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Fabricating Brain Tissue by growing Stem Cells on Coral Skeletons. Stem cells convert into neurons and glia when cultivated on three-dimensional aragonite crystalline matrix

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Danny B.    
Книга по Требованию    
2008 руб
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The coralline skeleton is a highly adhesive porous scaffold made of crystalline aragonite and is unique in its ability to nurture cells with calcium. The brain has a limited ability to recover from injury; however, the discovery of stem cells that can differentiate into neural cells – neurons and glia - creates conditions for generation of new cells to replace the damaged tissue. Growing stem cells on this scaffold in close proximity to a layer of neural cells enhances these cell' s durability and differentiation to neural lineages. The enhancement is due to the combination of growth of the stem cells in three-dimensions, their chemical interaction with the aragonite crystals and their reaction to inducing factors secreted by the primary neural cells. This novel nervous tissue engineering strategy can significantly contribute to our capability to promote regeneration in the central nervous system following trauma, stroke and neurodegenerative diseases. We have developed a method to facilitate achievement of this long sought-after goal - cultivating stem cells on coral skeleton adjacent to cultures of primary neural cells.
Фоторамка на 9 фотографий С34-013 "Alparaisa", 55,5x44,5 см (белый).
Размеры рамки: 55,5x44,5х2 cм. Размеры фото: - 10х15 см, 4 штуки, - 15х10 см, 4 штуки, - 30х10 см, 1 штука. Фоторамка-коллаж для 9-ти
870 руб
Раздел: Мультирамки
Коврик массажный "Морские камушки".
Массажные элементы модулей представляют собой два вида иголочек и камешки, покрытые маленькими пупырышками. Модули, выполненные из мягкого
1325 руб
Раздел: Коврики
Ранец школьный "DeLune" с мешком для обуви, пенал, часы (арт. 9-119).
Ранец школьный «Каскадный», украшенный объёмной 3D картинкой,- это совершенно уникальное решение, сочетающее яркую, большую картинку и
6050 руб
Раздел: С наполнением

Программируемая клеточная смерть
Обсуждается взаимосвязь программируемой смерти и некультивируемого состояния у микроорганизмов. his paper briefly overviews he da a o programmed cell dea h (apop osis) i a imals a d pla s. ecrosis represe s a pa hological sce ario of cell dea h, which is accompa ied by i flamma io i a imals. Apop osis resul s i disi egra io of a imal a d pla cells i o membra e vesicles e closi g he i racellular co e , which are hereupo absorbed by adjace cells or specialized cells (phagocy es). Pla s lack such specialized cells, a d pla cell walls preve phagocy osis. he paper co siders he mai molecular mecha isms of apop osis i a imals a d he pa hways of ac iva io of caspases, highly co served cys ei e pro eases. A special sec io co cer s i self wi h he process of programmed cell dea h (PCD) i microorga isms i cludi g (i) cell dea h i he myxomyce e Dic yos elium discoideum a d he parasir ic flagella e rypa osoma cruzi; (ii) PCD i ge e ically ma ipula ed yeas s expressi g he proapop o ic pro ei s Bax a d Bak; (iii) dea h of par of a prokaryo ic cell popula io upo deple io of u rie resources or u der s ress; (iv) elimi a io of cells af er a loss of plasmids e codi g a s able cy o oxic age i combi a io wi h a labile a ido e; (v) PCD i phage-i fec ed bac erial cells.

Perforation Repair with Dental Pulp Stem Cells and DMP1. A New Approach to Repair Teeth Perforations Utilizing Dental Pulp Stem Cells and Dentin Matrix Protein 1 An Animal Model Книга по Требованию Rajaa A.
Under the conditions of this study, it may be concluded that DPSCs impregnated within a collagen scaffold can differentiate into odontoblast-like cells secreting a highly cellular, vascular, and mineralized matrix that can be the ground substance for dentin formation, in the presence of DMP1.
1997 руб
Adult stem cells in the mammary gland. Differential gene expression of potential stem/progenitor cell markers in murine mammary epithelial cells (HC11) Книга по Требованию Thomas W.
Based on data obtained from a gene array, the aim of this project was to investigate differentially expressed genes in HC11 cells, which might be stem/progenitor cell marker candidates and determine their functions in HC11 cells.
2008 руб
Stem Cells: A Very Short Introduction A Very Short Introduction Oxford University Press Slack J.
Despite important advances, clinical applications of stem cells are still in their infancy.
495 руб
Discussion on Bioethical and Theological Perspectives BIOETHICAL ASPECTS OF STEM CELL RESEARCH AND CLONING. Книга по Требованию ANKUR B.
There is a rapid and astonishing progress in the field of cloning since the making of "Dolly" – the first cloned sheep, a few years ago.
2416 руб
Stem cell Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
They are characterized by the ability to renew themselves through mitotic cell division and differentiating into a diverse range of specialized cell types.
1395 руб
Brain MR Image Segmentation using MRF Model and Tabu Search Strategy. Tissue Classification of Brain MRI Книга по Требованию DIPTI P.
The study of many brain disorders involves accurate tissue segmentation of brain magnetic resonance images.
3234 руб
Development of Economic and Optimum Human Chondrocyte Growth Medium and Cartilage Regeneration for Clinical Application Growing Human Chondrocytes and Cartilage Tissue Engineering. Книга по Требованию Chua K.H.
Medical problems can arise from damaged cartilage in the nose, trachea, ear and knee joint.
2416 руб
Puzzle: 4D: Coral Fish: Part 2 (Коралловые рыбки): Для детей от 3 лет (в ассортименте) - - с. ~54.00.00 62371 Китай
115 руб
Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science The Brain That Changes Itself: Penguin Books Doidge N.
549 руб
The Coral Island Penguin Group Ballantyne R.M.
At first the island seems a paradise, with its plentiful foods and wealth of natural wonders.
961 руб
From the Notebooks of Dr. Brain Random House, Inc. Minister F.
402 руб
Brain Darts. The Advertising Design of Turkel Schwartz & Partners Rockport Publishers
5 руб
The Relations of Mind and Brain Книга по Требованию Henry C.
See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing.
5 руб
Kennedy's Brain Random House, Inc. Henning M.
328 руб
The Virginia Monologues: Why Growing Old is Great Penguin Group Virginia I.
Getting old? Get over it! For too long those in short skirts have been telling us oldies we don' t matter: ' you' re out of touch! Get out of the way, grandma! The next generation is coming through' . Well, enough is enough.
696 руб
Shades of Experience. Consciousness and the Metaphysics of Mind-Brain Identity Книга по Требованию Liam D.
What are “qualia,” the variegated raw feels of conscious experiences?
1981 руб
Gene therapy of bladder cancer and colorectal metastasis in the liver. Isulin like growth factor 2 P3 and P4 regulatory sequences controlled suicidal therapy of cancer cells Книга по Требованию Basim A.
This book describes a PhD research in which the regulatory sequences of IGF2 (P3 and P4 promoters) were used to induce killing of cancer cells in culture or cell of mouse and rat bladder TCCs and of rat colon metastasis to the liver.
2385 руб
A Novel Mechanism for Degeneration of Islet Cells in Type-2 Diabetes New Hope in Treating Type-2 Diabetes. Книга по Требованию Atef M.
It opens up additional avenues of research into the aetiology, pathogenesis and the treatment of T2DM.
2769 руб
Spatio-temporal analysis of functional Magnetic Resonance Images. Statistical techniques for the detection of brain activity Книга по Требованию Jayasanka P.
The statistical analysis techniques have the potential to be adopted in the fields such as radar and sonar signal processing and statistics.
1997 руб
Applied for Vascular Imaging and Haemodialysis Monitoring PHOTON PROPAGATION IN TISSUE AND IN BIOLOGICAL FLUIDS. Книга по Требованию Ivo F.
The book in your hand helps you gain the insight that photon propagation in tissue and biological fluids is at least as complicated as in galaxies and stars.
3215 руб

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