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The Manufacturing and the Non-Manufacturing Sectors The Falling Rate of Profits in West Germany.

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This study supports the claim that profit rate declines and restorations were dominantly, though not exclusively, caused by wage changes as opposed to technological changes, and particularly so in the manufacturing sector where unions were stronger. It develops a simple way to graphically present them so a reader can immediately see their relative contributions to the changes in the profit rate. The study finds significantly different behavior between the manufacturing and the non manufacturing sectors, revealing a serious limitation of any simple aggregate studies of the West German profit rate. Empirical studies traditionally looked at the manufacturing sector because of lack of data for the rest of the economy. The book also summarizes the main empirical studies of the USA economy`s profit rate between 1960 and 1990. The book considers the profit share and output-capital ratio as determinants of changes in the profit rates. This book investigates the economy-wide rate of profit, the manufacturing and the non manufacturing sectors in West Germany from 1960 to unification. The profit rate has long been understood to be a crucial indicator of the health of a capitalist economy.
Гирлянда электрическая "Сетка" 130x140 см, разноцветная.
Гирлянда "Сетка" состоит из разноцветных ламп, которые будут мигать в 8 режимах. Предназначена для использования в помещении.
600 руб
Раздел: Гирлянды с мини-лампами
Рюкзак "World of Tanks".
Материал: полиэстер 100%. Размер рюкзака: 38х28х13 см. Основное отделение на молнии, 1 внешний карман, 2 боковых сетчатых кармана,
1731 руб
Раздел: Без наполнения
1 страница в день. Ежедневник для творческих людей. Куртц Адам
Это авторский ежедневник для творческих экспериментов. Заполняйте по странице в день и создавайте свою уникальную историю на протяжении
564 руб
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955 руб

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