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The Effiency Effects of Technical Change in Malian Rice Production. A Case Study of the Rehabilitation of Irrigation Schemes

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METIN C.    
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2008 руб
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It is necessary to identify the structural differences in production environments between the areas that are located in the same region. A special focus is devoted to the quantifying effects of irrigation scheme rehabilitation. On the other hand, farmers in non-rehabilitated villages are relatively more efficient indicating that there is more need for technology improvements, such as improvements in irrigation infrastructure that can enhance productive use of seed and nitrogen. A clear message of the study is that the extension services should be directed separately to heterogeneous areas. It is found that for rehabilitated areas there is more room to increase rice production by making a better use of the existing technology. A stochastic parametric frontier analysis is employed using a cross-sectional data set consisting 147 households that are cultivating 398 rice plots. For these villages policies should be directed to increase the productivity of manual-labor through extension education or labor-saving technologies. The general objective of this study is to examine the efficiency, and the factors that influence the efficiency of irrigated rice farmers in Mali.
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Цветные карандаши в картонной коробке. Прочный грифель. Яркие цвета. Мягкое письмо и ровное закрашивание. Материал корпуса: дерево. Форма
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Набор "Скорая помощь".
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Мини-набор "Лизуны, светящиеся в темноте".
Мини-набор "Светящийся Лизун привидение" предназначен для самостоятельного изготовления трех светящихся в темноте лизунов.
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Сущность, методы и формы государственного регулирования внешнеэкономической деятельности Российской...
Кроме того, закон определяет порядок использования финансовых средств, высвобождаемых от налогооблажения и предоставления соответствующих отчетов. О потенциале производственного комплекса Курской области достаточно красноречиво говорят цифры – Курская область экспортирует свою продукцию в 52 страны мира. Она производит 1/6 электроэнергии, почти столько же сахара, более четрверти железнорудных окатышей, пятую часть аккумуляторов, каждый десятый подшибник. Взяв инвестиционный страрт всего около 2-х лет назад , администрация области провела активную работы с инофирмами по организации совместных производств. Комитет внешнеэкономической деятельности областной администрации сотрудничестве с отраслевыми комитетами и курскими предприятиями осуществляет планомерное привлечение инвестиционных и кредитных ресурсов для реализации проектов на основе динамичного и сбалансированного развития экономики области. Пакет прорабатываемых проектов включает около сорока предложений. Общая сумма привлекаемых инвестиционных и кредитных ресурсов составляет 800 -1000 млн. долл. США. Основные усилия были направлены но переоснащение сельского хозяйства современными тракторами фирмы ZA ELLO (Аргентина), сельскохозяйственными машинами фирмы KVER ELA D (Норвегия) и зерноуборочными, свеклоуборочными и картофелеуборочными комбайнами фирм JOH DEERE и CASE (США), GLAAS (Германия), EW HOLLA D (Бельгия).

Communication Exposure of Sub-Assistant Agriculture Officers (SAAOs). Exposure to Rice Production Technologies in Bangladesh Книга по Требованию Md. A.
SAAOs are considered as the key extension workers and change agents from whom farmers seek advice and information.
2008 руб
Effects of Heavy Metals on Productivity of Cereals. To overcome the toxicity of Heavy metals through inorganic nutrients and to increase the productivity of crop Книга по Требованию suman k.
Comprehensive are presented, effects of heavy metals and also review on the latest productivity of cereals through addition of nutrition to overcome the toxicity of heavy metals in India with an agricultural importance, all the information are based on the authors' combined research and consulting experience. This book is written after my M. Phil research work. For this reason in this book, efforts are made to increase the productivity of cereals, using nutrients However, abiotic stresses decrease the productivity of cereals. Over the last few years, the production of Cereals is rapidly decreasing due to heavy metals and the utilization rate of cereals is increasing day by day by the population. This book describes Effects of Heavy Metals and To Increase the Productivity of Crops. With an annual world production scenario, Production of cereals is decreasing due to abiotic stresses in Agricultural field. Which is also called Finger millet and Binomial name is Eleusine coracana(L. )Geartn. Cereals show different productivity because of salinity and heavy metals effect. Here Ragi is used as cereal in research work.
1894 руб
Chemical and biological effects of lysine- and casein-sugar (glucose, fructose, and ribose) Maillard reaction products CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF MAILLARD REACTION PRODUCTS. Книга по Требованию Hao J.
All three sugar-Lys MRPs not only exhibited strong free radical scavenging activity in chemical systems, but also protected intestinal Caco-2 cells from injury caused by oxidants and transition metal ions.
3215 руб
What's In It For Me?. Effects Of Forced Ranking On Employee Performance and Productivity Книга по Требованию Nathaniel B.
Each year managers conduct employee performance appraisals, sometimes using forced ranking performance management to rank employees from best to worst.
2769 руб
Production of synthetic natural gas in a fluidized bed reactor. Understanding the hydrodynamic, mass transfer, and kinetic effects Книга по Требованию Jan K.
The production of synthetic natural gas from biomass could be one route to address these issues.
3987 руб
Households and Inequality. The Effect of Changing Household Characteristics on Income Inequality in Italy Книга по Требованию
Among the various factors which have been explored to explain differences and trends in income inequality, there is one which has received relatively little attention: differences and changes in household characteristics.
2784 руб
Intelligent Product Manuals. The Technical Documentation that Delivers Up-to- date, Accurate and Relevant Information to the Right Person Книга по Требованию Rossitza S.
Finally, the book suggests a concurrent engineering approach to the authoring of these manuals and introduces an integrated authoring environment, which facilitates the collection and integration of product information, and the maintenance and updating of product documentation.
3234 руб
Reviewing The Teaching of Music at Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. A Case Study in Effective Change Management Книга по Требованию Richard W.
However, the preliminary results would appear to support the views of those who argue that non specialists are quite capable of delivering high quality music lessons at infant level.
3234 руб
An Anthropological Study of the Causes and Effects of Trade-Concentration in the Medium Sized City of Citlalicalli Changing Structure of Food Retailing in Mexico. Книга по Требованию Jayant A.
The following questions are addressed: whether trade-concentration had occurred in the field-site; if yes, what were the causes; and, what were the effects of retail concentration on preexisting food retailers.
2784 руб
Rice bran: a noval ingredient. Rice Industrial By-products Management for Oil Extraction and Value Added Products Книга по Требованию Mian K.S.
Rice is being processed in well established industry but the major apprehension is the utilization of its by-products; rice bran (5-8%) and polishing (2-3%) that are going as waste.
3234 руб
Stability Study of Drug Products. Environmental Effects and Chemical Analysis for Stability and Friability of Drugs Книга по Требованию Ashok K.
The Spectrophotometer, KF Apparatus, HPLC, GLC and many more techniques are discussed in the present dissertation.
1899 руб
Beneficial Microorganisms for Mungbean Production. Effect on Crop Growth, Yield, Nodulation and Nutrition Книга по Требованию Arshad J.
Although chemical fertilizers are effective in increasing the crop yield, however, these may cause some problems such as soil structure deterioration, ground water pollution and high nitrates in vegetables.
3096 руб
The forefront in the design of Geothermal Heat Pumps. Technical and Economic design of Geothermal Heat Pumps with Phase Change Storage Книга по Требованию Matteo B.
In particular the attention is addressed towards systems utilizing vertical U shape exchangers made in polyethylene (geothermal probes) with application for heat pumps.
2626 руб
Technical College Transfer Students. A description and study of change Книга по Требованию Ralph K.
Several significant findings were made. About 50. 3% of all respondents transferred 41 or more credits towards their majors; 22% enrolled in majors that had no relationship to their technical college majors; and 35% found quality of technical and professional education at the University of Wisconsin-Stout to be better than quality of similar courses offered at their technical colleges.
2280 руб
Mass transit effects on urban land changes:. The influence of accessibility and proximity over densities, land uses and land values Книга по Требованию Javier P.
In this book, these variables are analyzed in the case study of the LRT1 in Manila, Philippines.
2626 руб
Survival of Little Seed Canary Grass Seeds in Rice-Wheat Systems. Soil Conditions, Depth of Burial, and Allelopathic Effect of Different Crops Книга по Требованию Sivapuram V.R.K. P.
In this respect, the survival mechanism of the little seed canary grass and its seed is studied in the rice- wheat cropping conditions where alternative drying and wetting conditions prevail.
1894 руб
Effect of Pre-Sowing Treatments on Germination of Seeds and Growth and Biomass Production of Seedlings of CALAMUS SPP. ” Effect of Pre-sowing Treatments in Seeds of Rattans of South India. Книга по Требованию Jisha D.
They are prime source of foreign exchange after timber in the ASEAN region.
2280 руб
Практикум по Adobe After Effects 6 (пер. с англ.; под ред. Берштейна И.В.) Вильямс Вайнман Л.
Книга отличается тем, что приведенные в ней упражнения содержат немало вводной информации, советов и рекомендаций по каждой рассматриваемой теме, включая анимацию текста и изображений, создание визуальных эффектов и масок, ввод фонограммы в фильм и вывод проектов в различных форматах.
498 руб
Black Sabbath 'Paranoid&Technical Ecstasy' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 50109 X
109 руб
James Galway 'Wind of change' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 54318 BMG Russia
199 руб

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