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Bridging the Gap Between Our World and Theirs. How to Communicate With Your Autistic Child

Формат:      Страниц 72
     мягкая обложка
Amanda O.    
Книга по Требованию    
2008 руб
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There is little information regarding the effects of educational television and its impact on children with autism. This program attempts to aid in emotional development and assist in the relationship and communication between that of the caregiver and the child diagnosed with autism. Following the creation of the script and the interactive accessories, the materials were sent to various child development experts, caregivers of children with disabilities, and early education specialists to critique and evaluate the program. By using current theories and data, this study implements the information in the creation of a prototype of a television series. This study explores current research and techniques used to help children, primarily those diagnosed with autism, and develop a better understanding of social interactions and emotional reciprocity. While there are limited programs available, those that have been produced, lack active learning techniques and the development of emotional reciprocity. These evaluations were then used to adapt the script and materials to better serve children with autism and aid in their socio-emotional development.
Качели подвесные Edu-play "Медвежонок".
С такой качелькой будет весело провести время на даче. К тому же приобретая качель малышу, на ней смогут кататься и старшие дети, и сам
2172 руб
Раздел: Качели
Конструктор металлический для уроков труда №1 в деревянной упаковке.
Увеличение количества деталей примерно на десять процентов позволило собирать одновременно любые две модели из пяти: машинку №1, кресло,
514 руб
Раздел: Магнитные и металлические конструкторы
Бейджи, 90х57 мм горизонтальные, с клипсой и булавкой, 50 штук.
•Горизонтальный. •Застежки – клипса и булавка. •Изготовлен из прозрачного пластика. •Размер - 57х90 мм.
511 руб
Раздел: Бейджи, держатели, этикетки

Зеркало Шекспира
А главное в том и состоит, что Гамлет не просто оказался первым человеком, который нашел решение задачи исправления времени, но может оказаться и последним таким человеком. Для правильного восприятия этой мысли В. Шекспира полезно сразу увидеть, что В. Шекспир не был единственным человеком, которому подобная мысль пришла в голову. В дневниках В.И. Вернадского периода 1919-1920 годов есть такая запись: «Я понимаю Кондорсе, когда он в изгнании, без книг, перед смертью писал свой “Ergisse”. Перед ним встала та же мысль, как и передо мной: если я не напишу сейчас своих “мыслей о живом веществе”, эта идея еще не скоро возродится, а в такой форме, может быть, никогда». В этих словах В.И. Вернадского просто осталось в контексте то, что В. Шекспир прямо сказал в «Двенадцатой ночи» (I, 3) устами простушки Марии: «Мысль свободна » Если вспомнить напутствие Х. Холланда, то можно увидеть, что об открытии им какого-то нового знания В. Шекспир говорит еще и в сонете 59: If here be o hi g ew, bu ha which is, Ha h bee before, how are our brai s beguiled, Which labouri g for i ve io bear amiss he seco d burde of a former child! O, ha record could wi h a backward look, Eve of five hu dred courses of he su , Show me your image i some a ique book, Si ce mi d a firs i charac er was do e! ha I migh see wha he old world could say o his composed wo der of your frame; Whe her we are me ded, or whe'r be er hey, Or whe her revolu io be he same.

Business Documents for Inter-Organizational Business Processes. Bridging the interoperability-gap between enterprises using current state-of-the-art in business document modeling Книга по Требованию Philipp L.
In a technical sense a twofold agreement is necessary between business partners.
3987 руб
European Alternatives. In Search of a Concept to Help Bridge the Gap Between the EU and its Citizens. Case Study: the Netherlands Книга по Требованию Laura F.
In theory the EU could use this to its advantage by providing an alternative.
2605 руб
How Science Changed Our World Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
How Science Changed Our World is a 2010 BBC television documentary presented by Robert Winston (first broadcast on 23 December 2010 on BBC One).
1726 руб
Reuters - Our World Now 4 Thames&Hudson Reuters
Sometimes funny, sometimes devastating, always compelling, the images in this book encompass the fantastic diversity of trends, moods and stories that have defined 2010.
592 руб
Remarkable Plants That Shape Our World Thames&Hudson Bynum H.
Organized thematically, eight sections cover all aspects of our interaction with plants starting with those crops that were fundamental to the development of cultures and civilizations, and those that enliven our diet beyond the basics, such as saffron and chilli peppers.
2336 руб
Activity Book Our World in Art. Oxford Read and Discover Oxford University Press
Why do artists use perspective?
320 руб
Oxford Read and Discover: Level 5: Our World in Art Audio CD Pack Oxford Read and Discover Oxford University Press
Read and discover all about our world in art . . . What are still lifes?
584 руб
Our World Readers: The Flying Dutchman Heinle/Cengage Learn
In the past, when a ship was about to sail into a storm, sometimes its crew reported seeing a ghostly ship in the distance.
292 руб
Our World Readers: British English Young Cu Chulainn, Athlete and Future Warrior: Heinle/Cengage Learn
How did this boy become a legend?
292 руб
Accidental Food Inventions Our World Readers. Sweet Surprises. Cengage Learning Monaghan J.
But some inventions are created by accident.
292 руб
Our World Starter: Workbook (+ CD-ROM) National Geographic Society
724 руб
Mouse Deer in the Rain Forest: Our World Readers: British English Heinle/Cengage Learn
Tiger is hungry and wants to catch Mouse Deer.
292 руб
Our World Readers: British English The North Wind and the Sun: Heinle/Cengage Learn
292 руб
Stormalong and the Giant Octopus: British English. Pamphlet Our World Readers: Heinle/Cengage Learn
One day while Stormy and his crew are catching fish in the Atlantic, something in the ocean pulls on the ship' s anchor and won' t let go. What will Stormy do? Alfred B. Stormalong is a giant man who is the captain of a giant sailing ship.
292 руб
The Songbirds' Flute: British English. Pamphlet Our World Readers: Heinle/Cengage Learn
He only wanted the princess' love. The princess agreed to marry him only if he learned to sing as sweetly as the songbirds. Would he succeed and win the princess? But he did not want gold. He promised great riches to the musician who could make his daughter smile. Her father, the king, held a concert. One man sang so beautifully that the princess smiled. There was once an unhappy princess.
292 руб
Our World 5. Student's Book. British English (+ CD-ROM) National Geographic Society Scro R.
1170 руб
Our World 1. British English. Student's Book (+ CD-ROM) Our World National Geographic Society Pinkley D.
1170 руб
Welcome to Our World 3. Big Book Welcome to Our World National Geographic Society O'Sullivan J.K.
901 руб
Welcome to Our World 1. Lesson Planner (+ Class Audio CD, + CD-ROM) (+ CD-ROM) Welcome to Our World National Geographic Society O'Sullivan J.K.
1802 руб
DVD. Our World. Professional Development Video Program
Created especially for young learners of English, Our World Video is fully integrated into the Our World teaching and learning materials, with 30 fun-filled minutes of video for each unit.
2173 руб

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