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A Linguistic Analysis of Biomedical Abstracts. Differences between Korean and American Speakers of English

Формат:      Страниц 188
     мягкая обложка
Benjamin D.H.    
Книга по Требованию    
2784 руб
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This book aims to examine variation in biomedical writing according to the authors’ countries of origin and first language. The significance of these studies regards the growing number of second language (L2) specialized researchers attempting to publish their research in national and international English-language journals, but who find themselves locked out of the discussion and unable to contribute ideas and innovations to the biomedical fields due to different linguistic and discourse conventions. An old credo in academia reads “Publish or perish. ” But what the credo fails to mention is that current publications are largely published in only one language – English. The present examination aims to provide a more thorough and quantitative understanding of the prototypical linguistic components in biomedicine, and to suggest how word-, sentence-, and discourse-level structures can be researched, taught, and developed into workshop or educational materials. This improved understanding is expected to provide a powerful apparatus for the promotion of L2 English writers in biomedical fields.
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500 руб
Раздел: Магниты канцелярские
Набор из 2 мягких ракеток с мячом, арт. Т59921.
Набор для игр с мячом и круглыми, мягкими, ярко оформленными ракетками "батут" оценят, как взрослые, так и дети. Игра с такими
353 руб
Раздел: Ловушки мячей, кэтчбол, огоспорт

Система HLA и инфекционные заболевания
Антигены I класса, впервые найденные на лейкоцитах (отсюда термин HLA), экспрессируются (синтезируются и выводятся на клеточную поверхность) почти во всех тканях (продукт четвертого локуса I класса, HLA-G, экспрессируется только в трофобласте). Молекулы I класса играют важную роль при распознавании антигена цитотоксическими -клетками (CD8). Молекулы II класса кодируются тремя или более генными локусами (DR, DP и DQ). HLA-DR антигены известны также как Ia антигены по аналогии с антигенами иммунного ответа у мышей. В последнее время особое внимание исследователей привлекает область HLA-D, так как, по-видимому, именно эта область включает гены иммунного ответа человека (IR - гены), и, возможно, супрессивный ген (IS- ген). В 6 хромосоме между генами I и II классов находятся гены, кодирующие молекулы III класса (которые включают факторы комплемента 2, 4a и 4b) и цитокины F Reily R.J., Pollac M.S. e al. Use of HLA ge o ipicaly differe do ors i bo e marrow ra spla a io - ra spla . Proc., 1979, vol. 11, №1, p.219-224 8.Тананов А.Т. HLA и болезни крови.

THEIR MOVEMENT AND CONTENDINGS. STEPHANITES: Historical and Linguistic Analysis of Gaedlae Abaew wae-Ahaw Книга по Требованию Teweldeberhan M.
Hence, the analyses would help philologists, historians, linguists and theologians.
1923 руб
An Analysis of Linguistic Concepts in Molecular Genetics Linguistic Metaphor in Biological Theory. Книга по Требованию Gudrun H.
In studying the historical emergence and spread of linguistic concepts in molecular discourse, the book explains their productivity, as well as makes an effort to expose their scope and limits.
2784 руб
Text Analysis for Requirements Engineering. Application of Computational Linguistics Книга по Требованию
An ontology consists of a set of terms and relations between these terms.
2416 руб
Static Analysis of Actors by Abstract Interpretation. Applying Abstract Interpretation to an Higher Order Process Calculus Книга по Требованию Pierre-Loic G.
The CAP process calculus, proposed by Colaco, is based on this model and allows to describe non trivial realistic systems, without the need of complex encodings.
3051 руб
Modern cost management analysis Barron's Educational Series Shim
Problems and examples are based on realistic business situations.
929 руб
Linguistic Reconstruction: An Introduction to Theory and Method Oxford University Press Fox A.
Historical lingustics seeks to find out by going beyond the history of individual languages to discover the general principles which underlie language change.
1704 руб
Russian Civil Code. Parts 1–3: Text and Analysis (на английском языке) Волтерс Клувер Osakwe C.
Recommended reading for legal professionals in the field of comparative law as well as students of law.
854 руб
The Life And Growth Of Language: An Outline Of Linguistic Science Книга по Требованию William D.W.
5 руб
Historical Analysis Of Christian Civilisation Книга по Требованию Louis R.D.V.
5 руб
Models and time series analysis for anaesthesia. Estimation of the depth of anaesthesia from interacting physiological oscillators Книга по Требованию Kumiko O.
To tackle this problem, an interdisciplinary project "Brain Respiration and Cardiac Causalities in Anaesthesia (BRACCIA)" was created.
3191 руб
H Absorption into Metals. Kinetic Analysis Книга по Требованию Shiyuan Q.
The absorption and permeation of H into transition metals is commonly enhanced by adsorbed catalyst poisons, which decrease the coverage by adsorbed H, the intermediate in the hydrogen evolution reaction.
2747 руб
Design and Analysis of Wireless CDMA Systems. Using Theory of Random Matrices Книга по Требованию Linbo L.
In addition, as this book explores the exciting cross discipline of random matrices and wireless communication, it will also be useful for mathematicians wishing to see how advanced mathematics shape today’s engineering practice.
2747 руб
A Cognitive Analysis The Japanese Dative. Книга по Требованию Tomoko O.H.
Of all the particles in Japanese, the dative particle ni is perhaps the one whose meaning is most difficult to pin down.
3191 руб
Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis. Data Integration for regular and high dimensional studies Книга по Требованию Elena P.
It is applicable to all studies including large studies with limited sample size.
2385 руб
The Art of Collaboration. An analysis of the collaboration between the artist and the disabled person which facilitates an engagement with wider society Книга по Требованию Heather L.
This book provides a model through which participation in the visual arts can be made more widely accessible.
2747 руб
Migration velocity analysis in factorized VTI media. Migration velocity analysis in anisotropic media Книга по Требованию Debashish S.
In recent times, seismic imaging efforts around the world have focused on increasingly complex earth models that are not only heterogeneous, but anisotropic as well.
2385 руб
IRAQ WAR THROUGH THE LENS OF NATIONALITY. A content analysis of Iraq war reportage in German and American newspapers Книга по Требованию Lori H.
This study may offer an explanation as to why the United States and Germany shared such opposing opinions about the Iraq War—each country’s citizens experienced the news from different perspectives.
1981 руб
The acoustic streaming cooling effect is analyzed.
2747 руб
Tetrahydrobiopterin and nitric oxide synthase regulation. Generation and analysis of endothelial-targeted transgenic mouse lines over-expressing human GTP cyclohydrolase 1 Книга по Требованию Nicholas A.
In this project novel targeted transgenic mouse lines were generated with endothelial-specific over-expression of human GTPCH.
2385 руб
Work, Pension and Reform. A Comparative Analysis of Norway and Denmark in light of OECD Recommendations Книга по Требованию Siv M.
One of the major consequences of aging societies is decreasing ratios of people of traditional working- age to people outside the labour market.
2747 руб

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