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Pattern Recognition applied in Alcohol and LPG Fuel. Application of Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Inference System. Concepts and Methods.

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Vitor H.    
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2008 руб
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Some ways for hardware implementation of the recognizing system were suggested in DSP and micro-controller pre-built systems. The third implemented an Ensemble Static Learning Machine with ten parallel ANN’s. This system had 97% of right responses. This work shows the results of a robust system developed as an alternative to recognize the quality of alcohol vapor and Liquid Petrol Gas (LPG) heat power in an electric nose. The second implemented seven ANN’s trained with input data subsets, such that six ANN’s were trained with a different failure sensor, and the seventh ANN was trained with data of all sensors without failure. The second approach consists of develop an LPG heat power recognizing system robust to one-random-sensor-loss. Backpropagation and Learning Vector Quantization. The first implemented an ANN to recognize data that simulated the failure of a random sensor. Three systems were used. The first approach used a Fuzzy Inference System (FIS) and training algorithms of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN): Two methodologies were used to recognize alcohol vapor and LPG patterns. This system had 99% of right responses. The results were 97% of right responses.
Автомобильный держатель Buro SD-1151, универсальный, черный.
Автомобильный держатель для планшетов с диагональю экрана от 7 до 11 дюймов, устанавливаемое на подголовник сиденья. Поворот на 360
383 руб
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Средство для чистки плит "Bagi Шуманит. Эконом", 270 грамм.
Средство для чистки плит эффективный препарат для удаления стойких и подгоревших жиров с плит, кастрюль, сковород, раковин,
343 руб
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Аккумулятор портативный "Молочный заряд", белый.
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Black label society
Джей Ди тем временем отбыл, а его место занял Стив Гибб по прозвищу "S.O.B.", сын Барри Гибба из " Bee Gees". После выхода пластинки вновь состоялись американско-японские гастроли. Во время этого тура у Ондича раздуло щеку, и он, будучи не в состоянии играть из-за невыносимой боли вынужден был подмениться Крэйгом Нуненмачером. Когда Фил все-таки поправился, у него произошла стычка с Закком, и ударник хлопнул дверью. Таким образом Нуненмачер стал постоянным членом "Black label socie y". После выхода концертника "Alcohol fueled brew ali y" команду покинул Стив Гибб, а его место занял бывший басист Оззи Осборна и " Alice i chai s" Майк Инез. Правда он продержался недолго, поскольку был связан контрактом с другой группой. "Black label socie y" на концертах выручил другой "подельник" Оззи, Роб Траджилло. В 2001 году Закк вновь помогал Осборну записывать альбом и даже предложил тому несколько своих песен, но тот от них отказался. Часть этих треков впоследствии вошла на очередной диск "Black label socie y" "1919 e er al".

Pattern Recognition Penguin Group Gibson W.
703 руб
Modeling of a Liquid Phase LPG Fuel Injection System. Development, Modeling, and Experimentation Книга по Требованию Eero T.
A series of experiments were conducted to verify the accuracy of the models and to investigate the causes of different fuel pressure fluctuations.
2416 руб
Image Recognition System Based on Pattern Recognition. Cervix Cancer Detection by Cytological Slide Image Pattern Recognition Книга по Требованию Jeremiah S.
It requires high skills and experiences of the cytologists.
2285 руб
Social class, transition to adulthood and alcohol use. Patterns of drinking among young people in Recife, Brazil Книга по Требованию Roberta U.
The results demonstrated that among this sample, 79% had tried alcohol, 23% had at least one episode of binge drinking, 18% reported weekly alcohol use and 17% had alcohol problems.
2769 руб
Alcohols Permeability in Nafion Membranes for Direct Alcohol Fuel Cell. Principles and Types of Fuel Cells, a Comparative study on Porosity of Alcohols through Nafion Membranes Книга по Требованию Subramanian R.
Nafion 115 has lower membrane porosity than Nafion-1135 in water, 1M Methanol, 1M Ethanol and 1M isopropyl alcohol solutions.
1894 руб
Oxford Handbook of Applied Dental Sciences (Flexicover) Oxford University Press Scully
- Covers each topic on a single page, leaving space opposite for the reader to add their own notes or information - Supports students in the first two years of the dental course, remaining a useful reference tool in later years - Relates the medical sciences to a clinical dental background The Oxford Handbook of Applied Dental Sciences covers the medical sciences for the preclinical dental student in a concise and easily accessible format.
1181 руб
ZOOM: Global Race to Fuel Car of Future Hachette Livre Vaitheeswaran V.
ZOOM traces the history of the linked industries of oil and cars and how they have created both progress and peril.
265 руб
The Ruling Principle Of Method Applied To Education Книга по Требованию Antonio R.S.
5 руб
Fun With Pattern and Shape Fun with… Oxford University Press Jenny A.
The colouring and matching activities develop visual discrimination, hand-eye coordination, three-dimensional awareness, development of vocabulary and simple measuring skills.
430 руб
In accounting for the own-race bias, the inversion effect, and the distinctiveness effect from a developmental perspective The role of perceptual learning in recognition memory for faces. Книга по Требованию Stephano R.
The rated distinctiveness of a face, the orientation in which a face is seen and the race of the face, are all factors that are known to affect subsequent recognition of faces.
1981 руб
Advanced Application of the Boundary Element Method. Applied to the Analysis of Polymers Книга по Требованию Jiangwei W.
A mixed method for quasi-static viscoelasticity was proposed.
2403 руб
Tree Component Alternatives to the Composite Design Pattern. An alias-free Composite pattern using an indexed tree Книга по Требованию Arun S.
Secondly, there is no mechanism for encapsulating the system as a whole.
1997 руб
The impact of the ART approach. on the treatment pattern in a public oral health service in South Africa Книга по Требованию Steffen M.
It was found that factors such as high workload of dentists inhibited the use of ART.
2769 руб
Applied for Vascular Imaging and Haemodialysis Monitoring PHOTON PROPAGATION IN TISSUE AND IN BIOLOGICAL FLUIDS. Книга по Требованию Ivo F.
The book in your hand helps you gain the insight that photon propagation in tissue and biological fluids is at least as complicated as in galaxies and stars.
3215 руб
Wanting and Liking for Alcohol. A Test of the Incentive-Sensitisation Theory Книга по Требованию Malcolm H.
The current research sought to explore this dissociation between wanting and liking in humans using alcohol.
3215 руб
The Europeanization of Swedish Alcohol Policy. Framing and New Modes of Governance Книга по Требованию Jenny C.O.
Previous research has shown that alcohol in the EU primarily has been seen in terms of commodities in the common market.
2769 руб
The people of Mountains of the Moon. Seeking for recognition of their culture in conservation of the Rwenzori Mountains National Park Книга по Требованию Moses M.
To date conservation in Africa has been very much the domain of the biologist, but the current ecological crisis in Africa and the failure of past conservation approaches many of which were exogenous in nature demands a radical new appraisal of conventional practices.
1997 руб
Combinatorial Optimization and Recognition of Graph Classes with Applications to Related Models Graph Classes based on Interval Structures. Книга по Требованию George B. M.
Such structures are often modeled with graphs, such as interval and tolerance graphs, which have been widely studied.
3621 руб
Swiss Roll Heat Exchangers/Reactors and Solid-Oxide-Fuel-Cells Power Generation. An Experimental Study of Catalytic and Non-Catalytic Reaction in Heat Recirculating Reactors and Applications to Power Generation Книга по Требованию
SOFC power densities up to 420 mW/cm^2 were observed at low Re. These results suggest that single-chamber SOFCs integrated with heat-recirculating reactors may be a viable approach for small-scale power generation devices.
1997 руб
New User Interfaces for Mobile Devices Using Augmented Reality. Expanding the Interaction by Intuitive Gesture Recognition Книга по Требованию Peter M.A.
It is therefore very possible that in the next few years something similar will become the next keyboard or mouse in everyone’s hands.
2784 руб

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