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Network Pricing Problems. Complexity, polyhedral study and solution approaches

Формат:      Страниц 152
     мягкая обложка
Geraldine H.    
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2416 руб
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Several classes of valid inequalities are proposed, which strengthen important constraints of the initial model. The problem is modelled as a linear mixed integer program, and proved to be NP-hard. Consider the problem of maximizing the revenue generated by tolls set on a subset of arcs of a transportation network, where origin-destination flows (commodities) are assigned to shortest paths with respect to the sum of tolls and initial costs. As toll levels are usually computed using the highway entry-exit points, a complete toll subgraph is considered, where each toll arc corresponds to a toll subpath. This work is concerned with a particular case of the above problem, in which all toll arcs are connected and constitute a path, as occurs on highways. Their efficiency is first shown theoretically, as these are facet defining for the restricted one and two commodity problems. Numerical tests also highlight the practical efficiency of the valid inequalities for the multi-commodity case. Finally, we point out the links between this problem and a more classical design and pricing problem in economics.
Набор для проведения раскопок "Jewerly Excavation. Горный хрусталь".
Набор для проведения раскопок "Горный хрусталь" из серии Jewerly Excavation станет идеальным подарком для юных любителей
331 руб
Раздел: Археологические опыты
Набор посуды: тарелка с подогревом на присоске (3 секции), ложка, вилка.
Тарелочка с подогревом на присоске незаменима в период, когда ваш малыш учится есть самостоятельно. Внутреннее пространство тарелочки
323 руб
Раздел: Наборы для кормления
Мягкий пол универсальный, синий, 60x60 см (4 детали).
4 детали - 1,5 кв.м. Пол идет в комплекте с кромками.
1080 руб
Раздел: Прочие

Его вершины соответствуют промежуточным задачам, а ребра указывают на то, результаты решений каких промежуточных задач используются для основной. Таким образом, исходная задача сводится к поиску оптимального пути в графе 2 (подробнее о методе динамического программирования см. книгу Ахо, Хопкрофта и Ульмана, а также статью Fi kels ei A.V., Roy berg M.A. Compu a io of biopolymers: a ge eral approach o differe problems. Biosys ems.1993; 30 (1-3): 1-19.). Аналогично можно переформулировать различные варианты задач выравнивания, предсказания вторичной структуры РНК и белков, поиска белок-кодирующих областей ДНК и других важных проблем биоинформатики. При построении оптимального выравнивания (мы рассматриваем простейший случай, когда удаление и вставка отдельных символов штрафуются независимо) промежуточные задачи - это построение оптимальных выравниваний начальных фрагментов исходных последовательностей. При этом задачи нужно решать в порядке возрастания длин фрагментов. Граф зависимости между промежуточными решениями для сравнения слов «ПАПКА» и «ПАПАХА», а также последовательность промежуточных шагов, приводящих к оптимальному выравниванию, показаны на рис. 2. Рис. 2. (a) Граф зависимостей между промежуточными задачами для выравнивания слов ПАПКА и ПАПАХА.

Defects in Random Number Routines of Network Simulators. Problems and Appropriate Improvements Книга по Требованию
In order to find parameters of good quality over a wide range of dimensions, a parallel approach implementing exhaustive and random search methods is proposed.
2416 руб
Analyzing Network Interconnection Competition where Subscribers can Maintain Multiple Network Subscriptions Access Pricing. Книга по Требованию Roger A.
By introducing multiple-network subscription and usage substitution for users subscribed to multiple networks, the analysis allows more general assessments to be made of the impact of access pricing schemes on the degree of competition between interconnected networks.
3215 руб
Resource Pricing for Connection-Oriented Networks. A Game Theoretical Approach to Allocating Bandwidth under Uncertainty Книга по Требованию Bobby N.
Users are treated as utility maximizing entities who allocate the available bandwidth among themselves by playing a distributed, noncooperative rate game.
2008 руб
Экзамен 640-507 (пер. Кузьмина М. ) Изд. 2-е - 536 с. CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate: Учебное руководство: М: Лори Лэммл Т.
Имеет более чем 18-летний опыт работы по диагностике, установке и настройке глобальных и локальных сетей.
500 руб
Thirteen Problems HarperCollins Publishers Christie A.
456 руб
Thirteen Problems Penguin Group Christie A.
231 руб
Network 3. Teacher's Book Oxford University Press Bill B.
1391 руб
National And Social Problems Книга по Требованию Frederic H.
5 руб
Industrial Problems Книга по Требованию Noble A. R.
5 руб
Source Problems In United States History (1918) Книга по Требованию Andrew C.M.
1154 руб
Mechanics of Elastic-Plastic Fracture: Special Problems of Fracture Mechanics URSS Parton V.Z.
The first volume, published as a separate book, contains the main criteria and methods of elastic and elastic-plastic fracture mechanics.
496 руб -5% 471 руб
Steady and Unsteady Flow Problems For Newtonian. Basics, Concepts, Methods Книга по Требованию Rahmat E.
This seems a worthwhile consideration in view of the paucity of such solutions.
2747 руб
Population Density Approach to Neural Network Modeling. Dimension Reduction Analysis, Techniques, and Firing Rate Dynamics Книга по Требованию Cheng L.
An introduction to PDM and the relevant issues are discussed in Chapter 2. A ' moment closure' dimension reduction technique is analyzed in Chapter 3. We show the equations are ill-posed in the fluctuation-driven regime with realistic parameters despite several contrary reports in the literature.
2385 руб
Off-Network Control Processing for Scalable Routing. A Novel Paradigm for Scalable Design in Very Large Sensor Networks Книга по Требованию Tao W.
In this book we investigate two problems concerning wireless sensor networks: (A) energy efficient medium access control and (B) scalable routing architecture for very large wireless sensor networks.
2747 руб
A network approach to study policy processes The Politics of Social Protection in Rural India. Книга по Требованию Sony P.
This is unraveled by examining the network of poor people in the villages of India.
3191 руб
Privatising the Forests. An economic analysis of trends, prospects and problems Книга по Требованию Pasquale S.
These social institutions include specific arrangements to transfer property rights (such as explicit or implicit auction mechanisms), as well as rules and regulations concerning the extent and the mode in which the rights may be exercised (the “governance” of the privatisation process).
1981 руб
Deer Problems in a Suburban Community. Deer Population, Deer-Vehicle Collisions, And Public Opinion Книга по Требованию Steven P.
It identifies four kinds of land classes in suburbia that contribute to the presence of deer.
2385 руб
Elastic Wave-based Damage Detection Using Active Sensor Network Книга по Требованию Zhongqing S.
Following a review of the state of the art in this field, the book introduces a signal processing technique, termed Digital Damage Fingerprints (DDF); an inverse identification algorithm using a feedforward artificial neural network (ANN); and an active sensor network technique based on a novel concept, Standard Sensor Unit (SSU).
3191 руб
Mobile Agents for Network Fault Detection Based on The Wiener Filter Книга по Требованию Mouhammd A.
Existing centralized based network management approaches suffer from problems such as insufficient scalability, availability and flexibility, as networks become more distributed.
3215 руб
We next consider stochastic equilibrium problems arising from Nash-Cournot competition, inspired by a Cournot bidding model for electricity markets.
1997 руб

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