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Педагогика среднего специального образования

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Педагогика среднего специального образования

Students' Perceptions of the Hybrid Learning Structure. An Exploratory Study

Формат:      Страниц 120
     мягкая обложка
Книга по Требованию    
2008 руб
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The trend in universities is moving from the traditional lecture hall to the halls of the World Wide Web, where students are experiencing a new kind of classroom; one that is exciting, fast-paced, and full of rich cultural experiences as they sit, "virtually", among classmates from all around the globe. The university that considers diversity in learning, supports learning opportunities that are innovated, flexible, interacting, and engaging, and is committed to ongoing program evaluation will see an increase in student satisfaction, thus resulting in successful program development and growth. Whether institutions are interested in creating new learning experiences, increasing access and convenience, or reducing costs, research indicates that providing the option of various online course formats is necessary to remain competitive in a global market. Consequently, educational institutions must recognize student demands for innovative and effective course delivery that meets not only institutional objectives, but also meets the needs of the student body. This study focuses on graduate and undergraduate students' perceptions of the hybrid course format which is a blended course structure encompassing both traditional and online practices. Soliciting the opinions of students' aide institutional leaders in determining areas in which they can improve, strengthen, and grow university programs. In a world where technology is advancing at breakneck speeds and is an integral part of everyday life, online learning is being embraced by students.
Дырокол металлический, 4 отверстия, на 12 листов.
Металлический корпус, 4 отверстия, регулируемый шаг между отверстиями, пробивная способность - 12 листов.
451 руб
Раздел: Дыроколы
Бумага "Color Copy" А4, белая, 150 листов.
Плотность: 280 г/м2. В пачке 150 листов. Белизна CIE 168%. Многофункциональная матовая бумага высшего качества без покрытия для создания
662 руб
Раздел: Формата А4 и меньше
Ежедневник датированный на 2018 год "Iguana", А6, бордовый.
Ежедневник датированный на 2018 год. Формат: А6. Количество листов: 176. Внутренний блок: тонированный, печать в 2 краски. Материал
347 руб
Раздел: Ежедневники датированные

Грегор Мендель
Закон независимого расщепления признаков, известный теперь как закон Менделя, положил начало новому направлению в биологии – менделизму, ставшему фундаментом генетики. Сам Мендель, после неудачных попыток получить аналогичные результаты при скрещивании других растений, прекратил свои опыты. До конца жизни он занимался пчеловодством, садоводством, вел метеорологические наблюдения. Умер Мендель 6 января 1884. Среди трудов ученого – Автобиография (Gregorii Me del au obiographia iuve ilis, 1850) и ряд статей, включая Эксперименты по гибридизации растений (Versuche ber Pfla ze hybride , в «Трудах Брюннского общества естествоиспытателей», т. 4, 1866). Список литературы Мендель Г. Опыты над растительными гибридами. М., 1965 Тимофеев-Ресовский Н.В. О Менделе. – Бюллетень Московского общества испытателей природы, 1965, №4 Мендель Г., Ноден Ш., Сажрэ О. Избранные работы. М., 1968

Understanding the Classroom Learning Environment. Teacher-Student Interaction Research Книга по Требованию Anthony R.
We all know that it is important for teachers to get on with their students, but what does the research say about how this can be done and what effects are there on student achievement and enjoyment of subjects like Mathematics and Science?
2769 руб
Language, Identity, and Children's Literature. The Literacy Learning Experiences of Four Language Minority Students Книга по Требованию Jia-ling C.Y.
Four language minority children participated in the study and were selected on the bases of either their ESL or learning disability placement, or both.
3234 руб
A Students' History Of The United States Книга по Требованию Edward C.
5 руб
The Social Integration Experiences of African American Students Attending a Predominantly White Institution African American Students in College. Книга по Требованию Victor M.
Each respondent answered questions relating to his or her demographic profile, high school and pre-college neighborhood racial make-up, perceptions of the college racial climate, social integration practices, and college academic performance.
2403 руб
A Research Monograph on its Current Status and Future Prospects The Brand Management Structure in Consumer Packaged Goods. Книга по Требованию
The book makes interesting reading for managers, directors, business academics and students who take an interest in consumer packaged goods marketing.
2416 руб
Women and Politeness. The Hybrid Language and Culture of Chinese Indonesian Women in Surabaya Книга по Требованию Esther K.
As women, they often bear an important role of generating and mediating their cultures to the next generation.
2784 руб
The Current Practices of Non-Formal Education programmes. in the Community Learning Centres in Sri Lanka Книга по Требованию Kapila B.
Non-Formal Education is the main source that caters to a diversity of groups in the community in various disciplines in order to enhance the quality of living of the community.
2008 руб
Students' handbook of the facts of English literature Книга по Требованию Pyre J.F.
602 руб
A year's study of the daily learning of six children Книга по Требованию Freeland G.E.
1430 руб
The Role of ICT in the Teaching-Learning Process. An Instrumental Case Study on Ethiopian Satellite Television Instruction Книга по Требованию Tewodros G.A.
Different countries have a success and failure history in their implementation of ICT in their education system.
2280 руб
The E-learning and Social Networking Handbook: Resources for Higher Education Routledge Mason R.
This book aims to provide the reader with enough background information to appreciate the value of social networking, especially for distributed education.
2176 руб
The Effect of Instructor IT Certification on Undergraduate Student Classroom Perceptions Information Technology Certification's Impact on Student Engagement. Книга по Требованию David A.
An investigation of undergraduate CIS/IT student perceptions of IT industry certified instructors at regionally accredited private and public institutions indicates that the presence or absence of IT certification credentials for instructors affected student perceptions of instructor effectiveness, teaching methodology, student engagement in the class, and to a lesser degree, instructor technical qualifications.
2008 руб
Recruiting Student-Athletes at the United States Military Academy. FACTORS INFLUENCING THE STUDENT-ATHLETES’ DECISION TO ATTEND THE UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY Книга по Требованию Lynn F.
Post hoc pairwise comparisons were used to determine the importance of these selection factors.
2403 руб
Beyond the Test Scores: One School's Efforts to Improve Student Writing. Beyond the Test Scores: One School's Efforts to Improve Student Writing. Книга по Требованию
The issue of how to succeed on these assessments while also teaching students to create content-rich text is the focal question this study attempts to address.
2784 руб
Strength and Determination of the Dimensions of Structures of Iron and Steel with Reference to the Latest Investigations ... Книга по Требованию Thurston R.H.
1144 руб
Personality Profile of Accounting Professionals and Students. Student Satisfaction and the Relationship Between Personality and Satisfaction Книга по Требованию Deborah P.
The BFI-44 personality profile revealed the accounting students and professionals as low on Neuroticism, average on Extraversion and Openness, and moderately high on Agreeableness and Conscientiousness.
2280 руб
The Academic Word List in Context Inside Reading 2 Student Book Pack. Inside Reading Oxford University Press
It offers a variety of vocabulary exercises designed to deepen knowledge of and ability to use the targeted AWL words appropriately.
1582 руб
English Plus. Starter. Student's Book. The right mix for every lesson English Plus Oxford University Press
Extra material offers flexible options so that you can cater to different learning needs and tailor lessons to your class.
1619 руб
History Of The First Division During The World War, 1917-1919 Книга по Требованию The S.O.T.F.D.
5 руб
The Best of Newspaper Design: 29 Rockport Publishers The S.f.N.D.
Every industry professional aspires to one day see his or her work in this book.
4752 руб

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