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Salicylic acid biosynthetic genes expressed in Rhizobium. Rhizobium strains harboring salicylic acid gene via horizontal gene transfer

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Ahmed I.    
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In addition, rhizobial recombinants appeared symbiotic effectiveness leading to increase grain yield, as well as, improving biochemical traits such as grain protein contents and leaves chlorophyll concentration. It is evident that it is possible to select rhizobial strains harboring recombinant genomes that were efficient in secrete IAA as a plant hormone, as well as, salicylic acid as a inhibitor agent against pathogenic microorganisms. Bacteriocins produced from these recombinant strains had a good performance to inhibit the growth of Agr1513 as an soil pathogen.
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Мягкое средство для купания младенцев c лекарственными травами стабилизирует кислотно-щелочной баланс кожи и поддерживает ее естественную
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Папка для труда "Спортивное авто", 325х245 мм.
Размер: 325х245 мм. Материал: ткань.
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Машинка детская с полиуретановыми колесами "Бибикар спорт", красный.
Все еще не можете определиться, что подарить ребенку на торжество? Куклы и конструкторы уже негде складывать, а удивить малыша очень
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Проблемы экологии сельскохозяйственного производства...
Та же причина – дороговизна энергоносителей – уже после уборки урожая опять же является причиной снижения плодородия почв потому, как вместо вывоза соломы с полей практикуется сжигание скирд с соломой и даже сжигание стерни. А ведь почва – живое вещество! Свободноживущие азотфиксирующие виды бактерий Azo obac er, Clos ridium, Klebsiella и сине-зеленые водоросли os oc и Ahabae a (цианобактерии) фиксируют 100-300 кг азота на гектар в год! Азотфиксирующие бактерии Rhizobium живут в корневых клубеньках растений семейства бобовых ( клевер, люпин, люцерна). Азбучной истиной современного сельского хозяйства является планирование севооборота «поставщиков азота» (бобовые) и «потребителей азота» (злаки и картофель). Где решение этого противоречия, когда грамотная работа агронома, планирующего севообороты, сводится на нет из-за отсутствия в хозяйстве средств на энергоносители для вывоза с полей соломы или запахивания её в почву? В устранении диспаритета цен в промышленности и в сельском хозяйстве? В условиях интенсивного сельскохозяйственного производства происходит постоянное расширение материально-технической базы и увеличивается энергопотребление.

Gene Expression and Plant Performance Under Abiotic Stress Oryzacystatin-I Expressing Tobacco Plants. Книга по Требованию Getu B.
In particular, the expression and stability of a cysteine proteinase inhibitor (OC-I) expressed in tobacco has been investigated under drought, heat and combination of both stresses.
2747 руб
Computational algorithms for protein-protein interaction detection. Rule discovery from gene expression data and effective protein interaction inference in molecular structures Книга по Требованию Panagiotis D.
In this book the author presents a new rule mining framework for “in silico” inference of protein-protein interactions and an effective class of techniques that identify domain- domain interactions from multiple domain protein structures.
1997 руб
Regulation of Smad6 Gene Expression using Catalytic RNA. Suppression of Smad6 Protein Expression by Hammerhead Ribozymes Книга по Требованию Yohan S.R.
This is of particular of interest in gene therapy whereby regulation of Smad6 expression using catalytic RNA might be able to stimulate enhancement in bone formation.
2008 руб
Lead Exposure. Global and Quantitative Gene Expression Analysis of the Effects of Drinking Water Exposure to Lead Acetate in Fisher 344 Male Rats Liver Книга по Требованию Worlanyo G.
Quantitative PCR was employed in validating the microarray result and showed that Microarrays and qRT-PCR yield comparable results.
3234 руб
Chapter seven discussed the in-silico prediction for possible PCR-based detection of malaria infection at the liver stage.
3234 руб
Nanoparticle Induced Inflammatory Signaling in the Lung. Mechanism of Aerosil200 Particulate Induced Inflammatory Gene Expression in Alveolar Epithelial Cells Книга по Требованию Madhuri S.
With the advent of nanoparticle technology, in industrial and consumer products, toxicological assessment of Aerosil200 particles may become a standard against which to measure the effects of other nanoparticles.
3234 руб
Gene expression analysis in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. Identification and characterization of novel proteins Книга по Требованию Helena H.
Follicular lymphoma (FL) represents the most common low-grade Non-Hodgkin' s lymphoma. FLs are of B cell origin, generally incurable, and frequently transform to high-grade diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL). Transformation is generally correlated with poor prognosis and the molecular mechanisms involved are largely unknown. This book gives an introduction to the field of carcinogenesis with focus on the events leading to Non-Hodgkin' s lymphoma and presents the results of a study aimed at identifying novel genes differentially expressed in patient-matched biopsies of FL and DLBCL to increase the understanding of disease progression.
1894 руб
The Acid House (на англ.яз.) W.W. Norton & Company Welsh I.
549 руб
Elephants on Acid Macmillan Publishers Alex B.
The chances are that someone, somewhere has conducted a scientific experiment to find out. . . ' Excellent accounts of some of the most important and interesting experiments in biology and psychology' - Simon Singh. If left to their own devices, would babies instinctively choose a well-balanced diet?
445 руб
Simulation of water pollution in canals due to Acid Sulphate Soils. Methodology, Experiments, Modeling and Applications Книга по Требованию PHONG N.
The model is the first of its kind able to simulate the temporal and spatial dynamics of changes of pH (as an indicator of acidity) at a regional scale, together with salinity and water flow characteristics in a tidal canal network.
3215 руб
Komorbide Stoerungen bei Aufmerksamkeitsdefizit/ Hyperaktivitaetsstoerung. ADHS und der Einfluss von Expressed Emotion (EE) auf komorbide Stoerungen des Sozialverhaltens Книга по Требованию Hanna C.
Die Kernsymptome sind Unaufmerksamkeit, Hyperaktivitaet und Impulsivitaet.
2362 руб
A Two Way Approach - Subtractive Screening vs Array Technology Identification of Vitamin D Target Genes in Human Keratinocytes. Книга по Требованию
The characterization of vitamin D target genes in human keratinocytes should help to understand its mode of action and facilitate the search for vitamin D analogues, which have the positive anti-proliferative effects but not the toxicity of vitamin D. This book deals with the identification of vitamin D target genes in human keratinoctes using two different approaches: subtractive hybridization and filter array experiments.
2008 руб
Categorical Ideas As Expressed in the Programming Language Charity. Algebras and Coalgebras Книга по Требованию Anseok J.
The prerequisites for this book are basic intuitions and notational knowledge for sets and functions; no understanding of Charity is assumed.
2008 руб
Using Affected Sib-Pairs and Case-Control Materials from Sweden Identifying Risk Genes for Cervical Cancer. Книга по Требованию Malin E.
First when the full range of risk factors have been identified and we have understood how they interact to produce susceptibility will it be possible to understand the aetiology of this complex disease.
2008 руб
A heuristic method combined with covariance models for prediction of genes that encode SRP RNA Prediction of signal recognition particle RNA genes. Книга по Требованию Marco R.
An investigation of yeast RNAs reveals conserved sequence elements of the Alu domain that aid in the analysis of these RNAs.
2008 руб
South Asian and Caucasian RAs of East Midlands, UK. Analysis of TNFR2, VDR, A2M, GSTT1, GSTM1, CRHRA, FcgRIIIA and ACE genes in South Asians and Caucasians RA patients in the East Midlands of the UK Книга по Требованию ANANT G.
3234 руб
Porcine terminal complement genes C6-9. Molecular characterization of terminal complement genes and their association with hemolytic complement activity in pigs Книга по Требованию Do V.A.K.
It is a versatile first line of defense of hosts against various pathogens.
3234 руб
However, one of major problems associated with these drugs is their cytotoxicity.
2416 руб
Lactic Acid Bacteria Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) comprise a clade of Gram-positive, low-GC, acid-tolerant, generally non-sporulating, non-respiring rod or cocci that are associated by their common metabolic and physiological characteristics.
1599 руб
Nucleic acid thermodynamics Книга по Требованию Eldon A. M.
For multiple copies of DNA molecules, the melting temperature (Tm) is defined as the temperature at which half of the DNA strands are in the double-helical state and half are in the "random-coil" states.
1395 руб

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