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Turkish Social Work Sector in post 1990s. Post 1990s Turkish Social Work Sector through the Accounts of the Social Workers

Формат:      Страниц 84
     мягкая обложка
Aysecan K.S.    
Книга по Требованию    
2008 руб
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In Europe this new model of welfare meant the destructuration of an existing welfare system. In this new model, state is one of the partners rather than a regulator who provides public services. However Turkish social policy environment in general and the Turkish social services in particular had a different structure. The Turkish social work sector since its early days in the early 20th Century was considered to be within the realm of the civil society and voluntariness. This study scrutinizes the state-civil society partnerships in the Turkish Social Services Sector after the 1990s. This approach is embraced in Turkey parallel to the approaches of the international organizations such as the World Bank. This study argues that the discomfort of the social workers, manifested as a loss of institutional trust and not being able to define their role in the institution, is not resulting from a new structure, rather it stems from the new form of poverty they try to respond with the vaguely defined borders between the state and civil society. This new welfare model after the 1990s was integrated into the existing structure of social services as a strategy to cope with the new poverty.
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Наука и кризис цивилизации
Curre Co e s, 1990, 5 20. Анализ сложных систем (ред. Э.Квейд ). М, 1969. 21. Жученко А.А., Урсул А.Д. Адаптивная интенсификация сельскохозяйственного производства. Кишинев, 1983. 22. Lafo ai e О. El socialismo у los uevos movimie os sociales. "El socialismo del fu ure", 1990, I. 23. Curre Co e s, 1989, 32. 24. elki D, a credi L. Da gerous Diag os ics: he Social Power of Biological I forma io . .Y., 1989 25. Gaspar J. "El Pais", 14 de marzo, 1990. Сергей Кара-Мурза. Наука и кризис цивилизации Примечания 1) В действительности идея индивидуальной свободы находится в противоречии с идеей демократии. Давая философское обоснование неолиберализма, Г.Радницки подчеркивает это различие: "Идея свободного порядка легко может войти в конфликт с определенными типичными применениями демократического метода. Система вознаграждения, возникающая в результате попытки решить проблему распределения демократическим методом, не только снижает желание действовать и готовность рисковать, но и приводит, как известно, к такому циклическому процессу перераспределения, который поглощает ресурсы и еще больше ограничивает индивидуальную свободу.

Collins Dictionary of Social Work (New edition) HarperCollins Publishers Martin T.
5 руб
The Puzzle. The Bulgarian-Turkish Ethnic Relations in Post-Communist Bulgaria Книга по Требованию Denitsa D.
Thus the Bulgarian-Turkish interethnic co-operation in post-communist Bulgaria presents an appealing puzzle.
2008 руб
What's Culture Got To Do With It?. Physical Punishment and Child Physical Abuse among Black African Families in the UK and its implications for Social Work Practise Книга по Требованию Mohamed H.
The study concludes by drawing out the relevant implications for Social Workers practise from an intercultural Learning perspective.
2008 руб
Children in Need. Policy Formulation in Scottish Social Work Книга по Требованию
The book will be useful to social service administrators, managers, planners, evaluators, and direct service providers, in particular social workers, whose aim is to improve services for children and families.
3234 руб
The place of the voluntary worker in civic life and social work Книга по Требованию Heighton J.H.
360 руб
Measuring the Resilience of Military Families in South Africa Multicultural Scale Development in Social Work. Книга по Требованию Adrian V.B.
The author presents a systematic process model for designing and validating scales that can be used in multicultural and multilingual contexts.
3051 руб
Field Work And Social Research Книга по Требованию Stuart C.F.
5 руб
"There is Work To Be Done". The Post-Reunification Aufarbeitung of the SED-Dictatorship Книга по Требованию Jason D.
In this section films and literature that deal with these questions of Germany’s past are examined.
2403 руб
Social and Socialist Commitment in the Works of Three American Authors Книга по Требованию
The ideological battles fought between communist and capitalist states during most of the 20th century led to a tendentious evaluation of novels of social protest.
2416 руб
Employer of Choice and CSR Reputation in Australia. Employer of Choice and Corporate Social Responsibility, and its affect on reputation for Australian business in the finance sector Книга по Требованию Robert G.
The paper refers to research conducted on Australian financial and insurance organisations regarding how these companies publicly address EOC criteria.
3234 руб
Internationalization of the Turkish State. Social Forces and Strategic Selectivity Книга по Требованию Sevgi ?.
It has opened its economy to international competition through diminishing administrative barriers to foreign direct investment, accelerated the privatization program, and created an independent Central Bank.
3234 руб
Who's In and Who's Out? Gender Stereotypes and Political Interest. A Social Psychological Investigation of University Student's Interests in Political Work Книга по Требованию Cherie W.
Implications for research exploring gender differences in political interest are discussed and future areas of research are recommended.
2008 руб
Gender and Work Challenges in the Informal Sector of Uganda. A Study of Disabled men and Women in Uganda Книга по Требованию Helen L.
However, little is known about the conditions under which PWDs join and remain in the informal sector; how they acquire capital and other resources.
2605 руб
Exploring Youth Work, Policy and Practice in Sheffield 1999-2003 Youth Identities: Time, Space and Social Exclusion. Книга по Требованию Andy B.
Drawing on Castells' and Touraine' s sociological models of identity, the book explores youth as a category of time and residual housing areas as a category of space, as they pertain to local dynamics of social exclusion.
3051 руб
Globalizing Denmark. ASB international students want to socially integrate and work in Denmark: so why is it so difficult? Книга по Требованию Elizabeth J.
Life is pleasant and comfortable for most inhabitants, and the social system affords many individuals luxuries in life that are not available in other countries.
1894 руб
The Stoneleigh Project. A case study of outdoor youth work and and its impact on personal and social transformation Книга по Требованию Chris L.
The unfolding context of youth in society and their transition to adulthood is discussed.
3051 руб
Компетенции at work. (Компетенции на работе) Гиппо (Hippo) Спенсер Л.
2090 руб
Машинка: Спецтехника: Siso Work: Для детей от 3 лет - - с. {Cararama} ISBN 100D ~54.00.00 55030 Китай: Hongwell
170 руб
Masters at work Presents 'Latin Verve sounds' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 65864 UniversalMusic
209 руб
How Articles Work in English? (Как же все-таки употреблять артикли?): Учебное пособие по английскому языку Грамматика для всех Менеджер Саакян А.С.,Ионина А.А.
Последовательность изложения материала определяется принципом нарастания сложности.
149 руб

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