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Теория государства и права

Battle of Forms. under American and English Law and according to the Principles of European Contract Law

Формат:      Страниц 72
     мягкая обложка
Julia R.    
Книга по Требованию    
2008 руб
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Modern business with mass production and mass distribution could not work properly without the use of preprinted standard forms: they help accelerating the bargaining process. “Battle of forms” situations are inevitable. Order forms, quotations, delivery notes etc. are being used and in the end one might have problems determining the contract’s actual terms. Whose terms prevail: those of the offer, those of the counter-offer or those of the acceptance? “Battle of forms” is a rather complex but very interesting topic that cannot be ignored in everyday’s business life. This book aims to provide an easy to understand introduction to the topic through explaining the different solutions. It examines the English common law and how the American legislator departed from it by formulating one of the most controversial provisions of the Code: UCC §2-207. Finally, the book provides a short overview of PECL Article 2: 209 to show what the expert scholars who drafted the Principles of European Contract Law considered as the best solution to the issue. As the preprinted terms are usually favorable only to the party using them, the forms’ terms mostly differ from one another.
Тубус - карта "План покорения МИРА", магнитная, на холодильник.
Подарок заядлому путешественнику. Вы наверняка уже знакомы со знаменитой картой мира, верхний слой которой стирается монетой по принципу
1100 руб
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Масло смягчающее "Natura Siberica Little" для ежедневного ухода, 250 мл.
Детское смягчающее масло для ежедневного ухода имеет легкую текстуру, отлично впитывается, не оставляя жирного блеска, бережно ухаживает
511 руб
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Глобус физический на подставке из пластика диаметром 250 мм.
Диаметр: 250 мм. Масштаб: 1:50000000. Материал подставки: пластик. Цвет подставки: прозрачный. Шар выполнен из толстого пластика, имеет
556 руб
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Шпаргалка по международному частному праву...
Это lex causae Закон, с которым данное правоотношение наиболее тесно связано Law of he Co rac ; Proper Law of he Co rac . Закон, с которым данное правоотношение наиболее тесно связано - коллизионная привязка, означающая выбор права путем толкования дог-ра и всех относящихся к нему обстоятельств. Эта коллизионная привязка используется для решения коллизионных вопросов в сфере дог-рных обязательств. 32.Коллизионная привязка «Закон места совершения действия». Это lex loci ac us Закон места совершения акта лат.Lex loci ac us Закон места совершения акта - коллизионная привязка, означающая применение права того гос-ва, на территории которого совершен гражданско-правовой акт. В зависимости от вида гражданско-правовых актов закон места совершения акта конкретизируется в виде закона места совершения дог-ра, закона места исполнения обязательства и закона места причинения вреда. Международное частное право Закон места совершения дог-ра лат.Lex loci co rac us Закон места совершения дог-ра - коллизионная привязка, означающая применение права того гос-ва, где заключен дог-р.

Manowar 'Battle Hymns&Sign of the Hammer' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 50757 X
109 руб
Мастер-класс Программирование с использованием MS Windows Forms. Мастер-класс Питер Петцольд Ч.
332 руб
Captain Underpants And The Big, Bad Battle Of The Bionic Booger Boy. Part 1: The Night Of The Nasty Nostril Nuggets Scholastic, Inc. Пилки Д.
360 руб
Trafalgar: Men, Battle, Storm Hodder & Stoughton Clayton T.
411 руб
Prints of Ernst Haekel Art Forms In Nature: Prestel Olaf
974 руб
Bitter Ocean: The Battle of the Atlantic, 1939-1945 Daedalus Books David F.W.
321 руб
July - October 1940 Battle of Britain: Headline Publishing Parker M.
431 руб
The Battle for Christmas Penguin Group Jeremy S.
This is the first book in a new series about the Cosmic Pyjamas. They' re magical and they' re dangerous. You have been warned!
617 руб
Le Corbusier. Ideas and Forms Phaidon Press William J. R. C.
Now available for the first time in paperback, Le Corbusier:
5 руб
Samurai Battles: From the Invasion of Korea to the Battle of Vemo Compendium Publishing Mitsuo K.
Samurai Battles uses clear mapping, contemporary illustrations and Mitsuo Kure' s signature re-enactment photography to illustrate the classic battles fought by the warrior knights of Japan. Bands of enthusiasts, with rigid attention to detail and verisimilitude, re-enact and re-create battles and moments from history. This allows ' live' photography detailing the history, the weapons - swords, guns, pikes and clubs - the clothing, armour, flags and fortifications of these fascinating warriors. As well as examining the detail of the armour and weaponry, Samurai looks too at the Samurai women and families, the way Samurai travelled, the social context in which the warriors lived - and all in glorious colour. The illustrations that accompany this book make it stand out from others on the Samurai. In full-colour throughout, the illustrations are composed of: * specially commissioned artwork showing Samurai heraldry, clothing and weaponry in colourful detail* original illustrations, paintings and photographs of artifacts, locations and museum pieces * specially commissioned re-enactment material that provides museum-quality reference material * computer-drawn mapping to show the topographical details of the stories With their flamboyant clothing and armour, their adherence to Bushi-do - the Way of the Warrior - and the images of lone chivalrous sword-wielding Japanese knights, the Samurai has long been a favourite in the west. A member of the aristocracy from the tenth century, Samuai have a fascinating 700-year history during which they progressed from mounted archers, through the cult of the sword to the use of guns and cannon.
1715 руб
A Glossary of Important Symbols in Their Hebrew, Pagan and Christian Forms Книга по Требованию Adelaide S. H.
1912. In order to thoroughly enjoy historical and religious works or to interpret the exact language of form and color in ancient buildings, it is necessary to be acquainted with the most important emblems, from their origin in the past to the present application of these terms.
500 руб
Typical Forms And Special Ends In Creation Книга по Требованию James M.
1395 руб
Preparing the Perfect Job Application: Application Forms and Letters Made Easy Kogan Page Rebecca C.
How do you make sure that you pitch yourself properly and ensure your job application is more successful than those of others in the candidate pool?
855 руб
The End of the Battle Hachette Livre Evelyn W.
The other volumes in this trilogy include: ' Men at Arms' and ' Officers and Gentlemen' . This is the third volume in the ' Sword of Honor' trilogy.
558 руб
NATURAL GUM AND MUCILAGE AS EXCIPIENTS FOR DEVELOPMENT OF DOSAGE FORMS. versatile character of fenugreek seed mucilage and badam gum extrudate Книга по Требованию Gowthamarajan K.
Utility of the badam gum and the fenugreek mucilage as gelling agents in gels, film forming agents in transdermal films, binding and disintegrating agents in tablets and sustaining agents in matrix tablets has been demonstrated.
3215 руб
Transdiscipline. In the Search for New Forms of Theatrical Expression Книга по Требованию
It is just the beginning of the development of a new language transcending disciplines in my work as actress, director, artist - woman.
2008 руб
Sonic Forms and Acoustic Matter. An Investigation into the Sculptural Possibilities for Conjunctions of Sound and Materiality Книга по Требованию Martin S.
These activities fused autobiography with wider historical perspectives in an openly interpretive engagement with the symbolism of heritage sites.
2008 руб
Knowing is Half the Battle. How Endorsements for War were Embedded in CNN's Coverage of the Conflict with Iraq Книга по Требованию Mark F.
Grounded in the exploration of the conflict between the United States and Iraq which led to war in 2003, this dissertation considers the role that television journalism plays in international conflicts in which the United States is involved.
3234 руб
Spiritual cognition in Philosophy of East and West. Analysis of the problem of spirituality as manifested in different cultures and investigation of different forms of the spiritual phenomenon Книга по Требованию Sergey N.
But the book at first can be found not to be a very easy reading – you have to get into different cultural traditions and use the newest philosophical language as well.
2416 руб
Battle of Delville Wood Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Delville Wood was one such feature, making it a critical objective to both German and Allied forces.
2416 руб

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