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Computational Methods for Molecular Analysis and Design. Efficient Numerical Algorithms for Surface Formulations of Mathematical Models of Solvation

Формат:      Страниц 196
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Jaydeep B.    
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Four contributions to modeling biomolecular interactions are presented. The third part describes an integral-equation formulation and boundary-element method implementation for biomolecule electrostatic analysis. The presented research focuses on surface formulations of modeling problems related to the estimation of the energetic cost to transfer a biomolecule from the gas phase to aqueous solution. The first section describes an approach to allow accurate discretization of the most prevalent definitions of the biomolecule–solvent interface, and numerical methods for numerically integrating possibly singular functions over these discretizations. This approach represents a novel PDE-constrained optimization technique. The final section details an efficient numerical method for calculating a biomolecular charge distribution that minimizes the free energy of binding to another molecule. The second section presents a fast multiscale numerical algorithm, FFTSVD, that efficiently solves large problems in biomolecule electrostatics. The text presents a set of numerical techniques that extend and improve computational modeling approaches for biomolecule analysis and design.
Тележка "Supermarket" №1.
Продуктовая тележка для игры в магазин, с помощью которой просто отлично осуществлять покупки в "собственном" супермаркете.
529 руб
Раздел: Магазины, супермаркеты
Скатерть клеенчатая, 152x152 см (на фланелевой основе, с кантом).
Скатерть клеенчатая с кантом подарит настроение и создаст домашний уют на вашей кухне. Материал: полиэтилен на фланелевой основе. Размер: 152x152 см.
399 руб
Раздел: Квадратные
Глобус Земли физический "Классик", рельефный, 320 мм.
На карту глобуса нанесены страны, границы, города, континенты, моря, океаны, глубины и другая полезная информация, а так же детальный
1197 руб
Раздел: Глобусы

Получение мембранного белка бактериородопсина, меченного дейтерием по остаткам ароматических...
I was show , ha i mass spec ra of deriva ives of ami o acids ob ai ed from hydroliza es of bac eriorhodopsi molecular io s of deu era ed aroma ic ami o acids are prese ed a d prac ically abse heir a ive o -labelled a aloques. he da a ob ai ed es ified o he high efficie cy of labelli g of bac eriorhodopsi i hose experime al co di io s.

Magnetohydrodynamics: Numerical and Computational Methods Modeling and Analysis. Книга по Требованию PRASAN K.S.
The content of the book is intended to serve as an introductory text for the advanced graduate students in physics, applied mathematics and engineering and is also useful for the researchers in theoretical physics, mechanical, aeronautical engineering and metallurgy.
2416 руб
Molecular Analysis of Virulence Gene ABA392 of P.multocida. Molecular Analysis of Virulence Gene Книга по Требованию Salmah I.
The fragment size of ABA392 was determined to be 921 nt and no homology found in the Genbank database.
1997 руб
Journal Bearings Optimization and Analysis. Design Tool for Engineers Книга по Требованию Miles Z.
The model is accurate and converges rapidly.
3215 руб
Convex Methods for the Design of Structured Controllers. an Approach for Spatially Invariant Systems, with Extensions to General Interconnected Systems Книга по Требованию Gustavo A.d.C.
This monograph deals with some control theoretic problems that arise from the study of systems composed by a collection of similar units.
2416 руб
Molecular analysis of transcriptional gene silencing in Arabidopsis. Interplay between chromatin modifications and epigenetic factors Книга по Требованию MUHAMMAD T.
These covalent modifications attract specific chromatin binding factors and ensure faithful inheritance of gene expression patterns during DNA replication and mitosis, referred as epigenetic inheritance.
2008 руб
Mineral waters of the United States. I. Classification and methods of analysis. II. Commercial waters. III. Saratoga waters sampled at source Книга по Требованию Haywood J.K.
601 руб
Capillary electrophoresis methods for pharmaceuitcal Analaysis. Non-chiral and Chiral methods for analysis of fluoroquinolones and primaquine in pharmaceutical formulations Книга по Требованию Abdalla E.
A major advance for CE is its recognition by various regulatory authorities.
2626 руб
The University of British Columbia Department of Civil Engineering Rational Method for Analysis and Design of Steel Plate Walls. Книга по Требованию
Based on experimental outcomes, the SPW system was found to be an excellent lateral load resisting system.
3234 руб
A manual of short methods in arithmetic, designed for the use of schools and to facilitate the arithmetical calculations of business and science Книга по Требованию Hunter J.
599 руб
Translation versus Machine Translation Post-editing. A computer-aided error analysis evaluation on the suitability of using MT post-editing versus translation for foreign language written production Книга по Требованию Ana N.
Given that language students currently use free online raw machine translation output for their foreign language written assignments, we aim at suggesting a good use of raw MT output in the foreign language class.
3051 руб
Letterhead and Logo Design 11 Rockport Publishers Design A.
1206 руб
German Design Award 2011 Die Gestalten Verlag German D.C.
The book not only provides insight into the work of current leaders in the field, but through its selection of winning design ideas, it also anticipates which challenges design will face in the future.
4599 руб
Data Mining and Computational Intelligence in Genomics. Methods for Gene Expression Data Analysis Книга по Требованию Andrei D.
Therefore, this book presents a series of computational methods and algorithms, capable of extracting valuable biological knowledge from this type of data.
2385 руб
New Directions in Flow Control. Reduced Order Modeling, Nonlinear Analysis and Control Design Methods for the Control of Fluid Flow Problems Книга по Требованию Co?ku K.
This includes mathematical models that are amenable to control design.
2416 руб
Methods in Molecular Biotechnology. Experimental Analysis Книга по Требованию Virendra G.
Methods in Molecular Biotechnology explore contemporary techniques and applications of Molecular Biotechnology, illustrating the tremendous potential this technology has to change our world by improving the food supply.
3234 руб
Low Power Delta-Sigma ADC on Silicon-On-Sapphire. Design, Analysis, and Implementation Книга по Требованию Chia-ming L.
The architectural advantage of the Delta-Sigma A/DC is its insensitivity to process variation allowing for resolution in excess of 20-bit by adjusting oversampling ratio, modulator order, and/or quantizer dimension.
2747 руб
Genetic Engineering and Molecular Studies of Insulin Secreting Cells. Basics, Concepts, and Methods to Improve Insulin Secretion Книга по Требованию AYMAN A.
This book reveals some details of research done at Marshall University, USA, involving functional aspects of pancreatic beta cells in several experimental models: avian, transgenic mice, and beta-cell lines.
2385 руб
Structure/Ligand-based Drug Design and Structure Bioinformatics. Basics, Concepts, Methods, and Applications Книга по Требованию Shuxing Z.
Drug discovery and development is a very expensive and time-consuming process.
1981 руб
Robust and Efficient 3-D Optical Flow Computing Framework. with scalable and flexible numerical methods Книга по Требованию Chang-Ming T.
This book presents a framework that improves the robustness and accuracy in computing dense optical-flow fields.
2385 руб
Data Analysis: Methods, Techniques and Applications A Roadmap to Better Decision-Making. Книга по Требованию Tal B.
This book provides an alternative approach and presents a novel framework to advance data analysis through the knowledge discovery process.
3215 руб

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