасні досягнення науки і техніки дозволяють удосконалювати лікувально-діагностичну тактику з мінімізацією функціональних розладів хребта, спинного мозку та його корінців. Все вищенаведене зумовлює актуальність теми дисертаційного дослідження, необхідність удосконалення розробки методів діагностики та хірургічного лікування радикулопатії, мієлопатії, радикуломієлопатії внаслідок дегенеративного ураження ШВХ з використанням мікрохірургічної техніки з метою максимального збереження функцій спинного мозку та його корінців, впровадження нових стабілізуючих систем, попередження розвитку післяопераційних ускладнень і покращення якості життя хворих. Зв middle age was 47,4 years. hree cli ical groups of compressive damages of spi al cord a d i s cou erfoils, caused by dege era ive defea of cervical spi e were dis i guished: a myelipa hy was fou d ou i 92 (38,5%) pa ie s, radikulopa hy — i 80 (33,5%), radikulomielopa y — i 67 (28%). A volume a d seque ce (ac io algori hm) of mos effec ive diag os ic researches was grou ded. he value of differe ypes of spo dilography i clarifica io of charac er of dege era ive defea of cervical spi e a d i s i ercommu ica io wi h developme of cli ical forms of dege era ive compressio sy drome was proved. he diag os ic value of myelography, KI a d MRI, euromiography were specified. he pa ie s eurological s a e depe di g o charac er of dege era ive compressio sy drome was es ima ed accordi g o he scale of Japa ese Or hopedic Associa io (JOA), ha allowed o ide ify he o al es ima io of mo or a d se si ive disorders, pelvic orga s dysfu c io af er surgical i erfere ce. he selec ed fea ures of surgical rea me of pa ie s wi h he dege era ive defea s of cervical spi e, which caused he compressio of spi al cord a d i s cou erfoils, were ge eralized. he groups of es imo ies o surgical i erfere ce — co cer i g radikulopa hy a d myelopa hy.

Oblique Boundary Value Problems and Limit Formulae of Potential Theory. An Analysis Motivated by Geomathematical Problems Книга по Требованию Thomas R.
We prove the formulae in several norms.
3215 руб
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Numerical study of the atmospheric boundary layer over urban areas. Validation for the cities of Basel and Marseilles Книга по Требованию Rafiq H.
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3051 руб
Inverse Problem for Anisotropic Riemannian Polyhedra. Inverse boundary spectral problem for piecewise smooth anisotropic Riemannian polyhedra: uniqueness Книга по Требованию Anna K.
To determine the values of these parameters, so that the system is understood as completely as possible, we solve an inverse problem, or seek the cause knowing the effect.
2008 руб
Comments on some of the methods suggested for solving the railroad problem Книга по Требованию Lovett R.S.
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Numerical Conformal Mapping in Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamics Институт космических исследований (ИКИ) РАН Rabinovich B.I.
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Portfolio Optimization and Option Pricing. Selected Problems and Efficient Methods Книга по Требованию Martin K.
The borrower rates of an investor depend on his debt-ratio, but usually they are assumed to be debt-independent.
2747 руб
Subgradient Optimization Methods in Integer Programming. Analysis, Methods and Application to a Radiation Therapy Problem Книга по Требованию Berhanu G.
Dealing with this important problem further, the work presents a new and efficient algorithm that can find a very good approximate solution by combining exact and heuristic procedures.
2769 руб
An Explanatory Mixed Methods Content Analysis Of Two State Level Correctional Institutions?. Pre-Release Handbook Curriculum Designs, Looking Through The Lenses Of Two Philosophical Orientations Of Education Книга по Требованию
Law-abiding citizenship was supported by terms from Mann, Lickona, Wynne, Education World, the US Department of Education, and the Josephson Institute of Ethics.
3215 руб
Interactive Evolutionary Algorithms for Multi-Objective Optimization. Design and Validation of a Hybrid Interactive Reference Point Method Книга по Требованию
Subsequently, the user has the difficult task to pick one solution.
2416 руб
Designing the Supply Chain with a Quality Perspective. Heuristics to Solve a Nonlinear Mathematical Programming Problem Книга по Требованию
Due to the complexity of the supply chain, sourcing and distribution activities within the supply chain require a fair deal of orchestrating in order to eliminate delays and other inefficiencies.
2008 руб
Numerical Study of Biological Problems in a Predator- Prey System. Mathematical biology Книга по Требованию Aspriha C.
It has been observed that as the value of the prey-taxis coefficient becomes considerably higher than the bifurcation value, chaotic dynamics develop.
2784 руб
Missing Part Analysis-Optimization of the Material Availability. Analysis of the Missing Part Problem and Optimization of the Material Provision to Ensure an Effective Value Stream Design Книга по Требованию Alexander L.
Furthermore it will be looked if there were first achievements of the concept In the third point the chosen alternative will be developed and changed into a solution, which fits the situation ideal.
2008 руб
Computational Methods for Molecular Analysis and Design. Efficient Numerical Algorithms for Surface Formulations of Mathematical Models of Solvation Книга по Требованию Jaydeep B.
Four contributions to modeling biomolecular interactions are presented.
2784 руб
Pseudospectral Simulations of 2D Flow Past a Dimpled Cylinder. Numerical Simulations of 2D Flow Past a Dimpled Cylinder Using Fourier-Chebyshev Pseudospectral Method Книга по Требованию
The basic spectral methods only work on rectangular or circular domains.
2008 руб
Age Estimation in Forensic Odontology. A review of literature and comparative assessment of two dental histological methods Книга по Требованию RASHMI G.S.
The applicability and accuracy of Gustafson method and its modification by Kashyap and Koteswara Rao are discussed by assessing the age of 100 subjects using these two methods.
2008 руб
Emotional Intelligence and Social Problem Solving:. A cultural Analysis Книга по Требованию Rizal A.B.
The term was made popular by Goleman in 1995.
2008 руб
Stochastic and Deterministic Numerical Algorithms and their Relationship Explicit Simulation Methods for Combustion Chemistry. Книга по Требованию Sebastian M.
In the first instance, stochastic methods for the numerical solution of systems of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) are developed based on the theory of Markov pure-jump processes.
2416 руб

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