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Electron Impact Ionization of SiCl3, SiCl2, and SiCl

Формат:      Страниц 108
     мягкая обложка
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2008 руб
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Electron impact ionization and dissociative processes, and in particular, electron impact induced processes involving halogen-containing molecules, are crucial in low-temperature processing plasmas. To control the characteristics of the materials processed by the plasma, knowledge of the equilibrium number density of the different reactive species in the plasma is essential. In this thesis, the electron impact ionization of SiCl3, SiCl2, and SiCl is investigated. Silicon tetrachloride (SiCl4) is frequently used as an admixture in processing plasma feed gas mixtures. There is therefore a critical need for cross sections of electron-impact induced processes relevant to the creation and destruction of these species. The electron impact ionization and dissociative ionization cross sections for the SiCl4 molecule as well as for the resulting from the collisional break-up of SiCl4 initiated by the plasma electrons are very important quantities for the understanding and modeling of silicon-chlorine plasmas and their interactions with materials. The interactions of electrons with matter are among the most fundamentally important processes in nature.
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Силиконовые каучуки (состоят из полимера, наполнителя и вулканизатора) представляют собой обычные линейные полидиметилсилоксаны с относительной молекулярной массой 250000-450000. Нагревание приводит к сшивке линейных полимеров поперечными связками. Наполнители, например, различные типы аэрогелей оксида кремния (IV), улучшают механические свойства полимеров, повышают их прочность при растяжении и придают способность к удлинению до 60%. Вулканизацию проводят в присутствии перекисей. Силиконовые каучуки применяют в качестве электроизоляционного материала, прокладок различной аппаратуры и электродвигателей. Кремнийорганические соединения получают из алкилхлорсиланов или аркилхлорсиланов. Это SiCl2(СН2)2, Si(С2Н5)2Cl2, С6Н5SiCl3. Схема последовательного гидролиза и поликонденсации при получении кремнийорганических полимеров следующая: И так дальше до образования полимера, имеющего формулу: На основе кремнийорганических смол изготавливают прессовочные и слоистые материалы. Характеристика различных типов этих материалов проведена в таблице 1. Таблица 1 Прессовочные и слоистые материалы Показатели КМС-9 КМК-71 К-41-5 КМС-9 СКМ-1 8 Наполнитель Минераль Асбест Асбесто Стеклянн Стеклянна ный , вое ое я ткань кварц волокно волокно 1 2 3 4 5 6 Плотность, г/см3 1,8-2,1 1,82 1,9 1,8-2,0 1,6-1,77 Предел прочности, кг/см2: - при растяжении - - 230 - 2575 - при сжатии 850-900 - 1325 - 1600 - при изгибе 300 300 500 400 140 Удельное поверхностное - 1000-1 1000 107 1,12 108 сопротивление, МОм 0000 Удельное объемное 108 106 104 107 5 107 сопротивление, МОм/см3 Электрическая прочность, 13 5 2 4 10 11,5 кВ/мм Диэлектрическая постоянная, 7 9 - 4,7 4,5 Гц Различают следующие виды материалов, сделанных на основе кремнийорганических соединений. 3.1. Стеклопласты Стеклопласты – пластические массы, у которых связующим веществом служат синтетические полимеры, а наполнителем или армирующим материалом – стеклянное волокно или стеклянная ткань, придающие стеклопластикам особую прочность.

Impact Ionization. Numerical Treatment for Semiconductor Device Simulation Книга по Требованию Christian P.M.
However, impact ionization rates reported in the literature often differ by several orders of magnitude, giving rise to the need for thorough numerical studies.
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Results from the study provided useful information that can be utilized to facilitate the educational growth and learning potential of students dealing with this chronic illness.
1981 руб
Determinants of Ethical Behaviour of Managers in Malaysia. The impact of certain determinants on the ethical perceptions and attitudes of corporate managers Книга по Требованию Allan M.
Therefore, the purpose of this exploratory study is to examine the impact of certain determinants on the perceptions of ethical behaviour of corporate managers in Malaysia.
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Deaf Babies and Cochlear Implantation. The impact on early verbal communication development Книга по Требованию Dr M.D.
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Investigations into the Impact of Mindfulness Training on Goal Attainment and Well-Being New Directions in Evidence-Based Coaching. Книга по Требованию
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Immigration and the Pay-As-You-Go-Pension-System. The Impact of Immigration on Different Groups of Society Книга по Требованию
Most industrial countries today are facing serious problems regarding old age security.
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Quantifying Protein Adsorption on Combinatorial Metal Films. A High Throughput Approach Using Novel Ex-situ and In-situ Techniques With Electron Microprobe and Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Книга по Требованию Trevor B.
The flow cell allows a sample to be probed point by point and at any common ellipsometric angle of incidence, unlike other designs.
1981 руб
The Impact of Motivational Factors on Organizational Commitment. The Impact of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors on Organizational Commitment in Educational Institutions - A Case Study of Two Private Colleges Книга по Требованию Berhan A.
Where as, they were dissatisfied with extrinsic content of work such as salary, fringe benefits, incentives, job security, opportunity for training, and post employment security.
1981 руб
The Impact of Early Attachment on Youth Violence. Utilizing The Identity Development Model for Treatment of Adolescent Attachment Disturbance Книга по Требованию Rebecca S.
It was inspired by the tragic events at Columbine High School in 1999.
1997 руб
The MPO Composers Forum. and its impact on the performance of contemporary western classical music by Malaysian composers in Kuala Lumpur Книга по Требованию HueyChing C.
By its own account, the MPO Composers Forum has been successful meeting its goals of connecting composers with audience and musicians, and of assisting in career development of local composers within the geographical context of Malaysia.
1997 руб
Political Impact of the Internet. An Analysis of Singapore Книга по Требованию Benjamin J.K.Y.
The advent of the Internet, along with its ubiquitous social media applications, facilitates efficient political communication on a global scale.
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The Impact of SARS. on Toronto's Health Care System Книга по Требованию Amelie C.L.
Greater knowledge of the cost of SARS on the health care system will help hospital managers make better informed decisions about the types of services to deliver and how to deliver them.
2403 руб
SPECIFIC LITHIC MODIFICATION OF BONE DURING BUTCHERY:. A Scanning Electron Microscopy Analysis Книга по Требованию Daniel S.
Cut marks were made on fresh bone using 8 different lithic flakes for a comparative data base and ancient cut marks on bones were then replicated for SEM and image analysis of the stunningly beautiful micrographs.
2403 руб
The Impact of Financial Information in Social Responsibility. The Importance of Financial Information for the Recognition of Companies as Socially Responsible Книга по Требованию Diego D.
From experienced CEO’s to employees who have stepped into a managerial role in an organization, social responsibility is a high concern for anyone who wants to differentiate.
1997 руб
If the results of high stakes tests can indeed curtail a student' s access to life chances this is a question of equity that must be addressed before asserting that every child has right of entry to a quality education. Concomitantly, this in turn casts doubt on the validity of education policies that support high stakes standardized tests as a measure of school accountability. Are standardized tests a valid appraisal of the student' s skill level and learning?
3215 руб

Молочный гриб можно использовать для похудения, восстановления микрофлоры, очищения организмаМолочный гриб можно использовать для похудения, восстановления микрофлоры, очищения организма

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