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The Palestinian Israeli Conflict. A Comparison of Al Jazeera, BBC and CNN Constructing Reality:

Формат:      Страниц 160
     мягкая обложка
Tamara A.    
Книга по Требованию    
2416 руб
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The Palestinian Israeli conflict has been an ongoing feature of the mainstream media over the last few decades, and yet despite its focus, a resolution to the conflict is still far out of reach. As a result this book provides some indication of the ideological constraints faced by each of the news sources, which allows for the emergence of a critical discourse surrounding the role of the media and consequently surrounding the positions of the dominant parties involved in the conflict and their role in the ongoing attempts at reaching a solution. Opinions surrounding the conflict are still deeply divided and this is visible in the ambiguous nature of the information that is generated in the mainstream media. In this way, the main focus of this book is an examination of the mainstream media' s representation of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict and the consequent effects of these ‘constructed realities' . The Propaganda Model features significantly in this work in an attempt to investigate whether the media sources analysed are subjected to the five filters introduced by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman.
Планшетик "Кто самый умный?".
Этот говорящий планшетик – прекрасный подарок для маленьких эрудитов! 200 умных вопросов, 20 игровых тем, 3 уровня – играй и узнавай много
445 руб
Раздел: Планшеты и компьютеры
Каталка Glory "Утка" музыкальная (красная).
Детская каталка Glory "Утка" - легкая модель из пластика, которая управляется рулем с пищалкой. Сзади каталка оснащена спинкой
606 руб
Раздел: Каталки
Качели подвесные Edu-play "До-Ре-Ми".
Качели подвесные Edu Play "До-Ре-Ми". Легкие по весу, простые в сборке. Устанавливать возможно дома и на улице. Надежные канаты
2348 руб
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Корпорация BBC. Формы и методы государственного контроля...
Управляется советом директоров (12 человек) и генеральным директором, которые назначаются королевой по представлению правительства. Бюджет формируется за счет поступлений от телевизионных лицензий и собственной коммерческой деятельности (продажа лицензий на свои программы, платные каналы, доход от рекламы на международном телеканале BBC World, Интернет-бизнес, издательская деятельность). Владеет десятью телеканалами (в том числе двумя национальным метровыми), а также всемирными круглосуточными спутниковыми каналами BBC Prime и BBC World. Последний в некоторых частях света является единственным источником новостей. Портал bbc.co.uk поддерживается интернет-компанией Beeb Ve ures – дочерней структурой Би-Би-Си. Формы государственного контроля BBC обладает большим опытом государственного вещания. Брэнд компании – один самых лучших в этом бизнесе. Кроме того, компания работает в одном из самых цивилизованных демократических обществ мира. Она умеет быть очень хорошей, и часто это доказывает. «Вначале BBC приходилось преодолевать колоссальное политическое сопротивление, чтобы быть независимой от министров и госслужащих.

David Bowie'Reality' Japan [CD] { } ~54.00.00 88813 Бомба-М
1089 руб
Duke'Escape From Reality' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 87882 Бомба-М
209 руб
Reality Dysfunction Macmillan Publishers Hamilton P.F.
411 руб
Essays on Truth and Reality Книга по Требованию Bradley F.H.
5 руб
The Influence of Synaesthesia on 20th Century Art and Beyond. Myths, Reality and Artistic Expressions of the Cross-sensory Experience Книга по Требованию Edith P.
The exploration of that question is equally interesting for cultural historians, audio-visual artists, film-enthusiasts, neuro-scientists or people who see a clear soprano voice as a rich burgundy red.
1981 руб
Assessing the Sustainability of Agricultural Systems. Constructing and Testing a Comparative Technique to Determine the Ability of an Agricultural System to Meet Multiple Objectives of Sustainability Книга по Требованию
The capital stocks are measured as stock objectives, which are decomposed as indicators to calculate agricultural system scores.
1981 руб
Concerns of Human Reality. Essays in Domination Politics Книга по Требованию Nathan T.
Likewise, the claims made for supernatural beings-- whether in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition or in Eastern mysticism--have undoubtedly been refuted by modern science.
1997 руб
Mobile Augmented Reality im industriellen Langzeiteinsatz. Untersuchungen zu nutzerbezogenen und technischen Aspekten Книга по Требованию Johannes T.
Durch die mobile "Augmented Reality" (AR) werden Informationen situationsgerecht mittels geeigneter mobiler Anzeigegeraete im Sichtfeld eines Anwenders dargestellt.
3987 руб
Human Language and Objective Reality:. Its Natural Книга по Требованию
Natural content emerged with life, linguistic content emerged with language, but natural content can only be described in the linguistic concepts of an observer.
2403 руб
Photometrisch korrekte Radiositysimulation und Bildwiedergabe. in Virtual und Augmented Reality Anwendungen Книга по Требованию
Die verwendeten Displays muessen daher entsprechend kalibriert werden, sodass eine 1: 1- Wiedergabe der simulierten Daten ermoeglicht wird.
3234 руб
Expectation versus Reality among Male Graduates of Seminary. A Phenomenological Study Книга по Требованию
The past three decades have witnessed a growing body of literature on pastoral health and longevity in ministry.
2784 руб
Geschlechterkonstruktion im Reality-TV. Eine Untersuchung der Sendung „Frauenhelden – Machos in der Sackgasse“ Книга по Требованию Mirja S.
Fernsehen bildet Gesellschaft ab und stellt gleichzeitig gesellschaftliche Diskurse her.
3234 руб
The Representation of Reality Henry James. Книга по Требованию Surasak K.
To demonstrate the argument, the book explores James’s works produced during three different phases of his fictional career: the early, middle and final phases.
3234 руб
Empress Dowager Cixi. Images, Ideas and Reality Книга по Требованию Natalia S. Y. F.
This book focuses on the image-making for China’s Empress Dowager Cixi (1834–1908) and on Western views of her.
3234 руб
Constructing Animal Rights as a Social Threat. Claims-making in the New York Times and Congressional Hearings Книга по Требованию Jenifer G.
This timely study will be of interest not only to those with an interest in animal rights, but also to scholars of social movements and countermovements, social problems, and social threat-social control theory.
3234 руб
Therapy Harp in Augmented Reality. Concepts, Integration, Methods Книга по Требованию Tanasha T.
Individuals are engage in a self- motivating therapy with three forms of feedback visual, audio, and haptic during interaction.
2008 руб
Minimum Traversal Path of n Circles. Path Planning of Circles, Computing and Constructing Paths of Circles, Geometrical Optimization Книга по Требованию
With the algorithms provided in this book, when distributing n mutually exclusive circles in a 2D plane, the shortest path can be constructed very fast which traverses from a given starting point to all of the n circles and finished at the ending point such that the Euclidean distance of the path is a minimum.
2008 руб
Revealing The Nature Of Interaction Between Designers And Physical And Virtual Artifacts To Support Design Reflection And Discovery Virtual Reality for Industrial Designers. Книга по Требованию Bucolo S.
Designers make use of models and representations throughout the design process to support them in this discovery.
2416 руб
QALANDER BABA AULIYA Spiritual Leader of 20th Century. Life, Teaching and Mission Statement for Ultimate Reality Книга по Требованию Khawaja S.A.
In this book besides excerpts from his wonderful work on Spiritualism, Loh-o-Qalum (Pen and the Scripturum) and his enlightening Rubaiyat, his teachings, quotations and wonder-working have been presented so that people of every school of thought, men of wisdom and vision could take the advantage of his teachings.
2008 руб
Constructing Infostructures to Bridge Communities of Practice Boundary Infostructures for Chronic Disease. Книга по Требованию Grace P.
In this age of eHealth and chronic disease management, we need tools to mediate learning at the boundary between and among different communities of practice.
2784 руб

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