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Dance and Stillness; A danced inquiry to the experience of stillness. A phenomenological hermeneutic inquiry into the experience of stillness - Presented through the medium of dance performance and written exegesis

Формат:      Страниц 136
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Jennifer D.    
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Within this framework a choreographed dance work and written exegesis are equal parts of the whole. We explore the subject of stillness: specifically the stillness that occurs in the midst of movement, turbulence or chaos. It is found in the midst of movement - it can also be conceived as that which frames, or holds all movement. As the dance work evolved it was presented ‘in process’ and the participants interviewed subsequent to the showings. A Christo-centric philosophy and worldview are ground to the work and the research methodology is hermeneutic phenomenology. The choreography for the dance work employs a neo-classical-contemporary technique particular to the choreographer. Information was sought about the essence of the danced/watched experience, with particular attention being given to the felt experience of stillness. This is a story and a journey - being the vehicle for the central theme of the thesis to be best elucidated. A principal focus is to distinguish the therapeutic value of this stillness. These four dancers and four ‘watchers’ were the research participants. The dance work was choreographed on and presented by four dancers.
Ниблер с подкручивающейся ручкой Happy Baby "Nibbler twist" (lime).
Отличный помощник малышу. Необходим для того, чтобы ребенок мог есть любимые фрукты или овощи без риска подавиться. Подкручивающий
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Раздел: 6-18 месяцев
Вешалка-плечики "Стандарт", 5 штук, дерево, перекладина, 45 см.
Материал: натуральное дерево. Размер: 45 см. С перекладиной. Невыкручивающийся крючок. Лакированная. В комплекте: 5 штук.
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Раздел: Вешалки-плечики
Набор контейнеров для хранения, стекло/силикон (арт. PGL-575001).
Набор контейнеров для хранения Pomi d'Oro модель PGL-575001, коллекция Paletta. Набор состоит из 3-х стеклянных контейнеров в
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Мовний дискурс
Граматична структура речень також є спрощеною, переважають прості та еліптичні, запитальні та окличні речення. Наприклад, Jo es applied o a fi a ce age cy for a job, bu he had o experie ce. He was so i e se ha he ma ager gave him a ough accou wi h he promise ha if he had collec ed i , he’d ge he job. wo hours la er Jo es came back wi h he e ire amou . “Amazi g!” he ma ager said. “How did you do i ?” “Easy,” Jo es replied. “I old him if he did ’ pay up, I’d ell all his credi ors he paid us!” Щодо тематики, вона є різноманітною і стосується практично усіх сфер особистого життя та суспільної діяльності. Отже, на основі досліджуваних матеріалів ми можемо зробити висновок про те, що анекдотичний жанр володіє певними характерними особливостями, відмінними від усіх інших. Головною характеристикою є найвищий у порівнянні із іншими жанрами рівень наближеності до життя. Самотрансляційність анекдотів пояснюється, головним чином, усною формою передачі та короткою формою викладу. З точки зору адресованості, анекдоти, у переважній своїй більшості, не мають суворо визначеного типу адресата. Рівень декодування не залежить ні від рівня знань, ні від будь-яких інших факторів, як це має місце у випадку офіційного дискурсу та жанру художньої літератури, але не завжди інформація може бути сприйнята адекватно.

An Investigation Into the Communicative Properties of a Non-Verbal Medium The Meanings of A Modern Dance. Книга по Требованию Nadra A.
The results led to the coining of six categories through which modern dance produces meaning and audiences decipher meaning from modern dance:
2769 руб
Beyond Paradigms in the Processes of Scientific Inquiry. The emergence and development of the dominant scientific paradigms and the genesis of the metaparadigm Книга по Требованию Peter C.
This work undertakes a major historical and conceptual analysis of the emergence and development of the dominant scientific paradigms in the Western tradition and identifies the genesis of a new and significant metaparadigm.
3191 руб
ICT Integration Across Education Systems. The experience of Jordan in educational reform Книга по Требованию Atef A.
The two initiatives aim to equip both the education system and its students with skills and knowledge in order to participate effectively in the information age.
3234 руб
The Experience of Asylum Seekers Entering Greece. Asylum seekers' modes of entry by land and sea into the country, and what awaits them Книга по Требованию Louisa O.
The Experience of Asylum Seekers Entering Greece describes and accounts for the experiences of asylum seekers in Greece, their modes of entry by land and sea and the treatment meted out to them once they end up in the hands of the authorities.
2008 руб
Male Primary Teachers. The Experience of Crossing-over into Pink-collar Work Книга по Требованию Janet S.
This book explores the experience and identity of Australian male primary (elementary) school teachers and the way that society perceives, treats and positions them.
3234 руб
Oral Assessment from the Learner's Perspective. The Experience of Oral Assessment in Post-compulsory Education Книга по Требованию Gordon J.
The book therefore offers important insights into the nature and function of oral assessment and will be of interest to any university or college teacher seeking to use oral forms of assessment to evaluate their students? learning while promoting deep approaches to that learning.
2416 руб
Mature Ethnic Latvian Women The Experience of Personal Crisis: A Phenomenological Exploration. Книга по Требованию Inta D.
They include thoughts, feelings, body sensations, the impact on themselves and others, and their way of being in the world, both at the time of the experience and as they perceived their effects later.
2665 руб
The experience of Thomas Jones, who was a slave for forty-three years Книга по Требованию Jones T.H.
495 руб
A case of a World Vision Kenya Project, Kangemi in Nairobi, Kenya The experience of micro-enterprise in a low income urban settlement. Книга по Требованию Daniel M.
A critical analysis of the operations, challenges, benefits, and measures of enhancing micro-enterprise programmes in World Vision Kenya have been discussed.
1894 руб
DVD. Michael Jackson: The Experience (Wii)
Саундтрек включает в себя лучшие песни Майкла Джексона, в том числе Bad, Beat It, Earth Song, This Girl Is Mine, Who Is It, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal и многие другие.
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ABBA 'The music still goes on' [2 CD] { } ~93.11.22 118 UniversalMusic
209 руб
Pierre Bonnard: The Late Still Lifes and Interiors Yale University Press Amory D.
Although his subjects were close at hand—usually everyday domestic scenes—Bonnard rarely painted from life.
4510 руб
A Qualitative Study of the Experiences of Black Women Who Have Held Middle Management Positions in U. S. Corporations Making It: Black Women Middle Managers. Книга по Требованию Shirley M.
This in-depth qualitative study of four successful African American/Black women middle managers provides the reader with a coherent representation of the themes that shaped the lives of the women portrayed and will provide readers with a deeper understanding of the Black woman’s experience in corporate America.
2385 руб
Caste, Class and Gender in Multiple Disasters. The Experiences of Women-Headed Household's in an Oriya Village, India Книга по Требованию Nibedita S.R.
However, little academic work exists to understand the specific ways multiple disasters affect women-headed households from different social castes and classes and what is required to reduce their vulnerability to multiple disastes?
3215 руб
"How are We in this World Now?". Examining the Experiences of Persons Disabled by War in Sierra Leone Книга по Требованию
The main themes that resulted from the research are:
2008 руб
The experiences of SA secondary school male educators own aggression. Male educators’ experiences of own aggression. Книга по Требованию Albertus J.B.
Some learners and educators encounter verbal insults, rough physical contact and hostile rejection.
2416 руб
The new potato culture as developed by the trench system, by the judicious use of chemical fertilizers, and by the experiments carried on at the Rural grounds during the past fifteen years Книга по Требованию Carman E.S.
497 руб
Southern martyrs. A history of Alabama's white regiments during the Spanish-American war, touching incidentally on the experiences of the entire First division of the Seventh army corps Книга по Требованию Koeningsberg M.
955 руб
Patience Pettigrew's perplexities. Being a veracious history of the experiences of Patience Pettigrew, relict of the late lamented Josiah Pettigrew, esq. .. Книга по Требованию Jones C.A.
955 руб
HIV and AIDS-Related Stigma and Discrimimation. A Philosophical Reflection on the Experiences of Students at Great Zimbabwe University Книга по Требованию Fortune S.
Hence, the work is partially a response to the clarion call that ‘We can' t be silent' on HIV and AIDS epidemic or even do contemporary education without engaging with the HIV epidemic.
1894 руб

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