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"The Politics of Storytelling". Native Activism and the Quest for Identity in First Nations Literature: J. Armstrong's Slash, T. King's Medicine River, E. Robinson's Monkey Beach

Формат:      Страниц 148
     мягкая обложка
Agnes Z.    
Книга по Требованию    
2416 руб
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This means that the novels all comment on the influence politics has had on the lives of Natives and illustrate that it is important to come to terms with cultural traditions in order to find one' s own identity as a Native person. First Nations literature is a rather new field of literature, which was recognized as a distinct literary category only in the mid 20th century. Although the novels differ greatly in the genres, styles and structures applied, the themes mentioned are central in all three works of fiction. The study puts its focus on two prevalent themes that can often be found in First Nations literature; firstly, the portrayal of political activism that constitutes a rebellion against government policies; and secondly, the quest for identity of the protagonist, which happens in relation with the Native community and the homeland. Since then, First Nations authors have tried to work against stereotypical images about themselves by means of writing and have aimed at a more authentic portrayal of indigenous peoples from a Native point of view.
Велосипед трехколесный.
Велосипед трехколесный (пластмассовые колеса, с широкой шинкой, без кузова, без передней панели, без гудка). Велосипед рассчитан для детей
1084 руб
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Копилка-гиря "Стопудовй хит".
Стопудовый хит! Копилка в форме пудовой гири, действительно, один из хитов продаж. Отлитая из гипса по старинной форме, она повторяет
418 руб
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Именная кружка с надписью "Любимый папа".
Предлагаем вашему вниманию готовое решения для подарка по любому поводу – именная кружка. Кружка изготовлена из керамики, в нежной
434 руб
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Обучение аудированию
Запишите названные в тексте слова и словосо­четания, относящиеся к изучаемой теме. 17. Прослушайте фрагмент текста, скажите, какой из данных тем он соответствует 18. Прослушайте два фрагмента по одной теме u скажите, какая новая информация содержится во втором фрагменте по сравнению с первым. 19. Прослушайте фрагмент текста u запишите ключевые слова 20. Прослушайте фрагмент текста еще раз u epeскажите его, используя записанные ранее ключевые слова. 21. Прослушайте фрагмент текста u найдите не­точности в его русском письменном переводе. 22. Прослушайте фрагмент текста и, опираясь на содержание, назовите его тему и проблему, о кото­рой идет речь. 23. Прослушайте фрагмент текста u найдите в нем ответы на поставленные вопросы. 24. Прослушайте фрагмент текста u найдите в нем слова и словосочетания, соответствующие дефи­нициям или описанию рисунков. 25. Прослушайте фрагмент текста u определите правильный вариант ответа на вопрос (Приводятся 5 вариантов.) 26. Прослушайте текст, а затем при повторном предъявлении (в определенный момент звук выклю­чается) сами воспроизведите оставшуюся часть текста.

Reading Newspapers and Discussing International Politics (Читаем газету, обсуждаем международную политику): Учебное пособие ISBN 978-5-93439-215-5 Р.Валент Иванов О.П.,Беловинцева Е.Г.
298 руб
HEC (Handbooks for the English Classrom) Storytelling Macmillan Publishers Zaro J.
702 руб
The Globalization of World Politics Oxford University Press John B.
• Established market leader with an impressive line-up of international contributors who are experts in their fields. • Maps on to introductory courses, spanning history, theory, structures and processes, and international issues. • Carefully edited by John Baylis, Steve Smith and Patricia Owens to ensure an integrated and coherent style throughout the book. • Highly accessible and student-friendly text with excellent learning features throughout, including numerous boxes, figures, tables and maps, case studies and questions. • Comprehensive Online Resource Centre including test bank, PowerPoint slides, case studies, multiple choice questions, video clips, i-casts of contributors and a news feed. • Visually appealing 4-colour text.
2234 руб
The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics Oxford University Press Iain M.
An appendix contains timelines listing the principal office-holders of a range of countries including the UK, Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and China.
893 руб
Politics And Mysteries Of Life Insurance (1873) Книга по Требованию Elizur W.
1144 руб
German Philosophy And Politics Книга по Требованию John D.
5 руб
Politics And Religion In The Days Of Augustine Книга по Требованию Edward F.H.
5 руб
Studies In British History And Politics Книга по Требованию David P.H.
5 руб
Art as research: creative practice and academic authority. A project-based examination of the politics of art-led research in a doctoral context Книга по Требованию Iain B.
Questions about arts-led research and the role of the doctorate as a qualification in the arts have become increasingly central to understanding where art education – and so the arts themselves – might be heading.
2385 руб
A network approach to study policy processes The Politics of Social Protection in Rural India. Книга по Требованию Sony P.
This is unraveled by examining the network of poor people in the villages of India.
3191 руб
Performing the Trauma of History. the War and the Politics of Memory in the Works of Sigmund Freud, D.H. Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, and Malcolm Lowry Книга по Требованию Mei-Yu T.
Bringing a historical vision to modernism and reading modernist literature as a literature of trauma, this book aims to show that the mad and schizophrenic nature of modernist narrative has both aesthetic and historical justification.
1981 руб
X = What?. Douglas Coupland, Generation X, and the Politics of Postmodern Irony Книга по Требованию Terri S.Z.
Considered individually, each of Coupland’s first four novels portrays a different subset of Generation X and a different approach to irony.
1981 руб
A Critical Examination of Jeremiah John Rawlings:. Uprising, Politics and Populist Democracy in Ghana 1979-2005. Книга по Требованию Rudi S.
Jeremiah John Rawlings, Ghanaian air force pilot and populist politician ruled Ghana for almost two decades between December 1981 and September 2000.
1997 руб
(En)gendering Agency and Body Politics. Physiotherapy as a window on health and illness Книга по Требованию Tobba T.S.
When social disruptions occur in therapy, recuperative interaction is at risk.
3215 руб
Gender and Ukrainian Politics. the Making of Yuliia Tymoshenko Книга по Требованию Iuliia S.
The study is situated within the body of literature on women, as political actors and is mainly aimed to fill the gap in the research on gender and politics in Ukrainian post-soviet context.
1997 руб
The Politics of Education Reform in the Middle East. The Impact of Religion, Politics, Culture, and the Western Hegemony on the Attitudes of Middle Easterners toward Western Reform Initiatives Книга по Требованию Abdullah M.
Some in the West believe education is responsible for the ideological preparation of extremists.
1997 руб
Interactive Storytelling. Im Spannungsfeld von Online Gaming und Virtual Reality Книга по Требованию
Ist es vielleicht sinnvoller, in einer online-Storywelt nur die Spielumgebung zur Verfuegung zu stellen und die User ihre eigenen Geschichten erfinden zu lassen?
2403 руб
Neoconservative Images of the United Nations. American Domestic Politics and International Cooperation Книга по Требованию
It is about the processes that granted this perception wide-spread acceptance and transformed the United Nations, once a policy instrument of the United States, into a negative symbol in neoconservative iconography.
1997 руб
Environmental Politics in Japan. The Case of Wildlife Preservation Книга по Требованию
3234 руб
Cyberspace and the Politics of Transnational Regulatory Governance Книга по Требованию
While many works often concentrate on one subject area of regulation, this book draws together processes from three different subject areas, namely copyright, data protection and jurisdiction, and suggests a novel way of understanding the significance of GEC on transnational governance.
3234 руб

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