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The Clinical Value of Auditory Steady State Responses. In the Audiological Assessment of Pseudohypacusic Workers with Noise-induced Hearing Loss in the South African Mining Industry

Формат:      Страниц 208
     мягкая обложка
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ASSRs need no response from the patient, and the electrical responses to the presented sound are measured by means of a real-time statistical analysis of the samples, using a computer, thereby offering real objectivity. As a result this study was undertaken to determine the value of auditory steady state responses (ASSRs) as a means of estimating the pure-tone thresholds of noise-exposed workers. The outcomes of this study are discussed in this book. Large numbers of South African mine workers incur noise-induced hearing loss. Current audiological procedures can identify instances of exaggerated hearing loss (pseudohypacusis), but do not quantify the extent of exaggeration. The inability to obtain true pure-tone thresholds in unco-operative workers leads to ineffectiveness in and frustration for audiologists and occupational health centres because they are not delivering an accountable service to the mining company and individual workers. Traditional testing techniques require patient co-operation and, hence, are insufficient to resolve cases where patient co-operation is not forthcoming. Workers unfit for their present occupations can also be further exposed to noise. This situation is often further compounded by an exaggeration of their hearing loss by some workers in an attempt to obtain compensation. The prevalence of noise-induced hearing loss is such that its financial implications for the industry are significant. The failure to obtain pure-tone thresholds may also lead to deserving workers not receiving compensation, and sudden hearing loss not being diagnosed. Questionable cases must be re-assessed, increasing the cost of evaluations and the number of unproductive shifts.
Мягкая игрушка "Груффало".
Ой, мама, это груффало! Оно меня понюфало! Как этот страшный зверь сумел сюда попасть? Какие острые клыки, чудовищная пасть! Ножищи как
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Набор тренировочный Avent Natural (бутылочка 150 мл, соска средний поток, ручки), от 4 месяцев.
Новый тренировочный набор серии Natural помогает малышу легко перейти от бутылочки к первой чашке. Мягкие ручки позволяют ребенку
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Набор для шоколадного фондю "Chocolate".
Набор для шоколадного фондю (7 предметов). Диаметр: 30,5/14 см. Высота: 18 см. Материал: фарфор.
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Билеты по межкультурной коммуникации
Еще больше вреда приносит абсолютизация любого из подходов.3. ИНТЕРАКЦИОННАЯ МОДЕЛЬ КОММУНИКАЦИИ Данная модель помещает в центр внимания аспекты коммуникации как поведения (не в традиции бихевиоризма), и не только интенционального. Общение может состояться независимо от того, намерен ли «говорящий» это сделать, а также независимо от того, рассчитано ли данное высказывание на восприятие «слушающим». Коммуникация происходит не как трансляция информации и манифестация намерения, а как демонстрация смыслов, отнюдь не обязательно предназначенных для распознавания и интерпретации реципиентом. Практически любая форма поведения — действие, бездействие, речь, молчание в определенной ситуации может оказаться коммуникативно значимой: «Behavior has o opposi e. I o her words, here is o such hi g as o behavior or, o pu i eve more simply: o e ca o o behave. ow, if i is accep ed ha all behavior i a i erac io al si ua io has message value, i. e. is commu ica io , i follows ha o ma er how o e may ry, o e ca o o commu ica e». Внезапное покраснение лица (неосознанное и неинтенциональное) интерпретируется (психологически-инференционно, на основании прошлого опыта и социально-культурных конвенций) и обретает ситуативный смысл.

Numerical Simulations of the Head-Disk Interface in Hard Disk Drives. Finite Element Solutions for the Transient and Steady State Air-Bearing Equations Книга по Требованию Puneet B.
A new numerical scheme is presented to solve the resulting nonlinear coupled set of equations using stabilized finite elements, first for the steady state case and then for the time dependent case.
3234 руб
Spectroscopy of Carbazole-based Conjugated Polymers. Optical Absorption, Steady-state Emission and Time-resolved Emission Spectroscopy regards Книга по Требованию Ripon D.
This book describes Opto-electronic properties of three new carbazole based co-polymers that can be implemented as host in phosphorescence polymer light-emitting diode.
1894 руб
The Concept “Obligations Erga omnes ' ' and its relevance in the Law of State Responsibility Aggravated state responsibility and obligations erga omnes. Книга по Требованию Siranush S.
The book also clarifies theoretical and practical aspects of special consequences derived from aggravated regime of state responsibility and addresses the issue of reparations arising from breaches of erga omnes obligations.
1894 руб
Report of Committee on Deceased Brethren presented at the Annual Convocation of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York, May 5, 1909, by George R. Vandewater, chairman Книга по Требованию of S.
200 руб
State Shareholding and Value of Russian Companies. A Quantitative Study Книга по Требованию
The latter finding corresponds with the results obtained by L. Tian in his study of Chinese firms.
2008 руб
The Pituitary Body and Its Disorders, Clinical States Produced by Disorders of the Hypophysis Cerebri Книга по Требованию Cushing H.
955 руб
The current gold and silver coins of all nations, together with their weights, fineness and intrinsic value, reduced to the standard of the United States: ... official coinage of the United States ... Книга по Требованию Michels I.C.
495 руб
The Indian Perspectives Strategic Response of State Owned Enterprises to Environmental Shifts. Книга по Требованию Shubhabrata B.
3051 руб
In a Free State Picador Найпол В.
1440 руб
Как превратить знания в стоимость: Решения от IBM Institute for Business Value Альпина Бизнес Букс (Юнайтед Пресс) Лессер Э.
В современном мире знание — признанный источник конкурентного преимущества и один из наиболее ценных активов организации.
259 руб
State Of Fear HarperCollins Publishers Crichton M.
266 руб
New York State 3Ed Lonely Planet
5 руб
Human Rights Obligations of Non-State Actors Oxford University Press Clapham A.
For some, extending human rights into these spheres trivializes human rights and allows abusive governments to distract us from ongoing violations.
2047 руб
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Haematology (Flexicover) Oxford University Press Provan D.
The management of the patient is provided in a way that allows the junior to initiate treatment whilst waiting for review of the patient by a senior member of staff. - Firm focus on clinical management of patients with haematological disease - Extensively revised with thorough updating of diagnostic methods and treatment - New sections dealing with blood disorders in childhood, both malignant and non-malignant - Blank pages allow the reader to make notes on local variations - Serves as a working manual thus complementing the reference texts - Relevant web site addresses provided where available New to this edition - Two new Editors - New two-colour design - Inclusion of guidelines for anticoagulation therapy and thrombophilia investigation - Extensively revised with thorough updating of diagnostic methods and treatment and sections dealing with blood disorders in childhood, both malignant and non-malignant - Tropical haematology now included - Protocols revised to a high standard The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Haematology continues to provide the essential core knowledge needed in modern clinical practice for the diagnosis and management of patients with possible disorders of the blood.
5 руб
100 Unknown Pictures from the Depositories of the State Russian Museum Государственный Русский музей
5 руб
Leningrad: State of Siege Hodder&Stoughton Jones M.
724 руб
Fast Women (value promotion edition) Macmillan Publishers Jennifer C.
287 руб
Английский для юристов и политологов. The State of Britain. Just English. Углубленный курс КноРус Гуманова Ю.Л.
Уникальность пособия заключается в освещении новейших тенденций в развитии государственно-правовой системы Великобритании с использованием современных средств массовой информации.
150 руб
State Socialism In New Zealand Книга по Требованию James E.L.R.
5 руб
History Of The Barge Canal Of New York State Книга по Требованию Noble E.W.
5 руб

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