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Chinese Print Media in NZ present ideas of Chinese Cultural Identity. A research of Chinese print media in New Zealand

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David L.    
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2008 руб
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By studying these newspapers, we can gain insights into how the Chinese cultural identity is transformed by the experience of immigration. In it I examine how these newspapers reflect and portray ideas of identity . However, in this thesis I argue that they offer insights into the experiences and attitudes of the Chinese people in New Zealand both those who have been settled here for many years and also more recent immigrants. Little work has been done on Chinese print media in New Zealand and the free newspapers have often been regarded as ephemeral and of little interest to media scholars. This study is intended to show how these varied newspapers reflect ideas about cultural identity in a diasporic setting. People argue about important questions such as “who we are” and “what is our identity”. This thesis is a study of the free newspapers that form a significant part of the media consumed by Chinese people in New Zealand. Chinese readers pick up the newspapers to read and discuss various controversial stories. Two case studies are used to examine and elaborate the idea of how the Chinese print media in NZ present Chinese cultural identity.
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The Cultural Identity of the Overseas Chinese Artist, Huang Yong Ping Fluid Bridge. Книга по Требованию Min P.
The author’s investigation of Huang is set within the frame of the following concerns:
2008 руб
Chinese Women' s Experiences of Work, Family and Identity in Australia Migration and Gender Identity. Книга по Требованию Christina H.
Throughout the Western world, governments increasingly view migration through the lens of economic efficiency, arguing that skilled professionals are the ' best' or most successful migrants.
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Graded Chinese Reader 1000 Words - Selected Abridged Chinese Contemporary Short Stories (+ CD-ROM) Sinolingua Shi J.
A pinyin-invisible card is designed specially for those who do not want to read pinyin. 1. Abridged versions of mini-stories and novellas written by contemporary Chinese writers, reflecting the everyday lives of ordinary Chinese people. 2. The vocabulary in this book is limited to about 1000 common Chinese words. 3. Commonly used words appear in high frequency to form concise and short sentences with complete structure. 4. Pinyin is added to the complete text, English notes or sample sentences for difficult words and sentences are provided. 5. Guide to Reading and About the Author in English, and Questions in Chinese are provided for each story. 6. Accompanied by original illustrations and a CD in MP3 format.
927 руб
Cultural Identity and Heritage Speakers. Culture as Motivation for Heritage Speakers to Study Their Heritage Language Книга по Требованию Carolina S.
Second language acquisition, sociocultural theory, sociolinguistic issues among speakers of languages other than English, motivations to study a language among Heritage Speakers, and the significance of literacy among Heritage Speakers are the main areas that informed this work.
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In The Name Of The City. The Formation and Role of Cultural Identity in Twelfth-Century Syria Книга по Требованию Scott P.
In the Name of the City, by Scott Paulseth, is a piece of research that attempts to redraft contemporary scholarship' s understanding of the cultural dynamics of medieval Syria. The author seeks to impart on his audience that rather than being an environment defined by radical extremism, the medieval Middle East was typically a place where acts of political and social pragmatism were a daily occurrence and practiced by all members of the population. It was a society where modern delineators of culture, such as religion and ethnicity, while undoubtedly important, simply did not have the social significance we ascribe to them today. Although only an introduction to this discussion, In the Name of the City offers its audience a new perspective on the cultural realities of the medieval Levant, while at the same time commenting on the current perceptions of the modern Middle East. Utilizing literary sources and new discoveries concerning regional settlement patterns during the Middle Ages, this book offers a glimpse at the way in which the indigenous and newly arrived inhabitants of the Levant and Syrian plain interacted, on both a local and regional scale.
2008 руб
The Unwoven Threads Of Nigeria. The Effect Of The Nigerian Textile Industry On The Country's Cultural Identity And Economy Книга по Требованию Banke K.
1923 руб
Catalogue of Chinese Printed Books, Manuscripts and Drawings in the Library of the British Museum Книга по Требованию Douglas R.K.
955 руб
Museums and Cultural Identities. Learning and Recollection in Local Museums in Taiwan Книга по Требованию Chia-Li C.
Cultural identity is one the most controversial issues in Taiwan.
3234 руб
Learning Difficulty or Cultural Difference?. Action Research Study of a Child from a Chinese Cultural Background Книга по Требованию Tatyana F.
The research project took approximately six weeks and included two interviews: one with a child’s mother and another with a Chinese EFL teacher.
1981 руб
Intercultural training for German and Chinese exchange students. Cultural experiences of German and Chinese exchange students and implications for a target group-oriented intercultural training program Книга по Требованию Jie S.
Aiming to support the process of cross-cultural adjustment, this study looks closely at the cross-cultural living of German and Chinese exchange students, examines cultural differences between Germany and China, and develops a complete understanding of the impact of cultural environment, situational contexts, and individual behaviors on the process of cross-cultural communication.
3215 руб
Connect, Disconnect, and Reconnect. How Chinese Students Adapt to a New Culture via the Net Книга по Требованию Ying W.
It is hoped that the study will not only draw more attention from intercultural communication scholars in studying CCA in the new media environment, but also will shed some light on the social and cultural consequences of Internet use in a unique context.
2784 руб
Anglo-American Networking and Chinese Guanxi. Emic Differences and a Culture General Process Model Книга по Требованию Kevin L.
In contrast, Americans were more direct when looking for jobs and working with the government.
2008 руб
The Practice of Guanxi by Business to the Government in Taiwan. Guanxi or Connection, the Profound Meaning beneath in Chinese Culture Книга по Требованию
However, the reality in Taiwan is that the practice of guanxi is still very conventional by certain cultural ways.
2008 руб
Hanjian (Chinese culture) Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
In Chinese culture, a Hanjian (simplified Chinese: traditional Chinese: pinyin: Hanjian) is a derogatory and pejorative term for a race traitor to the Han Chinese nation or state, and to a lesser extent, Han ethnicity.
1335 руб
Collins Chinese Language and Culture HarperCollins Publishers
974 руб
When in China: A Guide to Chinese Business Culture Sinolingua
686 руб
Dragon (дракон): Для детей от 3 лет - - с. {Woodcraft Construction Kit: Chinese Lucky Symbol} Модель сборная деревянная: Китай
240 руб
Elements of Chinese and Japanese Design: Альбом Pepin Press
895 руб
Chinese Speaking. Elementary. Book 2 Step by Step ISBN 978-7-80200-260-9 Step by Step Sinolingua Deng Bo,Zhou Xiaobing,Liu Rong,Wang Yongchang,Chen Mo,Zhang Xiaohong,Lei Li,Cheng Wen
990 руб
Contemporary Chinese 1. Textbook. In 4 volums. Volume 1 нет серии ISBN 978-7-80052-880-4 Sinolingua
1160 руб

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