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Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung. Okonomische Aspekte der Langzeitpflege, mit spezieller Beruecksichtigung von Personalentwicklung, Pflegestandards und des LANGENLOISER MODELLS

Формат:      Страниц 180
     мягкая обложка
Adelheid B.    
Книга по Требованию    
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Die Autorinnen Adelheid Beyerl und Jutta Riss geben einfuehrend einen Uberblick ueber grundlegende Strukturen und Instrumente der Personalentwicklung im Langzeitpflegebereich. Wie lassen sich diese Einrichtungen auch in Zukunft finanzieren? Die zunehmende Uberalterung unserer westlichen Gesellschaft betrifft das Gesundheitssystem und damit die stationaere Langzeitpflege in bisher ungeahntem Ausmass. Diese Analyse gipfelt in der Schlussfolgerung, dass modern gefuehrte Langzeitpflegeeinrichtungen ohne Beruecksichtigung von Qualitaetssicherung und Mitarbeiterentwicklung in einem hoch kompetitiven Umfeld in Zukunft nicht bestehen koennen. Folglich entsteht auf Institutionen und Pflegepersonal zunehmender oekonomischer Druck. Darauf aufbauend analysieren die Autorinnen zwei konkrete Pflegeeinrichtungen, in denen sie seit Jahren taetig sind. Wie kann den veraenderten Anforderungen aus Sicht der Pflegeeinrichtungen entgegengewirkt werden? Das vorliegende Buch richtet sich an Fuehrungskraefte im Pflege- und Gesundheitsbereich, an verantwortliche Entscheidungstraeger im Sozialbereich sowie an alle Menschen, die im Management des Gesundheitswesens taetig sind.
Подставка / точилка ножей, круглая, жёлтая, высокая (арт. K0002 (6)).
Подставка / точилка для ножей Pomi d'Oro c лезвием Kerano. Жёлтый круглый обрезиненный корпус. Графитовые стержни внутри. Kerano -
558 руб
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Кружка "Мастер на все руки", с рисунком.
Керамические кружки с оригинальным рисунком, выполненным в процессе производства (подглазурное нанесение). Объем: 300 мл. Упаковка: белый
372 руб
Раздел: Кружки
Горка детская малая, арт. 11050.
Горка детская малая состоит из лесенки и желоба для скатывания. Горка очень устойчивая, изготовлена из яркого, прочного, нетоксичного
2067 руб
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Реферат о прочитаной на немецком языке литературы
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Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science The Brain That Changes Itself: Penguin Books Doidge N.
549 руб
English365 2 Personal Study Book Pack (+ Audio CD) English 365 Cambridge University Press Dignen B.
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True to Life is a five-level course for adults.
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Crime becomes personal for New York private investigator Nathan Marley as he tries to prove the innocence of murder suspect José - a member of his assistant Stella' s family. As unidentified bodies are washed up on a beach, the search for proof takes him into the heart of the New York Russian-American community.
841 руб
The Mirror of the Sea & A Personal Record Wordsworth Joseph C.
These two autobiographical works differ greatly in scope and form. ' I have tried with an almost filial regard to render the vibration of life in the great world of waters, in the hearts of simple men who have traversed its solitudes, and also that something sentient which seems to dwell in ships - the creatures of their hands and the objects of their care' - Joseph Conrad on "The Mirror of the Sea". ' An imaginative and exact rendering of authentic memories may serve worthily that spirit of piety towards all things human which sanctions the conceptions of a writer of tales, and the emotions of a man reviewing his own experience' - "A Personal Record".
231 руб
Personal Efficiency In Business (1919) Книга по Требованию Edward E.P.
955 руб
The Personal Story Of The Upper House Книга по Требованию Kosmo W.
5 руб
Up Close and Personal Penguin Group Leonie F.
They are stunning, sexy and anything but sensible.
656 руб
High Risk Projects. An Examination Of How Personal Stress Is Communicated Within Construction Crews Книга по Требованию
The purpose of this investigation is to gather insights from construction workers regarding their perceptions of the impact personal stress may have on their own behavior, and, in turn, how their behavior can affect the safety and work quality of the entire construction crew.
1981 руб
Poroscopy. The reliability of fingerprint pore area in personal identification Книга по Требованию ABHISHEK G.
Fingerprints have been used as a vital tool in personal identification for over a century due to their uniqueness and permanence.
1997 руб
Personal Online Journaling or 'Blogging'. Perceived effects on relationships and self Книга по Требованию Meredith B.
Participants were asked 70 questions to the ascertain possible social impacts of keeping a blog. 322 respondents answered the survey which was mix of multiple choice and open-ended questions, and the data provided was analysed using both quantitative and qualitative methods.
2403 руб
Personal Transformation in the Counselling Process. The Integration of Psychosynthesis and Focusing Therapeutic Models Книга по Требованию
Two findings, in particular, are key to this thesis.
2403 руб
Nursing Education and Relationships. Facilitating the Development and Competency based Assessment of Personal and Social Competence with Undergraduate Nursing Students Книга по Требованию Stacey W.
The contributions of the nurse educators and their interactions were audio taped, transcribed and then later, analysed using thematic and focus group analysis practices.
2008 руб
The Alchemy of Love. Personal Growth Journeys in Psychotherapy Training Книга по Требованию
Instead they use terms such as unconditional positive regard or empathy.
2784 руб
Developing Professional Nurses. Environmental and Personal Predictors in Clinical Nursing Education Книга по Требованию Kae R.L.
This study provides knowledge about the complexity of variables and the relationships between variables (known and latent) that may influence professional nursing practice behaviors among student nurses.
2008 руб
Personal Practical Language Teaching Theories. Armenian English Language Teacher Beliefs and Experiences Книга по Требованию Anne F.
In recent years language teaching models have shifted to an interpretive perspective that recognizes the value of teachers' beliefs and experiences. This study, based on e-mail and spoken interviews and classroom observations, examines the beliefs and experiences of six Armenian English foreign language teachers. It looks at various influences on their beliefs and practices, including their Soviet schooling and pedagogical training; their more recent acquaintance with Western methods; their personal attitudes towards language, education, and society; and the continuing impact of political, economic, social, and cultural changes in independent Armenia brought about by the demise of the Soviet Union. Little work, however, has been done on the beliefs and experiences of language teachers beyond the West. This book should be of interest to language teacher educators and language teachers, particularly those interested in the growing spread of the English language and Western language teaching practices.
3234 руб
Effectiveness of Personal Data Protection. Automated Processing of Criminal Justice Management Книга по Требованию Tatjana M.
The age of computerization and new technologies has made the access to personal information as easy and unimpeded as never before.
2008 руб
Surviving Self Harm. Personal Journeys from Pathogenesis to Recovery Книга по Требованию Mark W.
This book focuses on the personal experiences of survivors in order to gain insight into the experience of transition towards, living with, and recovery from self harm.
2008 руб
Qualities of Outstanding Teachers That Contribute to Student Success. Personal, Technical, and Professional Attributes of Outstanding Teachers in Post-secondary Education Книга по Требованию
The core of this study was exceptional teaching and how it can create conditions for student success in post-secondary education.
2008 руб

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